Saturday, September 02, 2006

Race-based bussiness

Latino Career Fair
(blacks need not apply I guess)

The future success of your organization could depend on successfully serving the Latino community. Often Latino employees are key to effectively serving the Latino consumer.

Organizations participate in the Latino Career Fair for several reasons. The obvious one: this will be the largest diversity recruiting event of the year in our region, and exhibitors will have contact with qualified bi-lingual, bi-cultural candidates.

By "diversity" they mean "one race." This is similar to the government definition of diversity. Of course our favorite government agencies are all participating: DHS, DAS, Oregon Employement Department, North Clackamas School District and the City of Hillsboro are all excited to hire based on race.


Rick Hickey said...

I went to the last Latino Job fair. Why? My Brother-in-law who is Black was out of work for over 6 months at the time. I was very concerned about him and his family.
I also wanted to see if it can be true that only a certain group of people are offered jobs in Oregon.

My Brother-in-law would NOT go. He said "Im not Latino and would feel more out of place than I already do as it is".

My Wife came with me to take photos instead.

YES IT IS TRUE! Hundreds of Latino's (supposedly doing jobs we won't do) on a weekday for hours, apllying for GOOD JOBS, with great bene's and pay up to $60K a year.

I approached every Employer (over 35) and gave them the flyer on how to check immigration status so they don't get in trouble. A big shot with a School district, folded it & put it in his pocket and said "thanks, I'll give this to my secretary as she hires people and she would be the one to go to jail, not me"

I have photos and a flyer on each company showing the pay offered, curious to see what happened?

My Bro asked when the African-American Job fair would be held.

What could be more blatantly RACIST than this job fair?

I guess some Latinos who just showed up here in America, don't know how long we have been fighting bigotry. Partly because Mexico supports & brags of Bigotry.
They are just starting it all over again here now. This time it is anyone who is not La Raza.

Has anyone else realized that RACISM would be almost non-existent now in America if it wasn't for the illegal alien invasion mostly from Mexico?

Daniel knows they already have a name for Hispanics that love America, they are called Coconuts, Brown on the outside and white inside.

How disgusting, cruel & ignorant they are and the Socialists/Liberals that support them are enabling a NEW RACISM in America.

Anonymous said...

The lie only works one way I guess. Racist , this and racist that. Never answering the real question. It is a simple question:

" Ladies and Gentlmen will you please fill out proper paperwork to work in the USA or if you would like to stay will you please fill out a request form.? If these are such hard working people I would think they could take a few moments out of their time to simply file some paperwork? And if it takes a day or two to fill it all out ( like social security paperwork, or mortgage paperwork) then why not do so for a better life?

It is all just smoke and mirrors isn't it?


axe01 said...

The State of Oregon, as authorized by 'teddy the kook' should not be supporting an activity, based solely on race, to provide employment only to hispanics. Such activity is illegal on the face of it.

Anonymous said...

When's the Gringo Fair!!

axe01 said...

Labor Day: Oregon was the first state to recognize "Labor Day" on
February 21, 1887.

The purpose of Labor Day, per the Department of Labor is:

The vital force of labor added materially to the highest standard of living and the greatest production the world has ever known and has brought us closer to the realization of our traditional ideals of economic and political democracy. It is appropriate, therefore, that the nation pay tribute on Labor Day to the creator of so much of the nation's strength, freedom, and leadership — the American worker.

Note that it DOES-NOT refer to the illegal hispanic day laborer.

By what perverted thinking are we allowing illegal hispanics to co-opt our holiday, to recognize the contributions of American (Good Old USA Workers) to their purposes for their benefit?

Boycott mexico. Boycott cinco de mayo.

axe01 said...

A Suggestion:

Email the Oregon AFL-CIO and express your opinion about their turning the Labor Day Holiday over to illegals to further their attempts to obtain access to services US Citizens have worked for.

Anonymous said...

Latino Job Fair? What about the poor white trash or african americans? we need jobs too! Instead we will have to stand on the street corner begging with signs "WILL WORK FOR FOOD" while the illigals get signed up for the 60,000$ a year with benefits because we real americans won't do those jobs. Maybe if someone was having career fairs for the americans we could do so well!!!!

Anonymous said...

Is the OFIR or Daniel himself going to make an apperance at the pro illegal immigration rally the lefties are holding in portland tomorrow? It's at 2pm near Salmon and somewheres. Read about it in the statesman journal.

Anonymous said...

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