Thursday, September 14, 2006

Anyone's cousin need a public job?

New hire on Kulongoski PR staff irks GOP chair
As we noted here a few days ago, Gov. Ted Kulongoski has hired Kristina Edmunson, daughter of state Democratic Party Chairman Jim Edmunson, as the newest member of his three-person communication staff.

"I find it amazing that Gov. Kulongoski even needs three full-time communications staffers," Day said in a news release e-mailed to media outlets Wednesday. He noted that the governor's public schedule for the week lists only three events.

"This is just another example of the Democrat mentality of doing less with more," Day said. "Unfortunately, it's the Oregon taxpayers who are footing the bill for the governor's publicly-funded political season P.R."

What Vance isn't understanding is that when you take positions that the democrats do you need all the PR people you can get. Positions like:

surrender to terrorists, transgenders get to pick their bathrooms, partially birthed babies can be killed for conveniance, your property can be taken and given to someone else, and "get out of your car and walk to work in the rain."

I mean really, these guys have to come up with clever euphamisms like "surrender" is called "redeployment" and "sticking a knife in a babie's brain" is called "choice." When you can't say what you really mean it takes a crack team of people who you hired as political favors to disguise your positions with non-threatening language.


Anonymous said...

if you and your kind would adopt and support all the unwanted children in the us. we would all be better off. but no you just want to be in charge of morals with no real help with the problem.

Rooster said...

anonymous 7:35

If you and your kind would stop MAKING unwanted children we would all be better off, but no, you just want to have the fun and take no moral responsibility for your actions and THAT IS THE PROBLEM.

Stuart Sampson
a.k.a Rooster

Anonymous said...

Converting honest language to double-speak and balderdash is no easy task (job) and presents (creates) a number (many) of issues (problems).

Sue K. said...

Since our current governor pretty much doesn't do much, there isn't going to be much for her to communicate. It will be a boring job. How much will she get paid, by the way?

anonymous - having to deal with the Dept of Human Services would be more than enough to keep anyone wanting to adopt from doing so.

Anonymous said...

She didnt get a public job. She is working for the campaign. Do you know the difference between a campaign and the state of oregon??

rickyragg said...


Nice try.

What gives you the idea that the post isn't a public one - you're misinformed.

Scottiebill said...

Check out who Kristina Edmunson's father is. This is the purest form of cronyism. And the Dumocrats were whining about President Bush and the appearance of cronyism with some of his appointees. Does anyone see any duplicity here?

Daniel said...

Anon 8:52, that's actually pretty funny.

Anonymous said...


"What gives you the idea that the post isn't a public one - you're misinformed."

Her position is with the Kulongoski campaign. She is paid by the campaign which gets its money from contributors. She is not paid in any way by the State of Oregon and therefore the position is not publicly funded.

I think you need a good lesson in campaign finance and state funding.

Nice try? Seems like you are the one misinformed.

terry said...

I won't mention names, but it seems to me that the king of nepotism around here is a certain talk radio station owner who has put multiple sons on the payroll. Nice job if you can get it.

Anonymous said...

Ask Tom Potter about where and when he does his campaigning, and who he brings along. oops...

rickyragg said...


I hate to break it to you for fear of undermining one of your "core beliefs" but you're not only misinformed about Kristina Edmunson's employer - the State of Oregon - but you're apparently willfully misinformed.

Before you start tossing "facts" around in the insulting way you did in your comments, you should at least get them straight.

To paraphrase:

I think you need a good lesson in fact-checking.

Call the governor's office and check - 503-378-3111.

Amy the Razor said...

I will rush right out and call a democrat for the truth..(eye roll)