Sunday, September 10, 2006

Build roads or put out spanish videos... hmmm

When ODOT is faced with the tough choice of spending your gas tax dollars on reducing congestion or making videos available in Spanish they choose... oh c'mon you already know the answer!

ODOT Video Collection:
Te Abrocho El Cinturon
15 min.
One-of-a-kind Spanish video in the form of a novella, or story. The images capture the essence of Latino family life as participants in a family reunion discover the importance of correctly installing child safety seats. The instructions cover safety seats for children ranging from newborn to 80 pounds. Parents and others will find the video fun and informative. Available in Spanish only.

I know this sounds weird but I never needed an ODOT video showing me how to put in a car seat, buckle my seat belt or not drink and drive. But I guess that I am a pretty amazing guy...


Anonymous said...

You have to wonder if the state is as broke as they always claim. I mean, if they have the $ for this crap and all of the "diversity" related programs and hires.

Until they cut the fat, and by fat I mean programs that are definetly liberal "feel good" stuff, I do not support any new taxes. Seems as if they have enough that they have money to throw away.

Anonymous said...

What a crock as the Mexes don't give a crap for no Child Safety Seats as its so easy to squirt more ninios!

The infant mortality rate south of the border is extremely high so they are prepared to loose a few.

Its culturally acceptable!

And if you have any No Trespassing Signs on your property the Police won't help you in getting rid of any unwanted visitors unless you also have No Trespassing signs posted in Spanish!

This should help = Ninguna violaciĆ³n

As if they can read in any language or much less want to learn!!!!!!

David said...

Just please tell me ODOT doesn't do the filming as well.

Legitimate Citizen said...

Here's a video for the ole ODOT mindless idiots...I think some folks who support Illegals are sucking on the pipe and addicted to the Illegal Hispanics who provide it to them Because any law abiding, thinking humanoid is CUTTING THEM OFF and supports DEPORTING THEM -- and if your not convinced yet, why take a peek at the link and you'll see what I mean.

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Stay awake and stay resolved people, don't buy the B.S. the mainstream media isn't telling you. No more mexi-central degenerates, no more free loaders, no more burdens on the back of America.

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Legitimate Citizen!

BEAR said...

Soon-to-be-former Senator el gordo Smith will find out at the '08 ballot box what the term blowback means. "legitimate citizen" represents a far blunter and more hostile point of view on this issue. Although I and many other legal immigrants don't agree with his verbiage, you illegals out there might remember the lessons history has taught others regarding the safety of angering the American people. Denying your criminal behavior convinces nobody of your phony claims to acting with good intentions. Such nonsense only increases our desire to force more of you out, sooner.

iamme said...

"And if you have any No Trespassing Signs on your property the Police won't help you in getting rid of any unwanted visitors unless you also have No Trespassing signs posted in Spanish!"

When the cops do this to me, I tell them ok. My friendly baseball bat and I will take care of the problem. Then I hang up. They usually show up fairly quickly. And I haven't been arrested for it yet.....

But this does pose the question: What if the sign was only in Spanish? Would they require it to also have English? Somehow I doubt it...and THAT is the problem...

Brent said...

I found a few more on the link you provided, Daniel:

Caminando a Traves de los Anos: Amigos para Siempre
45 min.
A story of two children who sustain their special friendship despite unexpected circumstances. The video identifies the pedestrian safety risks that children face everyday and suggests ways that adults can prevent children from being hit by vehicles. (Walking Through the Years : Friends for Life in English)

Caminando a Traves de los Anos: La Cita
34 min.
A story of two dating, elderly citizens who are separated for life by a pedestrian accident. This program identifies the dangers associated specifically with elderly pedestrians and suggests ways how to prevent certain dangers. (Walking Through the Years : The Date in English)

Carga Humana: Una Forma Mortal de Viajar
5 min.
Dramatization and factual information regarding the dangers of riding in a pickup truck. (Human Cargo A Deadly Way to Go in English)

Cargamento Precioso: Protegiendo a Los Ninos que Viajan con Usted
16 min.
This videotape discusses the importance of using child care seats and seat belts in automobiles. (Precious Cargo in English)

Escogeniendo Lo Bien (Making the Right Choices)
25 min.
Spanish speaking video about laws and consequences that impact our community members whom may not be familiar with Oregon laws. Provides information on how to get roadside emergency assistance.

Los Ninos y Las Bolsas de Aire (Kids and Air Bags)
5 min.
Demonstrates correct use of child seats and seat belts in automobiles. Dramatizes the dangers of air bags to children and explains precautions to protect children from air bag related injury.

Manual del Conductor de Oregonen Audio, 2001-2003
8 sound discs + manual

The Nightmare – La Pesadilla
24 min. (12 min. English; 12 min. Espanol)
Story of a Hispanic American driver who is intoxicated and the consequences that arise from his drinking and driving. The entirety of the consequences for his actions for a bad decision that effects all those involved. Also included are suggestions on how to not drink and drive. English and Spanish versions on one tape.

Daniel said...

All destined to be classics! Thank you Oregon taxpayers for making sure we all have these spanish language tapes.

Scottiebill said...

Of course Oregon is as broke as they say they are. After all, they publicly admit they don't have money for police, fire fighters, or roads and bridges. And they are always whining that they don't have money enough for schools. (But that is a whole different subject for discussion, is it not?)

But wait! They always seem to have enough money for light rail, illegal aliens welfare and food stamp programs, feel good things like the Disneyland tram, Vera's walkway on the Willamette, and Taliban Tommy's bike paths all over Portland.

Isn't there a bit of a contradiction here? They never have enough money for the important things dealing with public safety and such, but always enough for stupid things.

In the words of the King of Siam, " 'Tis a puzzlement!"

Anonymous said...
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