Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Urban Planners bible

Carfree Cities proposes a delightful solution to the vexing problem of urban automobiles.

Carfree.com - the web site that goes with the book

The "anti-authoritarian" crowd proposes this "carfree" city mainly by using "force" to implement their plan:

Those shipping into and out of a city using metro freight would be forced to use shipping containers for everything larger than the largest, heaviest parcel that a reasonably fit individual can handle alone.

Read how they want you to get around... (no mention of the weather, grocery shopping)


MAX Redline said...

METRO's gonna love this!

Anonymous said...

What a joke. I have 8 children and there is no way in hell I could grocery shop if that was my transport.

Daniel said...

The utopian boys sound much like the marxist boys: it's all theory and it works so well on paper... they just haven't thrown in concepts like "human nature" or "freedom" into the mix.

Rick said...

Anonymous 7:35 PM

What???? You have childern???? That will not do. :)

But on another note, it's funny reading thru that. I just moved last week. It only took a few hours given the fact that I hired movers to do the job for me. If I had to do that with trimet, hell, I wouldn't even be 1/4th the way done now.

Polish Immigrant said...

This is nothing new. Just the other day, when political advertising and campaign financing was discussed on an ultra-liberal news group in Forest Grove, somebody said this:

Maybe we should ban ALL political advertising and force voters to watch monitored debates instead.

I came to the US 18 years ago to escape communism. I guess I may be moving again soon unless things change drastically.

Bobkatt said...

I wonder if they will allow a horse and buggy.
P.I. if you've been here 18 years I'm sure that you can appreciate the decline in the American way of life from the impression you got when you first came here.

Anonymous said...

"PeopleMover:" In Portland, we call it the "Streetcar." Hmmm. No mention of aerial trams.

Tim said...

Central Planning at its finest. These Marxist pinheads dream of their carfree Utopia, but Utopian theory is just that a theory which disregards the real world. But these people believe they are so smart that they know best what's best for us...by hearding everyone into the collective...soon they will be chanting "We are Borg, resistance is futile"

“To achieve the utopian goals of communism requires the ruthless suppression of the individual and an attack on any institution that might compromise the loyalty of the individual to the state.” Walter Williams

Anonymous said...

it's for all you starwars fans--cool stuff
Daniel could you come up with some ideas to solve your rants?

Scottiebill said...

Bobkatt: They will not allow a horse and buggy. Someone would have to clean up after the horse and Teddy and his Loyal and Obedient Toady, Billy Bradbury, have other jobs right now.

Kristopher said...

What needs solving?

We already have a very efficient mass transit system in the US ... it gets us where need to go, when we need to, quickly, and with great convenience.

We call it .... the automobile.

Anonymous said...

Kristopher says: "We call it the automobile."

To get there quickly, I'm finding that surface streets are shaving off my commute by thirty minutes as opposed to freeways such as the Sunset eastbound into the Vista Ridge Tunnel.

By the way, I take Cornell from (American) Hillsboro to Lovejoy, then across the Broadway Bridge. Many tomes on Lovejoy, not once have I been on Lovejoy and saw a streetcar, but I'm certainly riding its rails in my truck and seeing our school money going up in the Pearl development.