Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Anyone in Oregon have the guts?

States, Counties Begin to Enforce Immigration Law
CHARLOTTE -- Police here operated for years under what amounts to a "don't ask, don't tell" policy toward illegal immigrants.

As elsewhere in the United States, law enforcement officers did not check the immigration status of people they came into contact with, and in the vast majority of cases, a run-in with the law carried little threat of deportation.

But that accommodation for the burgeoning illegal population ended abruptly in April, when the Mecklenburg County sheriff's office began to enforce immigration law, placing more than 100 people a month into deportation proceedings.

Mecklenburg County Sheriff Jim Pendergraph says there should be little sympathy for illegal immigrants caught by his program: They have already broken the law once by being here illegally, and then been arrested on suspicion of another crime.

Even with our "sanctuary" law in place (see below) we could still have a police chief or sheriff get involved this way because it involves "another violation of the law." Not only would it do some good by getting lawbreakers out of the community but it would continue the public outcry over the illegal alien invasion.

181.850 Enforcement of federal immigration laws.
(1) No law enforcement agency of the State of Oregon or of any political subdivision of the state shall use agency moneys, equipment or personnel for the purpose of detecting or apprehending persons whose only violation of law is that they are persons of foreign citizenship present in the United States in violation of federal immigration laws.


The Meek said...

Where did 181.850 from? Anybody know who sponsored or supported this order to ignore lawbreakers?

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter as they would not enforce the law even if 181.850 didn't exist.

Look at the over-time our law and crime lab people are pulling and consider the opportunity for advancement.

The Illegal's are driving the demand for motor homes with engines in the back.

The PERS/Union folks have it and they got it real good!

Lets wake up to reality!

Sue K. said...

I can tell you that none of the officials from Benton County or Corvallis "has the guts". I'm surprised they don't vote to become a sanctuary county/city. Benton County officials seem to follow what Multnomah County does.

Rick Hickey said...

That "sanctuary" law was amended in the next Legislative session by adding sub-section 4.
This addition EXEMPTS the Bureau of Labor & Industries from this Law.
SO B.O.L.I. (mis-manged by Dan Gardner, an elected position) COULD & SHOULD verify that anyone working in Oregon is allowed to work here.
This would also insure that said worker is paying Taxes and is covered by Comp & Liability for example.

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that these "Sanctuary" laws are NOT valid. I gues local Gov't doesn't care what the Supremes say, this time.

Chris Pieschel said...

The State of Oregon will never enforce any immigration law because they are taking a very hands-off, "not our problem" approach. Look at DHS, DMV, and our governor (who oversees them all), who refuse to uphold the standards of citizenship to obtain government services such as health care and driver's licenses.

Our state, by giving licenses to illegals, is actually empowering them to continue to break laws by using those licenses as identification to obtain jobs illegaly! I say prosecute Ted Kulongowski and all those who head these departments and choose to ignore the law.

Robin said...

While I think it's very sad that there are some people that are being "profiled" as a result of the illegal immigration situation, however, the blame is on both sides of the border.

As Daniel points out, the blame goes to the US who has been purposely putting illegals above the law, and the blame goes to the massive amount of people that blatantly cross our borders illegally, breaking our laws and laughing in our face knowing full well that we are the paper tiger that won't do a damn thing.

Anonymous said...

Hey, let Mayor Tom Potter know about your vision of Portland with respect to illegal immigration!

Chris Pieschel said...

Under the "demographics" section in that survey, it lists:
a. Male
b. Female
c. Transgender

I didn't realize there were 3 sexes..I wonder if we can make up some more???

Well I put a lot of thought into my answers and while I don't expect them to be actually read by anyone who can effect some change, I am holding out a little hope...

gullyborg said...

there is also non-gender, unsure, French, and probably a few more.

neofish said...

Once again, the S-P crowd just doesn't get it...their solution is more taxes, not enforcement of law.....
Easing the burden
Remember patrolman Rodney Johnson by protecting — not overtaxing — his fellow officers.

Copyright 2006 Houston Chronicle

When a police officer dies on the job, many citizens realize for the first time the true depth of their loss.

Houstonians now know veteran police officer Rodney Johnson, killed last week during a traffic stop, as an individual: longtime husband, warmhearted dad and idealist doing a job he adored. For many, knowing such details makes the loss even harder.

Conversely, Johnson's death has prompted some lawmakers to engage in reflexive, herd-like thinking. Several politicians are using Johnson's death to seek new measures that would force local police to act as immigration agents. Ignoring the informed views of Police Chief Harold Hurtt and other officers, these lawmakers contend that the best way to keep police safe is to give them more work.

The opposite is true. To prevent the deaths of other officers, Houston needs to give police adequate backup to do the demanding job they already have.

Johnson's accused killer is an undocumented immigrant who had already been deported for a criminal record. Johnson was working alone, as staff shortfalls have forced most HPD officers to do.

Pulling over Juan Leonard Quintero for speeding, Johnson decided to arrest him because the suspect lacked a license. He handcuffed him, patted him down and escorted him into the back of the patrol car. While Johnson called a tow truck to collect Quintero's vehicle, the handcuffed suspect pulled a hidden pistol from his waistband and fired, police said.

Quintero might have grown homicidal because he feared deportation. What's most relevant is not why he wanted to kill, but how he apparently managed to do it.

According to police sources, Johnson's best chance at surviving would have been the presence of a partner. Instead, Johnson had to multitask: monitoring passengers in Quintero's truck while patting Quintero down at the same time.

Being burdened with another job — that of an immigration agent — would have made Johnson's job only harder. Another officer could have allowed him better, life-saving focus.

Rather than calling for an increase in police responsibilities, local and state lawmakers should be scouring for funds to attract more police to HPD's ranks. An authentically enforced, comprehensive immigration policy also is essential. It should not be the job of the overworked HPD to execute it.

Effectively protecting his colleagues is the best way to commemorate officer Rodney Johnson's courageous and generous life.

Scottiebill said...

Rick: Has the local government EVER cared what the Supremes have said except when it directly benefitted them?

Rick Hickey said...

Scottie, yes when the supremes said Abortion is legal.

Neo - immigration officers?
Consider if the Officer who was killed had called the L.E.S.C. (before calling the Tow truck) and discovered this guy was previously deported for Rape, MAYBE he would then have called for back up and would still be ALIVE.

His PC stupid Chief does not allow him to call LESC though, so he is working blind on previous criminal recorded info via ICE.

While the Police are calling in the plates or license they should also have immigration info to make sure they are aware of ALL crimes perp had done before, it takes seconds and allows the officer to enforce ALL laws, not ignore some as that goes against thier training and the reason they are an Officer of the LAW.

Back East, the police are holding an average of 100 Illegal aliens a week they catch on routine stops now. The Illegals are leaving town (especially the bad guys)for fear of Law enforcement holding them.

In fact this perverted killer could have gotten a License here (No Thanks to Ted K.)and would have been let go instead.
Now Trolling the playgrounds for your Child.

We are a Magnet. Ted gives Illegals the "Steel"

Ron Saxton will De-Magnetize Oregon.

Bobkatt said...

A police officer from Houston called a talk show I was listening to and stated that the police chief had informed officers that if they reported illegal aliens to any federal authority like ICE they would be fired. Great job chief. What we need is for the families that are directly harmed by these illegals sue the local authorities that sanction these illegals for civil rights violations and conspiracy and racketeering charges. The open border people are directly involved in breaking the law and encouraging illegal behavior. The time has come to put the heat on these criminals and force them to live up to their oaths of office and defend and protect legal citizens or step aside. Don't vote for anyone afraid to get on board the no amnesty, deport them now bandwagon.

Anonymous said...

One day, there will be two different Americas. One will be traditional, conservative, and perhaps a bit too religous, but it will be devoid of illegal aliens and other social issues/problems.

The other America will be states like Oregon and California that will have high numbers of illegal immigrants, err, I mean, diverse populations with all kinds of social problems.

I don't like NC, but they are right about this.

Bryan Saxton said...


No matter what, we will always have social problems. Countries with no illegal immigrants have social problems.

Anonymous said...

Whatever, Bryan, it doesn't change the fact that there are problems from Illegals. Anyway, I took this to some friends of mine in New Orleans. This is from an NOPD officer. Enjoy.

Louisiana R.S. 14:100.13 (A)
Operating a vehicle without lawfull presence in the United States

"No alien student or non-resident alien shall operate a motor vehicle in the state without documentation demonstrating that the person is lawfully present in the United States"

"The penalty for this offense is a fine of not more than $1000; inprisionment for not more than one year, with or without hard labor; or both fine and inprisionment.

So in Louisiana you can actually be arrested and taken to jail for being an illegal alien and driving. Kinda like DWM (Driving while Mexican) and believe it or not I have actually arrested quite a few vatos for this shit since Katrina.

Tell that shit to the liberal pussies up that way and give them my best "Fuck You".


Bryan Saxton said...

No, it doesn't. How we deal with the problem is what is at issue.

Dallas said...

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