Wednesday, September 06, 2006

School taught in Oregon's native tongue

In celebration of back-to-school and Tommy Potter insisting that we need more money for the taxpayer funded indoctrination camps I thought I would show you how our wonderful schools are helping all of our children learn Oregon's native language: Spanish!

Spanish Speaking Staff:
Forest Grove School District makes it a priority to hire staff, including teachers, assistants, secretaries and administrators, who speak Spanish and welcome cultural diversity in our schools.

Mr. Shivers Class (Kindergarten)
We have been doing more addition problems in Spanish and the children are figuring out the answers quicker and with more confidence. This week I asked them more simple addition problems, such as "seis mas dos" (six plus two). The children raised their hands when they had an answer. I let everyone give their answer (in Spanish only) and then we worked it out together.

Parent Workshop on Self-Esteem (Spanish only)
Tuesday, February 1st 6:00-8:00 PM
(Criminals are shown to have low self-esteem)

“Mornings with Muffins” Parent Circles (Spanish only)
January 18th, February 1st & 15th, March 1st 8:30-10:00 AM. Enjoy a FREE breakfast and the company of fellow Hall parents.
(By "free" they mean "paid for by someone else")

Finance Classes (Spanish only)
(Tax evasion 101, Lecture: How to send more of you money out of the country, The fake SSN and you)

Some comments about Global History I ELL/SLL
Ok, this one is really hilarious. Students were being asked about how they liked having History class taught in Spanish. The question asked was "What topics of discussion most interested you?" I am almost positive that some of these students were answering the question "do you like living on planet Mars." Either that or they just aren't learning.

Regularly. I always have an opinion on everything-Elisa
(Again, "what topics of discussion most interested you"...)

Most of the time. Rarely was I bored-Audrey
(Again, "what topics of discussion most interested you"...)

Pocas veces y cuando la maestra me llamaba. (At times, and when the teacher called on me)! - Miguel
(Again, "what topics of discussion most interested you"...)

?20-20 hindsight of history?, prohibition/marijuana, imperialism. Usually always ?Josh
(Again, "what topics of discussion most interested you"...)

Ubo muchas cosas interesantes para discutir. Es interesante porque Ud. sabe como hablar el espanol. (There were many interesting things to discuss. It was interesting because you know how to speak Spanish)-Gladys
(That one actually (sort of) answers the question. Or at least gets in the ballpark.)

Also note: "funner" is not a real word... say "more fun."

A Forum for Elementary School Literature
I also think that using the computers is easier than using a book , because its faster.I speak two languages , at home I speak spanish and at school I speak english. My first language was english , but it seems that I know more spanish than english wich is a weird thing.
His/her first language was English but God bless the public schools he now speaks Spanish better than he does English. Just great.


Anonymous said...
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Polish Immigrant said...

Forest Grove schools district will be asking tax payers for $50,000,000 this November.

Sue K. said...

Tell Forest Grove school district to go to hell by voting 'NO'!

Mike Mayhem said...

booo!!! Who wants to pay for broadening horizons and giving children life skills. I mean honestly, two languages?!?!

Aside from giving them a potential tool that will aid them in the career world and actually physically strengthen their brain which will protect from numerous hereditary problems, why does one need to learn a second language! It's UNAMERICAN I TELL YOU!!!

Polish Immigrant said...
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Polish Immigrant said...

Americans built by far the biggest and most successful economy using English. Everybody in the world is learning English. I learned English, my wife learned English and our children go to private schools where they speak English. So tell me again why they need Spanish.

Anonymous said...

What was that about trying to make a Silk purse from a Sows ear?

I see a certain similarirty and with equal results.

Daniel said...

Which career was that Mayhem? In today's "letter's to the editor" section we were informed that "picking strawberries" was the only career available to people who speak spanish.

I'm guessing that the ability to speak spanish isn't going to make a difference at Intel when it comes time for layoffs.

Anonymous said...

Daniel, off topic here but did you see the roasting of you and OFIR courtesy of this weeks Willamette Weekly (page 7)?

They refer to the Cornelius protestors as "sub-normal redneck cretins", etc. And this coming from a paper which claims to be so liberal and progressive.

I have never seen such hypocrisy in my life. And they think that we should take them seriously as journalists?

Bobkatt said...

It's encouraging to see that some of the black leaders are on top of the illegal issue and willing to speak out. From The Harvest Institue.
“Immigration’s impact on native Blacks and their communities is disproportionate, direct and
devastating,” said. Dr. Claud Anderson, president of The Harvest Institute, a Black-focused research,
policy and education organization.

"Immigrants compete with native Black Americans and displace them economically, from housing, their neighborhoods, businesses, education, employment, affirmative action programs and in the nation’s conscience.
? "Any amnesty policy that accepts the 11-20 million illegal aliens would extend immigration rights to
additional family members. If each illegal immigrant brought even two people, the resultant 40 million would completely decimate and even nullify the voting strength of 36 million native Black Americans;"
? "According to CIS, immigrant headed households consume more in public services than they pay in
taxes. The fiscal burden ranges from $11 billion to $20 billion above the net gain from having immigrants in the work force. The corporate elite benefit most from increased immigration. Native Black taxes are used to help lift immigrants and provide services to them such as health care andeducational opportunities, that are not available to native Blacks."

Rooster said...

"why does one need to learn a second language! It's UNAMERICAN I TELL YOU!!!"

Mike, I learned a second language when I was in school. I did it by enrolling in a class that was taught for the purpose of learning a second language. It was NOT a history class.

Get the point now?

Stuart "Rooster Sampson

Robin said...

one of the steps is in conquering a nation is to force the residents of that nation to adopt your language.

Bin Laden couldn't have planned this invasion so well

Chris Pieschel said...

Learning spanish in high school enabled me to order my lunch at McDonald's more quickly and correctly!

Scottiebill said...

Roabin: That idea came right out of "Mein Kampf", along with a lot of other similar ideas put forth by the ultra-liberal's mentor, Adolph Hitler.

Scottiebill said...

Robin: Sorry! I inadvertently misspelled your name. That's what I get for not checking things before I enter them.

el razonador said...

Scottiebill -- could you please explain how Hitler was an ultra-liberal?

Anonymous said...

Willamette Week won a Pulitzer Prize with a story that outed a pedophilia/bribery scandal of a prominent and still-powerful Oregon DEMOCRAT.

That's what kind of journalists they are.

Rick Hickey said...

I just wrote a comment for the heck of it on WW. I even stooped to thier level so it would be published. hmmm will they?

Mike Mayhem said...

wow... Daniel yet again flies his ignoramus flag, because knowing spanish only get's you a job as a picker apparently.[sarcasm]

Also, that person who stated that this is a hostile takeover by the Mexicans needs to lay off the Coulter juice.

Polish immigrant's egocentricity doesn't make his stance any stronger.

And Rick, if they publish your reply they will ridicule it because I haven't heard you make a rational point yet. However, I hope they do publish it we need to here about how America is becoming a third world country... ROFLCOPTER!!!11!1

Your friend, Mike Mayhem.

Rick Hickey said...

Mike, it is possible that your eye balls cannot see a rational point.

Try this...Why should American Construction workers (ex.Cornelius)have to compete with desperate people from the 3rd world who told us they don't want to pay any taxes?

Mike Mayhem said...

haha, oh so they're competition now. If you haven't got the memo immigrants (illegal or legal) do not contribute to job loss. That being said, there's no competition much like Daniel and other occupants of this blog have said previously.

Let me ask you, is it fair that street preachers has to compete with religious preachers who don't pay taxes?

THE ROFLCOPTER FLIES AGAIN!!! If you didn't catch it the first time, I was mocking you. I know english is a tough language but if you want to champion it you should be able to read it.

Mexico is not a third world country.
That silly U.N. and their monitoring national advancement.

Anonymous said...


It is clear that you are a shining light of brilliance among us less educated and terribly misguided fools. It is too hard for us to understand subtleties. Remember, most of us were just too dumb to vote for the fella with nuance.

So, for our sake, could you please just clearly and succinctly respond to the posts aimed at you so that we might learn something?

"Mike, I learned a second language when I was in school. I did it by enrolling in a class that was taught for the purpose of learning a second language. It was NOT a history class.

Get the point now?"

Your response Mayhem, was so advanced that I was unable pick out any actual relevance to this writers assertion that there is a difference between a spanish language course and teaching history in spanish.


"Why should American Construction workers (ex.Cornelius)have to compete with desperate people from the 3rd world who told us they don't want to pay any taxes?"

Duuuuuhhhhh, I don't see anything about job "loss" here. The writer may have been refering to how the illegal immigrant competion for the simple jobs we used to enjoy kinda seems to have lowered the going rates of pay.

Please enlighten us.

Mike Mayhem said...

Duuuuuhhhhh, I don't see anything about job "loss" here. The writer may have been refering to how the illegal immigrant competion for the simple jobs we used to enjoy kinda seems to have lowered the going rates of pay.

Competition is caused by and/or results in what, job loss. If there was no job loss there would be no need to compete, I believe Marx tried something similar to this.

"Mike, I learned a second language when I was in school. I did it by enrolling in a class that was taught for the purpose of learning a second language. It was NOT a history class."

It was a Global history class, the whole world doesn't speak English yet. See: ethnocentrism. Having a Global History class in both Spanish and English presents students with the opportunity to experience the material versus just learning. Granted, spanish speaking countries are part of the global community and probably have some history.

You can liken this to how an English teacher makes a student recite Shakespeare of Beowulf. Eventhough that form of English is considered a DIFFERENT LANGUAGE, your tax dollars still pay for it to be learned! IN AN ENGLISH CLASS!!!! Heck, you're more likely to use spanish than Old English.

Interactive learning, pro.
Giving Children lifeskills, granted OFIR fails to deport 12 million Mexicans, Pro.

I pray that, if you're this pissed over a foreign language being used in curriculum, you keep it consistant and go after the following subjects as well:

Performing Arts

Pardon the spelling errors, I'm too lazy to proofread.

Rooster said...

Mayhem, you ignorant slut, (sorry, I've always wanted to say that).

"It was a Global history class, the whole world doesn't speak English yet."

So, by that reckoning, if the students are studying about, Oh, I dunno, maybe Zimbabwe, then they should learn Zimbabwaneese?

Face it boy, we are in America. There is a language in America called American English. Learning American English allows Americans to communicate with each other. This is the language that should be used in all classroom settings unless the classroom is specifically for learning a FOREIGN language.


Scottiebill said...

Elrazonador: I did not say that Hitler was an ultra-liberal, only that he is the mentor for the ultra-lberals. There is a difference.

Back to more important things: It seems that Taliban Tommy has violated election laws while pitching his agenda at a grade school the other day. He can do that if he chooses to, but by bringing along some of his unelected aides, he was in violation of those laws.

Schools themselves have really gone downhill in the past 20 or so years. At one time they were a solid institution for learning. Now they seem to have evolved into nothing more that state-funded daycare centers. The "teachers'",
for the most part, have stopped teaching and have turned the classrooms, from about grade 7 on through high school and into college, into their own private forums in which to pitch their political, primarily liberal, agenda onto the unsuspecting kids under their tutelage. And all of this appears to be under the command and control of the teachers' unions. And, the worst part of all this is that no one really seems to care enough to do anything about it.

el razonador said...

Scottiebill - I'm curious to hear your argument of how Hitler serves as a mentor to ultra-liberals.

Mike Mayhem said...

Rooster, that response was ridiculous. You can't win an argument by simply stating "this is America." That simple statement shows ignorance beyond my slutty ways. haha, ignorant slut... hilarious.

However, I do have to say your Stephen Colbert impression was impeccable.

Anonymous said...

el razonador... give it a break man. We all know Hitler was a fascist. His political compass however runs somewhat down the middle. Could he be a moderate? He most likely would be if it wasn't for his authoritarian leadership style. However, Stalin leans to the left. One of your heroes’s no doubt.

Anonymous said...

Mike ,

Don't make me slap you for being mean to my friend Rooster.!!!


el razonador said...

Anon -- Look, I know it's a tangential point, but I just thought scottiebill's assertion was ridiculous, and would enjoy hearing his argument.

"Could he be a moderate? He most likely would be if it wasn't for his authoritarian leadership style." -- I'm not even sure what you mean by this.

"However, Stalin leans to the left. One of your heroes’s no doubt."

Ah...Wrong. I don't know too much about Stalin, other than that he was a tyrant who killed more Jews than Hilter. If you'd like to elaborate and debate this further, your move.

Anonymous said...

el razonador... sorry I should of elaborated. I was referring to a number of websites that have a quiz you can take to see where you fall in the political compass. Left, Right, Authoritarian, Libertarian, or somewhere in between. They also show where many historical figures would be placed in the political compass. Hitler being slightly to the Right, and Stalin being far to the Left. Both however well entrenched in the Authoritarian (Fascism) category. Check out the site it’s a fun exam. I actually came in very much in the middle... thought for sure was in the Right side of the compass. Oh well... luckily I didn't end up in the Left.

eddie said...


Just a couple of points for Mike - First off, check out a lot of the chicano organizational statements of purpose: How about a mainstream one, MeCHA, which has a branch in almost every university in the country:

Maybe the Raza and the Aryans can get together and compare notes.

And seriously, Che Guevara? What a clown, let's see... starts as a medic, kills some people in prison, oversees some torture, writes a memoir, shoots himself by accident while miles away from the Bay of Pigs, is disappeared by Castro and ends up dying in the jungles of South America because he couldn't find much support for his glorious revolution. You'd really be better off idolizing Castro, Lenin or Mao... they, at least, succeeded in their aims.

Scottiebill said...

Anon 4:24 & 6:53 -- Thank you. I couldn't have replied to razonador any better than you did. He must have a bit of a problem understanding the past. And as for Stalin, he killed some 20,000,000 of his own people because they did not agree with him to the letter.

el razonador said...

You guys are killing me here...I have no idea what point it is that you are making.

"He must have a bit of a problem understanding the past." Really? What do you mean by that?

Scottiebill - it is all really quite simple. You asserted that Hitler is a mentor for ultra-liberals. I think that's ridiculous and asked you to explain. Quite simple, really. I can only assume that all your cryptic and indirect posts are simply your way of trying to back out of an asinine (or to use your favorite and often used word "inane") assertion.

Mike Mayhem said...

Eddie, you can't accuse a group of racism when your stance is full of bigotry. This whole crusade is fueled by fear and bigotry.

Since you're a moron, I'll make it clear that this isn't a picture of Che Guevara. haha. Next you'll tell me Mexico's a third world country, EL-OH-EL.

Legitimate Citizen said...

Here's a video for ya all...I think some folks who support Illegals are sucking on the pipe and addicted to the Illegal Hispanics who provide it to them Because any law abiding, thinking humanoid is CUTTING THEM OFF and supports DEPORTING THEM -- and if your not convinced yet, why take a peek at the link and you'll see what I mean.

I enjoyed it when I got to go to this local, these folks are nothin but dung degenerates. They think they're bad, I've seen bad and this ain't it. Besides you ever been around a woman when she's that's bad.

Stay awake and stay resolved people, don't buy the B.S. the mainstream media isn't telling you. No more mexi-central degenerates, no more free loaders, no more burdens on the back of America.

Nope, no racist or biggots here...just your proverbial enemy, let me introduce us...WE ARE..."The LEGITIMATE CITIZEN/IMMIGRANTS of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!" And yes, we're the majority, while your doing the math if you can Illegal degenerate...we're goin kick your friggin ass out of our country. We're going to get ride of you by whatever legals means available no matter how long it takes, one by one, if necessary.

And then we're going to take your homes and cars and everything else you've acquired illegally while you have been here illegally and SELL THEM, and take the proceeds and put it back into our economy where it belongs. Then we're going to invite all the good folks who have been waiting to immigrate here LEGALLY, to come and join us in America where dreams still come true!

The Illegal Alien freeloader faucets are already being turned off as I write this com, and I LOVE IT, because your feeling it Illegal Aliens finally, and all those who support you are feeling it. What -- you don't think the American Legitimate Citizen/Immigrant has a stomach for this one...Oh, YOUR SORELY WRONG Illegal Alien, how do you think we gained our independence by kissin azz?! Oh, now that's not a fair question now is it given only 34% of Hispanics graduate from high school...your just what we want in our society and country, NOT! Roaches are more welcome and slugs crawling across salt have more sense! Shoo Fly, shoo!

Legitimate Citizen!

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