Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The definition of stupid

Oregon county ready to hire part-time cougar hunter
Jackson County officials say they expect to hire a part-time cougar hunter soon.

County commissioners are expected to approve a contract Wednesday with the U.S. Department of Agriculture to provide $30,000 toward the pay and expenses of Cricket Peyton, son of the former county wildlife specialist.

Under the arrangement, Peyton would be an employee of the federal government.

Citizens will pay the government for the opportunity to hunt cougar. (with dogs) No word on whether our new government employee will be excempt from the "no dog" rule voted in by Multnomah county.

This is government at it's best, paying for something that they could get for better than free.


Kristopher said...

No dog handler should sell a hunting hound to this government man.

If Josephine county wanted to handle this correctly, they should offer to pay out of state hound hunters $1 a pelt to kill for the county.

This will bring back hounds ... and prevent the OSP from screwing with the hunters.

Of course, no cats should be killed anywhere near where bunny-huggers hike ... they should remain cat-food for promoting this insane law.

John Eyler said...

I'd love to read over the applications that come in for this job.... I think Kristopher has a point re: where bunny huggers hike

Anonymous said...

could we hire a bounty hunter for wetbacks? it would save us a ton of money

The Meek said...

The way Oregon is ran these days, were lucky the state has not decided to make the good people of Jackson county relocate out of the cougar's territory.

Daniel said...

The meek - that is absoulutely hilarious!

BEAR said...


Anonymous said...

Acronym for Hunter -

H - homos
U - urgently
N - needing
T - to
E - earn
R - respect
S - socially

Amy the Razor said...

Good gosh! Now we want to hunt kitties when there are so many pedophiles out there to peg off!! What are they thinking? Maybe we should have a "Hunt for a pervert" Charity event...better than going to Africa where people hunt Zebras and Elephants and such.

Chris Pieschel said...

I wonder if this position includes a PERS pension???

Kristopher said...

And another anonymous lefty coward makes a bigot of himself during an attack on the right.

Maybe after your session of gay bashing here, you can wind down by throwing Oreo cookies at black republicans?

Anonymous said...

You're all fools and have no idea why we need this position!?

Try thinking about having your dog, cat, and horses being ate, shredded and torn into peices right in front of you because of a cougar coming into your backyard and stocking you for over a week!!

Then once that happens, maybe you'll feel a little different about having somebody handle this!

Thanks to this man, who is helping, and to the brave dogs who are risking their lives to make a difference!!!!!!!!