Thursday, September 21, 2006

Oregon Department of Education: Clean your needles when sharing them

From an ODE Q&A on HIV

If I do inject drugs, how can I protect myself from getting HIV?
You can buy needles in Oregon without a prescription, or you can use a needle exchange program. If you are going to share, learn how to clean the needles with bleach.

and just in case we aren't totally clear:

What is the ratio of bleach and water needed to kill HIV?
1:100 will kill HIV on a flat surface, but a solution of 1 part bleach and 9 parts cool water is recommended because it also kills Hepatitis B. On difficult-to-clean objects (for example, inside a syringe), full-strength bleach is recommended

"If you are going to share..." What?!?!?! This is the moral relativism that has taken over. Imagine, "if you are going to rape someone please be considerate and wear a condom..."

It's no wonder that unions are scared to death of school choice, who would want their kids anywhere near someone who teaches kids how to properly share heroin needes.

For those of you who didn't catch it today, there has been a suggestion that everyone age thirteen and over get tested regularly for HIV. Cause you know, we are all at risk... not just the gays who frequent bathhouses and the folks who learned how to share needles in the public schools.


Chris Pieschel said...

It's just sickening, really. Why would a government agency promote safety when using drugs? Why promote drug use at all? Shouldn't the message be: "Don't share needles, and for that matter, just don't do drugs at all. It's moronic and self-destructive." What happened to the "War on drugs"?

I feel as though I should expect this kind of garbage to come out of our state, but when it actually happens I find myself suprised. Weird.

Max said...

Yep, I caught the recommendation - though not the disease. This is just another case of PC.

Same reason why granny has to take off her shoes and be all-but-strip-searched before she can fly out to visit the grandkids.

It would be "racial profiling" if only male Muslims between the ages of 15 and 45 were subjected to such "insults". And you know what happens when they feel that they've been insulted.

Oh, sorry, I keep forgetting how peaceful they are.

Bobkatt said...

I don't know if any of you are familiar with Dan Carlin? He was a local radio talk show host for a while in Eugene. He has a website with some of the greatest insights on modern problems I have ever heard. Currently on the sight is a suggestion for fixing the sad state of education that I believe you will find refreshing. I'm curious to know what any of you think about it.

Rob Kremer said...

This is surreal. The Oregon Department of Education has proven that it is impossible to parody!

Several years ago I wrote a parody for BrainstormNW Magazine titled: "Practice Safe Drug Use," in which I laid out the same case for drugs that educrats currently use for sex.

I'll dig it up and post it on my blog later today.

I never dreamed that anyone would actually make my parody reality!

Amy the Razor said...

There are Hep, A, B,C,D,E,F,G and one strain that has no name. They are worried about HIV and Hep B? Hep. C is deadly also. Do they teach these people disposal also? They teach them to make excuse for their behavior and now they enable them to continue. The amazing thing is they will probably send the down to get SSI. You know you can get money for a SELF inflicted disability.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Daniel, couldn't find a recent wanted persons post from you so here is mine. Please move it if you see fit. This isn't the correct thread for it.

BEAR said...

hey, all you kids on drugs (or soon to be on drugs). As you race to destroy your health, and otherwise ruin your lives, I want to thank you all for reducing the competition my son will face for his share of the pie. As you folks die, or are incarcerated, my son will be enjoying the benefits of a loving family, good education and a great job. Do whatever the lefty do-gooders tell you, 'cause they know what's best for you.....sheesh.

Anonymous said...

Greasing the slide as we decend into Hell!

Now why would Moslem's be resistant to these ideas?

ablur said...

Why must we constantly assume that they are going to do it anyway so let's teach them how to do it as safe as possible.

Remember when "NO" was a respectable answer and people were encouraged to avoid danger.

Kaelri said...

I agree with most of the arguments here, sans the claim that this is an example of "moral relativism." Would someone care to explain how using drugs is a "moral" violation?

Daniel said...

Using illegal drugs to intoxicate yourself is immoral.

Refusing to condemn such behavior and instead offer clean needles is moral relativism. Refusing to make a judgement call on bad behavior.

Kaelri said...

"Using illegal drugs to intoxicate yourself is immoral."


Anonymous said...

Kaelri, sober up and we will!

Anonymous said...

You guys don't know what you are talking about. I work in one of these programs. If these drug addicts, who politicians have decided shouldn't be arrested nor prosecuted for their activities, don't clean their needles, they are likely to become HIV +. When they prostitute themselves or sleep with your sons/daughters, they are at risk for HIV infection. It's called cross-over, and I am dealing with such a case right now that involves a gay dude having sex with numerous females. If I don't bust my butt and try to find this guy, guess what happens? Nothing. He gets to potentially infect a bunch of females. Nice, huh?

Now tell me why law enforcement and our judicial system wouldn't do anything about this idiot? I am like the last line of defense when it comes to cross-over cases like this.

Of course, this kind of program should not be directed towards kids in school, but what about those punk kids in Pioneer Square? Should we let these runaways come up here, get HIV and infect the local population? I do my part to control it; the legal system needs to do it's part to remove these people from our streets for their illegal activity.

BEAR said...

kaelri, please consult your dictionary before challenging Mr. Daniel's semantics. According to my Webster's, committing crimes is engaging in immoral behavior. Moral relativism occurs when immoral behavior receives equal status in comparison to moral behavior. Enabling these junkies and disease carriers to further endanger society by making their lifestyle easier and more "acceptable" to maintain is, by definition, moral relativism, and, like most lefty "feel good" policies, solves no problems. It only promotes the socialist agenda, i.e., the nanny-state. Please do your homework, kid. Laziness does not promote positive discourse. Too bad the lefties in the public schools don't toss out their moral relativism. OOPS, there goes social promotion! No point in actually educating you lefty spawn. We don't want to hurt your feelings, now, do we?

Anonymous said...

Kaelri, moral relativism is the mechanism by which Daniel works himself into a lather about the illegality of migrant workers who don't have the proper government-issued papers in their pockets while, at the same time, saying nothing about the crimes against humanity, violations of international law and attacks on the Constitution by the Bush administration. Nifty trick, isn't it?

Bryan Saxton said...

Moral relativism is all about being a good tool like bear.

Anonymous said...

Do you hear that swooshing sound? That was my post going right over your head, that is, if you are an idealogue. Get a life. Or maybe you should just get a room.