Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Why schools need your $$$

Directory of Personnel and Services

Amnesty/Migrant Legalization
Karen Evans (community colleges) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 503-378-8648 x226

From now on when you hear Kulongoski mention the need for more tax dollars to make higher ed more affordable I want you to remember that they have the money to hire someone who does "amnesty/migrant legalization" for the community colleges.

When I called, Karen's voice mail indicated that she "will be in the office today but in meetings." No doubt. I can't emphasize enought that community college administrators need to have regular meetings on amnesty.


Anonymous said...
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Daniel said...

In theory they don't get in-state tuition. Of course, in theory they don't get free medical care either. We all know how that goes...

I'm just blown away that this is even a job position.

Bobkatt said...

If you would like to sign a petition online to send to Miller Beer expressing your anger at their support for illegal aliens please go topetition

Anonymous said...
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Daniel said...

I don't control what google ads are on my site. They are based off of the content of my page. I see both "amnesty" and "eforcement" ads on the issue of illegal aliens.

Anonymous said...

you get what you pay for--only someone else decides what you get.I did not see a representitive for pot legalization. my money is being spent on the wrong issues.
keep up the good work Daniel

Anonymous said...

bjdorr said,

"Learn Spanish in Mexico"

"Become fluent in Spanish easily Complete Spanish Immersion

Why travel that far when k-Mart and Wal-Mart are that much closer?

Rick Hickey said...

We actually defeated a Bill for In-State Tuition last session. Pete Courtney Voted for it.

Daniel, Thank you the heads up, we are looking into the legality of Taxpayers funding an amnesty paid position.

It will come up again next session, Ted K. would sign it, Ron Saxton would NOT, I know this for sure.


The Meek said...

Did BOLI, the contractors board, workers compensation folks, or any other government agencies who should be very interested in illegal and un-insured labor, unbonded contracting, or, gasp, un-inspected home repairs responded to the illegal labor sites?

The "I don't need to follow no Steenkeeng laws" illegal aliens are back out again in Cornelius.

I know Daniel and friends can only cover the corner on their time off work but, we, through federal and state taxes are paying the full time wages of a whole bunch of people who 's job it is to stop all this illegal activity.

Heck, I bet Rubenstein would even let them walk across the street to interfere with the illegal gathering of foreign nationals engaged in a criminal act.

The aforementioned government agencies sure seemed to have a lot of time to keep an eye on me when I was a residential/commercial contractor. It must take a lot of effort to ignore something so blatant as the Cornelius day labor site.

Anonymous said...

Too bad no one is sitting outside the hospital ER's were injured illegal wrokers get dumped and the employer drives away.

Maybe they should install a good camera system to capture vehicle license numbers.

Bobkatt said...

Please explain why the honest union construction and maintenance workers don't show up to these day labor camps and construction sites and protest? The people who get outbid on these construction and roofing jobs have to know who is hiring illegals and who they are losing the jobs to. If we are not willing to fight we will surely lose this whole country.