Monday, September 18, 2006

Don't want to get shot? Put down the knife

The cop-haters are at it again over a "student" (must describe perp as something other than a drunken knife-wielder) who was shot and killed by police the other day.

Less-than-lethal was attempted with bean-bags but when the druken knife-wielder (I mean "young promising student" who's friends say that he loved puppies) continued to be a threat the police shot him dead.

The news last night kept wondering out loud why tazers weren't used. I kept wondering if a news anchor's life was in danger would they try an unreliable non-lethal weapon to stop the threat or would they shoot the person dead themself.

Look for editorials and calls for police to carry teddy bears and feelings journals to deal with violent criminals.


Anonymous said...

can I back off and do a seige tactic. Most of the time there is no need to shoot someone with a knife.

Kristopher said...


The perp's family called the police ... he was threatening them with that knife.

The perp ignored orders to drop the knife, and instead ran back towards the house ... where the family members he had been threatening were.

A seige is fine ... but you don't allow the perp to take hostages. Shooting him before he could get withing knife range of the people he was threatening was the right call.

You will notice that all the outrage was from an uncle and "community leaders" who were not the ones originally threatened by this idiot.

Anonymous said...

Did ya notice friends saying he had been depressed lately and he had 'Issues.'

My bet that with his Tigard High diploma he wasn't able to find work and that because all the entry level jobs are taken.

Its tough enough for kids today and to making them compete with Illegal Aliens is a shame.

Oh yes, a 3" knife can kill and he had been saying that "Somebody was going to die tonight."

Also, you don't allow an armed person enter a dwelling where they could harm other people and look at how many children are harming killing their parents today. Its a constant problem and Meth is the usual cause.

He commited suicide and the girls did cry, but they won't for long.

Anonymous said...

I kept wondering why they don't interview the kid's parents. Then they finally mentioned it that it was his parents that called the cops. They did the right thing stopping this guy before he killed someone.

Anonymous said...

KATU did interview the parents and they are crying how they just wanted the police to Calm their out-of-control child and they shot him!

My bet is his hopes went down the drain when he didn't get the expected college football scholarship.

This type of situation repeats itself on a daily basis all over the USA and the kids are often 12 and under.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, cops can't wait if they think someone is threatening them. Cops never want to kill someone but if you, Daniel, had threatened a cop with a knife during your gangbanger days and refused to put it down you probably would have gotten shot.

dchamil said...

Here the cops shot someone who refused to put down a knife and might threaten others. In that case, I don't see why the Border Patrol can't shoot to death Mexican border-crossers who threaten the B.P. The cops in this case will get much more lenient treatment than B.P. agents Compean and Ramos, in the news lately.

Anonymous said...

Once again Tigard Police and Washington County Sherrifs blow it. It was a bad shooting, These guys can't even stop speeding by school districts. Let alone talk a person to safety. They need their guns taken away and given billy clubs. Fired would be good also. The "Ran back towards the house" quote is the one sentence they will try and hide under.

Anonymous said...
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Scottiebill said...

Isn't it amazing how many so-called "experts" crawl out of the woodwork when something like this happens? These "experts" always seem to know what the police did wrong (whether they did or not), and what they, these "experts" in police procedures and practices, would have done differently had they been in charge. What is even more laughable, is that these "experts" were no where near the area when it all went down. All they know is what they got from the newspapers and TV, whose stories were very likely slanted against the police.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

When there are other people's lives at risk you have to act. The perp could have gone into the house and taken a hostage or done harm to them.

So, what are the police to do? I knife is considered lethal at 20 feet. At this distance even a 200 lb out of shape man can do real damage to you. Many times a knife wound is more life thretening, then a single bullet wound.

In this case the police shot a couple of bean bag rounds at the perp. Have you ever been hit with bean bag round? Its like somebody hitting you with a 20 oz framing hammer with all their might.

The police did an outstanding job. If he had threatened a concealed carry permit holder and entered into the 20 foot zone, .45 hollow points would been coming his way without any delay. As in the police shooting, it would have been clean shooting.

Amy the Razor said...

At the risk of being labeled a Democrat or liberal. I think it is very wrong to even discuss things like this on Lars show. That kid had a Mom and Dad that have to hear that crap at the lowest possible time in their lives. Having lost someone that close, it is just wrong. This is when compassion is a good thing. As far as Lars goes, I pity Tina and the poor step daughter living with Mr. Perfect.

Forgive me all if you do not agree.

Anonymous said...

Mother calls police for help with her son, Police shoot son dead. Is this the help she expected or wanted?

How many mothers who need help with their out of control children, will remember this incident? Will they call, for fear they will have a dead child? Will they die themselves, because they didn't call? What to do?

For the police, Every incident is different. To yell and scream and point your weapon at someone is not always the answer. I like to think they have been trained to use discretion instead of a blanket way of dealing with citizens. How are they trained?

The rule is: Shoot to kill. So they shoot the guy in the back 8 times. If he weren't dead when they approach him, would they pump another round in the head to finish him off? Remember, the policy, shoot to kill.

Teach your children to always do whatever the igo-filled police tell them to do, if not they could die. That's a fact. Just do whatever they tell you to do,,, later you can fight it in court if necessary.