Monday, September 04, 2006

Amnesty temper tantrum

From The Oregonian:
Protesters in Portland call for immigration reform
With a jab at Republican gubernatorial candidate Ron Saxton and demands for sweeping changes to immigration laws, more than 500 immigrants and supporters marched through Portland on Sunday in one of several Labor Day weekend events planned across the country.

What are these "sweeping changes" you allude to you crack investigative journalists? Oh yeah, amnesty, but we can't say that.

Some condemned the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, a national group with members in Oregon who have recently begun monitoring day laborers, some of them undocumented, in Cornelius.

Grassroots political activism at it's best. What we started a month ago has now become a factor in every illegal immigration story.

As the march got under way, a few flags -- U.S. and Mexico -- appeared. Some carried signs proclaiming, "This is our land also."

Uh, no it's not your land. But thanks for throwing that inflammatory statement out there.

At the rally, a few signs urged amnesty. But speakers avoided the word, speaking instead of "unconditional legalization for all."

I don't have to dress up my position: enforce the current laws!

Now I didn't go to yesterday's march and I'm not finding pictures from any of the usual sources. (they are probably embarrassed) So I'll provide some generic illegal alien march pictures:

In Portland:

As if we need to import our communists to Portland...

They don't ask... they demand!


BEAR said...

Well, things could hardly look better! My family takes the holiday off for recreation and fellowship with a great American (that would be a fine young man named Daniel), while a small group of anti-Americans insult their way into the news. These socialist lawbreakers are increasingly aware that I.C.E., the IRS, and Homeland Security are finally paying close attention. BTW, where was the clown prince of police chiefs? (that would be you, rubenstein.) Apparently, he was diligently protecting the criminals, and other illegal aliens from justice. Do me a favor, rubenstein, list the "rights" that are enumerated in the law for your border-crashing pals. You, and all the illegal aliens now acting as parasites on our social systems and clogging our jails, are a disgrace, and lack the manhood you so desperately attempt to portray.....sheesh.

Anonymous said...

Right on Bear.

Have you seem the SPP.


BEAR said...

Apparently the spp doesn't consider the American people to be "stakeholders." As with the Rural Organizing Project, secrecy is the byword. Shame on them all.

axe01 said...

Reckon that 'chief' rubenstein filling the board chair of centro
cultural is a conflict of interest. His statement to the press that he was the man in the middle is sophistry. He is unable to enforce the laws as he should when he has an obligation to the hispanic, including the illegals, in Washington County. He'd rather be called 'el jeffe,' I think it is.

Daniel said...

Rubenstein said that "both sides" where angry with him. Now my Spanish isn't all that great but it seemed like the illegal aliens and their supporters were pretty happy with him there.

KS said...

Where is the outrage ? There needs to be enforcement of existing laws - something that Bush will not do. He is in lock step with the North American Union - in other words - he is being a traitor about this issue.

These demonstrations keep being called immigration reform by the MSM - who also wants amnesty, just like their object of wrath; Pres. Jorge Bush - strange bedfellows. I like your continuous coverage on this disturbing issue - People up in WA seem rather clueless and less than interested in this issue...

Anonymous said...

Existing laws, if enforced, would be threequarters of the way to protecting our soveranty.

There are others, with existing laws that at this moment that are eroding our soveranty.

Anonymous said...

Bush is signing away all of our soveranty faster than we can protect it. He is an enemy to the USA.


Playin' Possum said...

And today the NY Times treats us to the news immigration legislation is probably dead until after the election... Thanks to the Repub leadership...

Anonymous said...

"unconditional legalization for all"

I think they really mean "unconditional surrender from us".

Elizabeth said...

Well Daniel, here is a good report to you and all of OFIR, the pressure all American activists have been applying is having an effect. Out here in the east side, in our little complex, we have been told, little by little, that our illegal neighbors are going back to Mexico. One by one they retreat, but it is exactly what people have been saying, take away their reasons for being here, and they will self-deport, and they are!!!

Anonymous said...

What really angers me is the ignorance by which these criminals carry images of Che Guevara. It seems to go with the territory -- they don't realize that driving 35 MPH in a 55 zone is a dead giveaway that the driver is illegal and without a license; neither do they know what kind of an evil person Guevara was. Oh, and he wasn't a Mexican either. They should get photos of some of their own historical luminaries like Porfirio Diaz, Plutarco Calles, Venustiano Carranza, or, hell, Vicente Fox. They might as well be marching with giant photos of Hitler to the Mt. Angel Oktoberfest demanding amnesty for illegal Germans.

Der ander Daniel said...

Well, nobody can speak German in Mt. Angel anymore anyway. There's even a store with a little sign hanging over the front door reading "ausfahrt", or a freeway exit (they probably want "eingang" or entrance). Outside of Oktoberfest, all you hear is Spanish. If only they remembered the phrase, "Unzulässige Ausländer".

Legitimate Citizen said...

Here's a video for ya all...I think some folks who support Illegals are sucking on the pipe and addicted to the Illegal Hispanics who provide it to them Because any law abiding, thinking humanoid is CUTTING THEM OFF and supports DEPORTING THEM -- and if your not convinced yet, why take a peek at the link and you'll see what I mean.

I enjoyed it when I got to go to this local, these folks are nothin but dung degenerates. They think they're bad, I've seen bad and this ain't it. Besides you ever been around a woman when she's that's bad.

Stay awake and stay resolved people, don't buy the B.S. the mainstream media isn't telling you. No more mexi-central degenerates, no more free loaders, no more burdens on the back of America.

Nope, no racist or biggots here...just your proverbial enemy, let me introduce us...WE ARE..."The LEGITIMATE CITIZEN/IMMIGRANTS of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!" And yes, we're the majority, while your doing the math if you can Illegal degenerate...we're goin kick your friggin ass out of our country. We're going to get ride of you by whatever legals means available no matter how long it takes, one by one, if necessary.

And then we're going to take your homes and cars and everything else you've acquired illegally while you have been here illegally and SELL THEM, and take the proceeds and put it back into our economy where it belongs. Then we're going to invite all the good folks who have been waiting to immigrate here LEGALLY, to come and join us in America where dreams still come true!

The Illegal Alien freeloader faucets are already being turned off as I write this com, and I LOVE IT, because your feeling it Illegal Aliens finally, and all those who support you are feeling it. What -- you don't think the American Legitimate Citizen/Immigrant has a stomach for this one...Oh, YOUR SORELY WRONG Illegal Alien, how do you think we gained our independence by kissin azz?! Oh, now that's not a fair question now is it given only 34% of Hispanics graduate from high school...your just what we want in our society and country, NOT! Roaches are more welcome and slugs crawling across salt have more sense! Shoo Fly, shoo!

Legitimate Citizen!