Monday, September 11, 2006

So why the videos?

In the last post we discussed how ODOT is using your gas tax money to make Spanish language videos available (including Spanish only) instead of building roads. Where they got this idea is beyond me because it doesn't even fit in with their "plan" to reach the "Hispanic community."

Here is what ODOT says:

Reach Spanish-speaking communities
(a) More than 90% of the Hispanic community Spanish-speaking along I-5, near corridor for
commuting to and from Oregon.
(b) 85% of Hispanic community is 1st generation with little to no English skills.
(c) 99% are below federal guidelines for poverty.
(d) Over 90% mono-language (Spanish only).
(e) Over 90% are intergenerational, so there are school-age children in most families.
(f) Focus is survival for today for family.
(g) Literature is not effective because most are not literate in English or Spanish.
(h) Radio is effective way to reach.
(i) Community meetings: won’t share information, but will take information. Not considered
public involvement.
(j) Don’t use children as tools to reach them.
(k) Celebration of food / dancing good way to get large gathering.
(l) Transportation is issue to Hispanic. Majority of women and mothers do not drive.
(m)Hispanic newspaper, Portland resource.
(n)Use Cinco de Mayo celebration for outreach Hispanic

Here is what I read:

People who speak Spanish:
a) 99% don't pay taxes
b) Most are not educated enough to read let alone work
c) They all have kids in school


Anonymous said...

Why don't they come out and tell the truth? When ODOT says "Hispanic" they mean "illegal immigrant". To say that 99% of all Hispanics are below the poverty level is false and insulting.

Anonymous said...

I read that a state agency (in this case ODOT) flat out admites that the spanish speaking community isn't even literate in their own language. So again more tax dollars wasted on material that we are not even sure they understand?! Amazing (shaking head in disbelief)

Anonymous said...
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BEAR said...

GEE WHIZ! Why aren't we surprised by this news? BTW, lefty media types out there, how can you call yourselves journalists?

Polish Immigrant said...

I haven't got in trouble while driving for awhile now. The next time it happens, however, I will use a different defense strategy than what I have tried so far -- annoy the hell out of the system -- blame everything on the lack of ODOT videos in Polish.

Anonymous said...


A bilingual brochure is what I could call complex... May be you should ask for a handbook to explain to you how to read it… Just the English section.