Sunday, September 24, 2006

Fist with fork: Eat a salad or stab a baby in the head (your choice)

The new symbol of the baby killers seems to be a fist holding a fork. How appropriate.

From a baby killer email:
Across America on the weekend of September 29-October 1, people like you will be getting together and serving up burgers, bean dip, and brownies to show ultraconservatives that we can dish it out -- not just take it.

As you know, Oregon Measure 43 would force doctors to send government mandated notification letters to a parent whenever an older teen, 15 years old or older, seeks an abortion. We all support healthy family communication, but it can't be mandated by government. In the real world, not all teens can talk to their parents, because they live in homes filled with violence and abuse.

Savor the moment folks, liberals are suggesting that government can't mandate everything. But the important part to remember is that all households are filled with abusive fathers and that most pregnancies are the result of rape and incest. (no you can't see the statistics)


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Amy the Razor said... for actual stats on rape and incest. It also gives the ages of women and girls having abortions. Those stats will shock some of you who think our teenagers are the ones having the abortions more often that not.It will also tell you about the young women that are now unable to have a child because of punctured wombs from abortions.