Tuesday, September 19, 2006

YOU are now hiring...

Some fun jobs that the state of Oregon just can't live without:

Interpreter Scheduler
$2,239.00 - $3,149.00 MONTHLY

We have some many interpreters in the court system that they need their own scheduler(s). But illegal aliens aren't comitting crimes.... rrriiiiggghhhhttttt.

(Bi-Lingual Spanish)
$2,717 - $3,953 MONTHLY

The person in this position will investigate allegations of violations of the prevailing wage rate law on public works projects. This position is bi-lingual and requires the ability to speak, read, and write in Spanish and English. (their bold, not mine)

Doing the jobs that Americans won't do... for wages much higher than Americans earn for doing the same work.

Think of how much money we could save if everyone here spoke English.


Anonymous said...

i bought some tile cault today and more than half of the label was in spanish. so much so that there was no room to explain all the nerits of the product and how to use it

Anonymous said...

That is ridiculous that many of the products we buy in the United States are in English and Spanish. We're turning into Canada, only with the Spanish! Thanks illegal immigrants for screwing up the traditions of the United States. Now get the hell out and go back home if you can't read or speak English.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile back at the ranch, be sure to chain your children to their beds as now here in the US as in Mexico people will pull them out through a window.

All part of Blindly Embracing Diversity as now that custom is part of our culture!!

Anonymous said...

As WESD said, they are our Only Hope!

Anonymous said...

Slightly off the topic...Did you hear about the arrest of Dog the Bounty Hunter at the request of the Mexican Government? This would be in connection to him capturing a convicted rapist (86 counts) in Mexico. Kind of shows what values these "undocumented immigrants" hold dear to their heart.....