Friday, September 01, 2006

Criminals throw another temper tantrum

This Labor Day Weekend, Portland Joins National Effort to Renew Call for Immigration Reform
Sunday, Sept 3 @ 2:00pm
This Sunday, Portland will join close to a dozen US cities to usher in the fall by renewing demands for fair and comprehensive immigration policy reform.

PCUN flyer for the event

Don't forget your Mexican flags...

NOTE: Take a fun survey with an illegal aliens supporting group!


Mike from Harrisburg said...

I took the survey. Something tells me they won't appreciate my responses.

Rooster said...

Yeah, it was kind of a strange survey. I really could not use any of the check boxes but I did use the comment fields.

Rick Hickey said...


The phones/e-mail will be HUGE next week.
We will get even more active members.

Please continue to put your Illegal foot in your big mouth.

Anonymous said...

This chapter shall be known and may be cited as the “City of Hillsboro Illegal Alien Immigration Relief Act Ordinance.”
The People of the City of Hillsboro find and declare:
A. That illegal immigration leads to higher crime rates, contributes to overcrowded classrooms and failing schools, subjects our hospitals to fiscal hardship and legal residents to substandard quality of care, contributes to other burdens on public services, increasing their cost and diminishing their availability to lawful residents, and destroys our neighborhoods and diminishes our overall quality of life.
B. That the City of Hillsboro is authorized to abate public nuisances and empowered and mandated by the People of Hillsboro to abate the nuisance of illegal immigration by diligently prohibiting the acts and policies that facilitate illegal immigration and punishing the people and businesses that aid and abet illegal aliens.
C. This ordinance seeks to secure to those lawfully present in the United States and this City, whether or not they are Citizens of the United States, the right to live in peace free of the threat of illegal alien crime, to enjoy the public services provided by this city without being burdened by the cost of providing goods, support and services to any whose presence in the United States is contrary to its laws and to be free of the debilitating effects on their economic and social well being imposed by the influx of illegal aliens to the fullest extent that these goals can be achieved consistent with the Constitution and Laws of the United States and the State of Oregon.
Whenever used in this chapter, the following terms shall have the following meanings:

“City” means the City of Hillsboro.
“Illegal Alien” means any person whose initial entry into the United States was illegal and whose current status is also illegal as well as any person who, after entering legally, has failed to leave the United States upon the expiration of his or her visa.
Any entity or any parent, affiliate, subsidiary or agent of any entity (other than a charity recognized as exempt from federal income taxation under Sec. 501 of the Internal Revenue Code of the United States and which has obtained and continues to have in force an exemption from federal income taxation), that knowingly employs, retains, aids or abets illegal aliens or illegal immigration into the United States, whether directly or by or through any agent, ruse, guise, device or means, no matter how indirect, and even if the agent or entity might otherwise be exempted from this section, or violates any provision of this Ordinance, shall from the date of the violation or its discovery, whichever shall be later, be denied and barred from approval of a business permit, renewal of a business permit, any city contract or grant as follows:
(1) For the first violation for a period of five years,
(2) For any subsequent violation, for a period of ten years.
A. “Aids or abets” includes, but is not limited to:
(i) hiring of illegal aliens,
(ii) providing, renting or leasing real property to illegal
(iii) funding, providing goods and services to or aiding in the establishment or continuation of any day labor center or other entity providing similar services, unless the entity acts with due diligence to verify the legal work status of all persons whom it employs, provides job assistance for or in any way assists or facilitates in obtaining any employment.
B. Except as provided in C., any action or failure to act done within the boundaries of this City that aids and abets illegal aliens or facilitates their avoiding detection and apprehension anywhere in the United States, its territories or possessions violates this Ordinance.
C. This Ordinance shall not be construed to prohibit rendering emergency medical care, emergency assistance or legal assistance.

A. Illegal aliens are prohibited from leasing or renting property in the city. Any property owner or renter/tenant/lessee in control of property, who knowingly allows an illegal alien to use, rent or lease their property shall be in violation of this section.
B. Any person or entity that violates this Section shall be subject to a fine of $1,000.00.
C. A separate violation of this Section of this Ordinance shall be deemed to have been committed on each day during or on which a violation occurs or continues.
A. The City of Hillsboro declares that English is the official language of the City.
B. Unless explicitly mandated by the federal government, the state of Oregon or the City of Hillsboro, all official city business, forms, documents, signage will be written in English only.
If any part or provision of this Chapter is in conflict or inconsistent with applicable provisions of federal or state statutes, or is otherwise held to be invalid or unenforceable by any court of competent jurisdiction, such part or provision shall be suspended and superseded by such applicable laws or regulations, and the remainder of this Chapter shall not be affected thereby.
Any Ordinances or parts of Ordinances inconsistent with or contrary to the provisions of this Ordinance are hereby repealed.
ORDAINED by Council this ________ day of September, 2006.

BEAR said...

hey, rick hickey (a fine Irish name), heard you on lars, today....way to go! It's ironic that while the illegals will be blowing smoke in Little Mexico City....that would be Portland to you lefties....we'll be zeroing on targets on a suitable range.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Small Town Defenders!

I’m Lou Barletta, the proud Mayor of the City of Hazleton, Pennsylvania.

I believe the United States of America is the greatest nation on Earth. People who are in this country have an incredible amount of opportunities and blessings. But some people have taken advantage of America’s openness and tolerance. Some come to this country and refuse to learn English, creating a language barrier for city employees. Others enter the country illegally and use government services by not paying taxes or by committing crime on our streets, further draining resources here in Hazleton.

Recent crimes – such as a high-profile murder, the discharge of a gun at a crowded city playground, and drug busts – have involved illegal immigrants. Some of those allegedly involved in those crimes were detained by other law enforcement officials over the years, but were somehow allowed to remain in this country. They eventually migrated into Hazleton, where they helped create a sense of fear in the good, hardworking residents who are here legally.

Illegal aliens in our City create an economic burden that threatens our quality of life.

With a growing problem and a limited budget, I could not sit back any longer and allow this to happen. I needed to act! That’s why I drafted the Illegal Immigration Relief Act, a measure designed to say enough is enough.

To the residents of Hazleton, I say thank you for your support.

To our recently arrived legal immigrants, I say welcome to our City. I wish you all the best and hope the United States and Hazleton can be a place where your dreams come true. I am proud to represent you as your Mayor.

And to illegal immigrants and those who would hire or abet them in any way, I say your time is up. You are no longer welcome.

There are thousands of small towns and cities across America like Hazleton, Pennsylvania. I hope the steps we’re taking in Hazleton to defend ourselves will inspire others to become small town defenders.

Anonymous said...

Will any rat coward racists be counter protesting? I bet the whole 9 of you won't. Prove me wrong! Hey Dick Hickey, maybe you can troll the taverns out in east county to muster at least 15 losers to join you.

BEAR said...

anon 10:01, if we're not there, it's because we're working, instead of standing in line begging for handouts. Too bad there are no male illegals. If there were, then they might stand up for themselves in their own country, instead of sneaking away and demanding that the "evil" gringos feed them....sheesh.

BEAR said...

To Mayor Barletta, thank you so much for your efforts! Unfortunately, in Oregon, our elected officials are, themselves, anti-Americans. On the plus side, as the illegals reveal themselves and their motives, more folks are understanding the danger to our national security, our economy, and our educational (and other) systems.

Scottiebill said...

There was a good article on the front page of the fishwrap today about those protests. It is hard to imagine the fishwrap printing anything like this, but it did happen.

Rick Hickey said...

Anon, NO we will NOT be counterprotesting.
As I watched Video of OLD LADIES being ruffed up and tires slashed in Maywood California by Illegal aliens and commies, raising up the Mexican Flag at a US Post Office, I understand how EVIL you people really are.

PLUS it is a HOLIDAY and we all have better things to do.

Your Illegal alien protests only make people mad that laws are not being enforced anyhow.

OUR protests make people HAPPY and are effective, see story in Oregonian today and watch VIDEO of VERY SAD Illegal's having meeting at Centro Cultural because we closed their labor site.

This was also on KATU CH# 2 last nite at 4:30, 5:30 and this morning. And THEY comment on all the people driving by waving and beeping in support.

I am laughing at your inferior intellect. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Rick Hickey said...

Bear, thank you, yes I am 1/3 Irish and I told the reporters yesterday that if the IRISH Illegal aliens have a Day Labor Site, I will protest that also. Then how will they call me a Racist?

I am 1/2 BROWN Itallian also with a teeeny bit of African in me (Moors invaded Sicily).

Back in Chicago, growing up as a kid, I played/lived with people from all over the World.
Back then, all my Hispanic friends LOVED America and HATED the 3rd World (would argue with their Parents and tell them to speak English).
Today it is NOT the same with many I encounter.

Anonymous said...


If Rick were to "troll the bars" to pick up protestors, all he would find are illegals.Who goes to bars?


Anonymous said...

Dear Rick,

Just for your info, you did no close anything on Cornelius... And no one was sad over there, well, maybe only for you... Not because of you.


Anonymous said...

Dear Dany,

By the way, I'm on vacation, see ya around...