Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day rant

First off, curse the OLCC. I spend the whole day painting my house and then at 8:45pm (while I am still painting with a spotlight) I am informed that one of my kids has a broken backpack and school starts tommorrow. Clearly this shopping trip calls for the biggest bottle of the cheapest whiskey. (my discerning criteria for alcohol)

But noooooo, thanks to the OLCC I have to settle for the biggest bottle of the cheapest wine with the highest alcohol content. (again, my discerning palate knows no bounds) Even in California where they regulate how many times you can sneeze each day (apparently the snail darter could catch a cold) they let you buy liquor anywhere you want.

Oh, and I drove through Old Town Sherwood and guess what (you Sherwood residents already know) DIFFERENT ROADS ARE BLOCKED OFF TODAY THAN YESTERDAY. As far as I can tell all we have gotten out of this huge "renewal" (other than different roads being blocked off every day) is another round-about (if I ever snap like that Michael Douglas in that movie "Falling Down" you will see me doing a slow police chase a la OJ going THE WRONG WAY around a round-about. Other than the curse of the round-about we have lost defined sidewalks (where do you park, where do you walk?!?!?) and gotten some Pearl District style condos. (to date I don't think that any have been sold, I mean c'mon, this is Sherwood you morons, we like our yards)

Now all of you who are reading this are showing some interest in grassroots politics (except for you liberals out there who only read my blog because you have some sick facination with me personally... you guys need a new hobby) so I'm going to call your attention, once again, to what we have accomplished in Cornelius. The news stories I can find with a google news search that reference what we have done there are countless. Keep that in mind next time you see some place where you can take a stand and then think that it won't make a difference.

But you need to get energized on this. Realize that by taking this stand you may make this country safer for your kids. Take a look at the illegal aliens with ICE holds that we are housing in Oregon's prisons HERE. Slowly go through the list and then tell me that you don't want to do something about this problem.

I guess an important follow up is can we use this same strategy for other issues such as abortion where protests have proven largely ineffective? On this note I really want to slow down again, think about this: babies were killed today. They couldn't protest their own death, they couldn't fight back. Some people killed these babies because they were an inconveniance. They would have interfered with the mother's "fun." I would urge all of you to go to Oregonians for Life and see how your tax dollars are supporting this travesty.
NOTE: I am supporting Saxton in Oregon's governors race, that rant will have a post all it's own though.

Ok, just opened my email and got this picture: (click to enlarge)


Lastly, for those of you who haven't read Ann Coulter's book Godless, you need to. Go buy it.


terry said...

The state liquor laws make Oregon look like a throwback to some ancient backwater that time forgot.

In Michigan many supermarkets and convenience stores sell liquor until 2 AM. And the stores have real names with real signage and advertising, not like "Liquor Store". Sheesh!

Patrick Joubert Conlon said...

The liquor laws here are a bit antiquated. Nice rant though and I'm looking forward to your rant on why you're supporting Saxton because so am I.

Bobkatt said...

Support local breweries and wine producers if you can. How can we find out the local ones that don't hire illegals?
Don't buy Miller and their subsidiaries:
Miller- Lite, Lite Ice, Genuine Draft, Genuine Draft Light, High Life, High Life Light.

Sharp's (non-alcholic)

Hamm's, Beer, Golden Draft, Special Light.

Plankroad Brewery Family-Icehouse 5.0, Icehouse 5.5, Red Dog, SouthPaw Light.


Magnum Malt Liquor.
Old English 800, 800 7.5, High Gravity 800.

Milwaukee's Best, Best Ice, Best Light.

Mickey's- Fine Malt Liquor, Ice, Stinger.
Henry Weinhard's family-Private Reserve, Blue Boar Pale Ale, Hefeweizen, Northwest Trail Blonde Lager, Classic Dark Lager.

Foster's Lager, Foster's Special Bitter.
Peroni Nastro Azzurro.
Pilsner Urquell.
Sheaf Stout.

Daniel said...

Schlitz... even I am not going to go there!

I had Sutter Home.

Anonymous said...

Just remember , wineries are normally owned by liberals!


Anonymous said...

So after reading this post I jumped over to to get a brief synopsis of Ann Coulter's book. Looks like something I would read but Daniel you didn't mention she was hot!! I can forgive polotics long enough for what's under that dress.

Anonymous said...


Kaelri said...

Just remember , wineries are normally owned by liberals!

Fair enough. I can't say we don't have a shortage of things about which to go drinking.

Nor, on the other hand, does Ann Coulter.

Anonymous said...

we need to have the mexican invasion all have fee abortions. cheeper than sending them back. just think if charles manson had been aborted or say george w. bush.
we seem unable to deal with these people after they are born.

Anonymous said...

The thing I have trouble with is on my yearly three day trip to Las Vegas I get spoiled by being able to walk into most any store and but a 5th of jack or whatever my palete craves, and purchase it at anytime 24 hours a day. Then I come back to Oregon and ill be damned if I'm not haulin ass sometimes Saturday night to make it before they close. God forbid they sell booze on Sunday but what the fuck I can go to any local grocery and get as much beer as I can carry. Antiquated is right on the money. I know Vegas is an exteme example what with the conspiracy between the casinos and pretty much every beer maker in America. The more you drink the more you gamble.

Bobkatt said...

The other side of Ann Coulter.
Just when you thought you knew someone.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to get off the subject but had to share this article. You guys in Oregon have a bigger issue than I originally thought.

Oregon PUC has Spanish phone bill brochure

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — The Oregon Public Utility Commission has translated into Spanish a free updated brochure entitled "Navigating Your Phone Bill."

"We recognize that a growing number of residents in Oregon speak Spanish as their primary language. We hope this brochure will assist them with questions they may have about the various fees and charges on their phone bills," said Commission Chairman Lee Beyer.

It was first produced in English after complaints about certain phone bill charges and codes.
It was meant to clear up confusion and help customers pick which provider they use.

"This brochure defines many of the charges, fees, and taxes you are likely to see on your monthly bill," Beyer said.

A second newly translated brochure explains a new law aimed at preventing telephone service from being cut off to persons at risk of domestic violence.

It is one of nearly a dozen consumer pamphlets available in Spanish from the PUC.

To request a free brochure, call the Oregon Public Utility Commissions Consumer Services Section at 1-800-522-2404.

On the Net

Washington State is looking better by the moment.

I am Coyote said...

I was working with Don McIntire a few years back on an initiative that would have privatized the OLCC.

Oh man that was a fun time to be pushing that issue.

I think I have heard that Saxton has mentioned privatizing the OLCC. Besides his opposition to the grizzly practice of partial birht abortion I'd also take his position of privatizing the OLCC.

Sad to hear about some of the changes to old Sherwood. I used to live down on first and park. Right across from the old police station.

Anonymous said...

Partial birth abortion? Ted you are a deperate man. 50% of registered Democrats are against partial birth abortion. That is some great feat? That's right, killing at 6 months is so much different than killing the day before? As for Saxtons stand on OLCC..that is a new one, but then today is a new day? It is so nice to see you are honoring your previous post on NWR " I won't campaign for Saxton" I guess flip flopping is a normal thing for "moderates"?

I am curious what you think about anchor babies? Or what about English as Oregon's State language?
Or the Republican platform?

If you think about them,Mr. Saxton hasn't. I wonder what you do in Washington to help change the immigation policy there? I don't see you at any events here? I imagine,it would be more of the same thing I hear at demonstrations here in Oregon..racisim blah blah blah. Noble peoples are brought to gutter level with the utterance of that pathetic word.


Kristopher said...

Privatize the OLCC?

Screw that, abolish it.

I want to be able to buy alcohol, tobacco, and firearms from a drive up window.

I remember a Sinclair gas station in Powell, WY that actually had a drive up widow to vend alcohol, tobacco, and ammunition ... it had no ill effect on the town at all.

Anonymous said...

I want you to know that I’m glad that someone is standing up for right and wrong. I was so relieved that through your efforts the day labor program was shut down in Cornelius at Centro. The program attracts large groups of individuals who leave the area and neighborhood littered with empty beer containers, garbage, human waste etc. So many of us in the area were happy for the labor program was shut down. However I have some rather disturbing news that I felt necessary to bring to your attention. On Sept 5, 2006 Centro Cultural put up a sign on the west side of their building, right above the glass doors. Here is what the sign says
‘Lugar de espera trabajo
de 6:00 am a 2:00 pm
de Lunes a Sabado

I don’t speak Spanish but I do believe it is a sign advertising the day labor program (once again) and now with extended hours. I hope you will continue the fight. Please don’t let this be a set back. There are many people behind you.
Thank you for caring