Friday, September 01, 2006

Public funding, private group

My new master plan is to donate money to causes that I believe in to make change... but I'm gonig to do it with your money! Oh wait, that's ODOT's master plan.

Apparently they are "Titanium Level ($5,000+)" sponsors of the Bicycle Transporation Alliance. Who is the Bicycle Transportation Alliance? They do things like "make sure that our public transportation dollars are spent fairly, and result in streets that are safe and convenient for bicyclists. We also make sure policies that guide street design and transportation spending consider your two-wheeled needs."

But it's not just ODOT who gives to this private group. The Portland Office of Transportation and the City of Ashland - Planning Division also donate your money. (Maybe they should list "John Q. Taxpayer" as a 'Titanium Level" sponsor?)

Lot's of private non-profit groups deserve our support but that support should come directly from private citizens, companies and foundations. Not from government.


Anonymous said...

"I will not rest until illegal aliens get treated like the criminals that they are. "

"This, despite the fact that I never got treated like the criminal I am...and, I wasted tax payer money and court costs appealing the decision. Ha Ha. Suckers!"

-- Daniel

Scottiebill said...

Daniel: Old "Holier Than Thou" anonymous is at it again. He keeps on singing the same old song and doesn't realize (or doesn't care) that it's tiresome, unproductive, unimaginative, and just plain annoying. Every time he starts this idiocy, he stupid quotient rises another 100 points. This is not to say that he is ignorant. Because ignorance can be cured with education, but stupid goes on forever. And he has been going on about this non-issue seemingly forever.

Anonymous said...

What can I say? I love irony.

I really wouldn't consider it non-issue, though. If I'm going to read the crap that old 'holier than thou, i'm a wannabe conservative pundit' Daniel posts, I would just be interested in hearing him clarify some apparent contradictions between his ideology and his actions.

How stupid of me!

Anonymous said...

Okay all of the bleeding hearts that think illegal aliens should be allowed to stay. This article is a little long so I'll just give you pieces of it.,2933,211807,00.html

Mexican Deported 7 Times Pleads Not Guilty to Illegal Re-Entry
Friday, September 01, 2006

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee — An illegal immigrant who has been arrested previously on drug and firearms charges and deported seven times Friday pleaded not guilty to illegally re-entering the United States.

Felipe Garcia-Morales, 28, a citizen of Mexico, entered the plea and agreed to be represented by a federal public defender.

Chattanooga police arrested Garcia-Morales for driving without a license July 14. He is also charged with violating federal probation in a previous case in Arizona.

Records show Garcia-Morales was convicted in September 2005 in Arizona on an illegal re-entry charge and sentenced to eight months in prison.

A year earlier he was arrested driving a car "loaded with concealed (smuggled) aliens" Picaco, Arizona, records show.

Records also show Garcia-Morales was convicted of misdemeanor drug possession in Las Vegas in February 2000 and sentenced to 45 days as part of a plea agreement after he was charged with possession of cocaine with intent to sell, possession of an unregistered firearm and drawing a deadly weapon in a threatening manner.


Anonymous said...

Check out this link:

Bobkatt said...

anonymous, are you talking shit about Daniel or Teddy Kennedy?
Contradiction exists everywhere, like you complaining about a blog that you aren't forced to read. Like you dredging up the past and not revealing your own.
You're livin' in the past man.

Daniel said...

It's all about me isn't it anon? This despite the fact that I have gone over "me" several times here. You may be a newcomer but you're not the first to go this route.

If I responded every time then it would be all I ever did. Feel free to search back through past posts. (try "search this blog")

Anonymous said...


I think just maybe you kinda want Daniel. I know he is cute but the way you display your affection is a bit over the top. Just be conventional and ask for his number, he just might say yes?


BEAR said...

uhh, back on's no surprise that the lefties in "our" government are perpetrating frauds on the actual taxpayers. They are in their positions for a enact and expand the liberal agenda. We wouldn't need the 'Real I.D. Act' if the lefties could be trusted to obey the law and behave like Americans. BTW, anon 10:20, you sound like surprise there, either.

Scottiebill said...

Anon 11:15am:
It stands to reason that you don't consider Daniel's "past" a non-issue. That is because you have nothing worthwhile to post on anything Daniel writes about, so you resort to attacking his character and bringing up a past that has been put behind everyone here except yourself. Maybe it is time for you to grow up and get a life. Or, if that is an impossibility for you, maybe a move to an ultra-liberal blogspot and stop taking up space with your inane comments. Somehow I can't see that happening, though.