Friday, September 08, 2006

Whatever you do, don't punish

In the same vein as the last post (where we went over how Oregon House Democrats don't want to punish rapists they just want to use the heinous crime to push for abortion) we have another turn in the "ROAD MAP."

Except this time, instead of not punishing rapists they want to not punish ID thieves. Under the misleading heading of "preventing ID theft" they propose to "empower Oregonians to freeze their credit if their identity is stolen."

What a novel idea. If only the three credit reporting agencies had already come up with something like that...

Again, to "prevent" ID theft they will have you do something (already available) after the fact. (NOTE TO SELF: look up definition of "prevent" later)

Nothing about mandatory minimums for repeat offenders, or as far as I'm concerned, mandatory minimums for first time offenders. Nothing about paying 110% restitution. Nothing about punishing the perp at all.


Anonymous said...

shouda cuda woulda, the road map is like that pirate map. the promise of a treasure is there but no one can find it.

Kristopher said...

Ermmm ... this legislation really is needed.

The credit reporting agencies only freeze credit reports on consumer request in states that mandate they do so.

When some identity theft perp is in high gear, making new credit card applications impossible is the best defense ... but allowing anyone to do this costs them money in the long run ... so these agencies fight such laws tooth and nail.

Mark this one down as a broken clock accidentally showing the correct time.

igotapair said...

Daniel (et al.) - I hate to belabor the point, but I can't help but notice that your urging for greater punishment of criminals comes from one, who himself, received no punishment for his crimes. I mean, you are a shining example that strict punishment is not needed and moral, individual reform is possible. Had you actually served some time, the trauma of prison and of being somebody's byotch might have led you down another path. Instead, you provide society with the positive contribution of a blog that organizes vigilante intimidations of poor unauthorized Mexicans looking for work. Now that takes balls, man!

I searched your blog high and low, and just couldn't find an answer to my question of why (a) you served no time for your crimes and (b) at tax payer expense, you filed multiple appeals as late as 2004, claiming that you were unfairly arrested for gangbanging, drug dealing and carrying a concealed weapon...all the while asserting that (a) you "paid your debt to society" and (b) take responsibility for your actions. Seems that you're having it both ways.

I also notice that you conveniently exlcude two proposals from the road map for tougher enforcement of internet child predators and the meth problem in your hypocritical post.

Anonymous said...


Purchased at fantasy video in Tigard...Balls by bucks not by birth.


Anonymous said...

Vigilante, that is how I would handle person to person crimes if they happened to my family.


Scottiebill said...

igotapair seems to be a clone of the ultra-liberal leftie anonymous who regularly attacks Daniel with his inane and self-serving rants. Pair and Anonymous seem to want, make that demand, that rapists, identity thieves, and other various and sundry criminals, including, of course, the illegal aliens, be allowed to run free and wreak whatever havoc they can unabated and without fear of retribution. They will probably be welcomed with open arms into the fold of Teddy the K and his Loyal and Obedient Toady, Billy Bradbury. After all, they will likely bring votes for the Dumocrats and their highly flawed party. But who cares if their party is without honor or credibility or solutions as long as they get votes enough to gain their version of power.

eddie said...


While I have neither the time nor inclination to stand around all day picketing day labor sites, I think your characterization of Daniel's actions as "vigilante" is overblown, misguided and defamatory. The defining aspects of vigilante actions are that they are organized outside of legal authority (true), for the purpose of keeping order (true) and punishing crime (patently untrue). They are not imprisoning illegal aliens, lynching illegal aliens, taking property from illegal aliens, or anything else that might be construed by a reasonable person to be punishment. In fact, all they seem to be doing is pointedly observing people engaged in illegal activity. Namely the hiring of labor that, by law, cannot legally work within the boundaries of this country. Your argument could be made against neighborhood crime watch organizations, since by watching for burglaries they are obviously intimidating poor erstwhile felons looking for work...

As to internet child predators,as I understand it the FBI is chartered to investigate online child pornography and child sexual exploitation violations through the Innocent Images National Initiative. Seems like somewhere along the line someone has already done the work to "make it a crime to solicit minors over the internet". Although, I do suppose it is safest if our legislature uses up all their time adding redundant laws to the books rather than actually doing something.

And as to the Meth Epidemic... 100 more state troopers will do a small bit towards transforming us from the state with the lowest number of state police per capita in the country, but I doubt it will stop meth traffic without concerted efforts on other fronts. As it is a matter of public record that the vast majority of meth and the chemicals to process it are being carried across the border from Mexico.. and since the recent large scale meth operations in our state were solely operated by illegals.. seems like a common sense security measure would be to push for a secure border.

You know, this roadmap avoids the subject of illegal aliens altogether. With the concerns raised recently about our state as THE major western US source of bogus identification.. With the illegal alien population in Oregon soaring... with the constant cries of overcrowded prisons.. and with the connections to methamphetamine and heroin trafficing, you'd think it might merit at least as much mention as Biofuels.

Anonymous said...

After learning what the Liberals want is it any wonder why the Islams want us all dead as those who allow this garbage to occur are as guilty as those who commit the crimes against mankind.

Mike Mayhem said...

haha... igotpair pwned daniel.

Anonymous said...

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TC said...

Gee, is it any wonder Hillary and the rest of the "Leadership" from the party of corruption push for the felon vote. Proposals like the ones in the road map are just pandering to their base.

Legitimate Citizen said...

Here's a video for ODOT...I think ODOT employees are sucking on the pipe and addicted to the Illegal Hispanics who provide it to them, because any law abiding, thinking humanoid would CUT THEM OFF and DEPORT THEM -- take a peek and you'll see what I mean.

I enjoyed it when I got to go to this local, these folks are nothin but dung degenerates. They think they're bad, I've seen bad and this ain't it. You ever been around a woman when she's PMSin...far worse.

Stay awake and stay resolved people, don't buy the B.S. the mainstream media isn't telling you. No more mexi-central degenerates, no more free loaders, no more burdens on the back of America.

Nope, no racist or biggots here...just your proverbial enemy, let me introduce us...WE ARE..."The LEGITIMATE CITIZEN/IMMIGRANTS of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!" And yes, we're the majority, while your doing the math if you can Illegal degenerate...we're goin kick your friggin ass out of our country. We're going to get ride of you by whatever legals means available no matter how long it takes, one by one, if necessary.

And then we're going to take your homes and cars and everything else you've acquired illegally while you have been here illegally and SELL THEM, and take the proceeds and put it back into our economy where it belongs. Then we're going to invite all the good folks who have been waiting to immigrate here LEGALLY, to come and join us in America where dreams still come true!

The Illegal Alien freeloader faucets are already being turned off as I write this com, and I LOVE IT, because your feeling it Illegal Aliens finally, and all those who support you are feeling it. What -- you don't think the American Legitimate Citizen/Immigrant has a stomach for this one...Oh, YOUR SORELY WRONG Illegal Alien, how do you think we gained our independence by kissin azz?! Oh, now that's not a fair question now is it given only 34% of Hispanics graduate from high school...your just what we want in our society and country, NOT! Roaches are more welcome and slugs crawling across salt have more sense!

Legitimate Citizen!