Saturday, December 30, 2006

We need this kind of justice

I wasn't positive that the new Iraqi government was working out until I saw the speed with which they execute their prisoners on death row. Can we please export some of that to our country?


Kaelri said...

Yeah, 'cause the one thing our government really needs to do more is kill people. We just ain't making the quotas.

Bryan Saxton said...

Exactly. Killing criminals satisfies our need for revenge.

Anonymous said...

Harsh sentencing. That's what we need, right Daniel? Hypocrite. See post under "We're in hole..."

Anonymous said...

Lets send our Death Row prisoners to Iraq were they exercise Swift Justice.

Bruce said...

I'm all for that. This is the first thing i saw the "ragheads" do right. This is one facet of their system i agree with. A trial....1 appeal amd then execute punishment....FAST. Good for them!!!

DanTheMan said...

Society would be much safer with people on death row being executed instead of put on 14 years of taxpayer life support and in some cases being let out on a technicality.

Amy the Razor said...

I only think we should kill those found guilty by twelve jurors of capitol murder..Capitol murder was a planned murder, thought out etc..problem with that Kaelri?

Anonymous said...

I watched his entire execution on Google Videos.

The video was dark, choppy, and contained a ton of camera movements, even to pan away and focus on the diamond plate steel stairway.

Filming was done at the lower level of the gallow.

The guards lassoed the thick yellow noose around Saddam's neck, slipping the knot to tighten the noose around the condemmed dictator's neck.

Saddam, dressed in black and face exposed stood within the cage, head held up high, and leashed to the noose.

A few moments later, a series of chants echoed through the gallow before ending in an abroupt silence.

Saddam remained in position, continuing to hold his head up, and leashed to the noose for a few seconds.

Then Saddam slips instantly downwards and out of sight as the noose slacks now begins to tighten with a sharp snap.

The release of the steel trap door banging interrupted the silent gallow.

Cheering ensues, camera flash strobe throughout the gallow, then the video pans on the limp Saddam head, cocked to his right with his eyes closed, and the yellow noose hanging tightly.

We could send Saddam to Washington State, and he would had the equal death sentence, but with just more time to think about his crimes.

Calhoun said...

Geez, all we got is a crappy cell phone video? And we have to watch it on crappy internet video sites? Bummer.

Kaelri said...

"I only think we should kill those found guilty by twelve jurors of capitol murder..Capitol murder was a planned murder, thought out etc..problem with that Kaelri?"


Calhoun said...


Scottiebill said...

Judge Isaac Parker, aka the hanging judge, wrote that the death penalty is not itself a deterrent of heinous crimes, but rather the surety of the death penalty is the deterrent.

This was paraphrased, but the idea is still there.

Apparently kaelri and bryan saxton would be happy if Saddam was still running around Iraq killing hundreds of thousands of his people every chance he had.

And then there's anon 6:08 still running his stupid rhetoric at Daniel. One of these days he is going to get the idea that he is beating a dead horse. Nahhhhhh!

Bobkatt said...

Happy New Year to all of you. Thanks Daniel for being there and providing this great forum.

Kaelri said...

"Apparently kaelri and bryan saxton would be happy if Saddam was still running around Iraq killing hundreds of thousands of his people every chance he had."

There were more options than "kill him" and "reinstate him."

Calhoun said...

Yes. Another option (which we foolishly rejected) would have been to bake him a great big birthday cake with lots of frosting and given him lots of presents. When will we ever get anything right?

Kaelri said...

Look... I believe that it is wrong to punish killing with killing. I believe it is wrong to end all possibility of redemption. If you don't, then I think we'll have to agree to disagree.

Scottiebill said...

kaelri: We will have to agree to disagree on this one. But, Saddam was far beyond redemption of any kind. That he is basking in the warmth of Hell now, makes the world, and Iraq, a far better place. But, don't give up hope, kaelri. There will be another despot coming along to take his place in your heart. That despot looks to be leading Iran today.

Kaelri said...

See, I know it's just your sense of humor, but I find it interesting that when I say I don't want someone to die, your first reaction is to imply that this means I have some special compassion for him.

Same as when we said that people in the custody of our government should be given fair trials, medical treatment and clean water, and we were accused of wanting to "offer therapy and understanding for our attackers."

I know I'm probably not going to change your mind (at least, not anytime soon), but all I'm asking you to do is take it seriously. Make an actual attempt to wrap your mind around a school of thought that says "our default policy is to preserve life, liberty and dignity."

Or, as someone else once eloquently spoke: "Love your enemies, do good to them which hate you, bless them that curse you, and pray for them which despitefully use you... And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise."

I you have a problem with that, then I supposedly have about a billion people on my side.

Anonymous said...

HEY BRYAN, What if your Mom was toss'ed off a building after being raped by Saddam, wanna play nice with the guy that did it?

Of course you wouldn't!!!


Chris Pieschel said...

"And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise."

So that means all captured terrorists need to be either converted to christianity or beheaded. Sounds good to me!

Kaelri said...

"As ye would that men should do to you?" Chris, you want to be converted or beheaded?

Chris Pieschel said...

Now, who wants to be beheaded? Come on, enough with this "golden rule" bs that liberal thinkers always espouse; it's nonsense. Obviously no matter how nice we are to this enemy, they will never reciprocate that to us. So what is the point? Seems like a waste of time.

Kaelri said...

That is a very good question indeed. What is the point? What is the point of being moral, principled and forgiving, regardless of whether it will be appreciated or rewarded? What is the point of being the better people, the better society, for its own sake?

We do it because we're all going to die, and the only part of what we do that matters is what legacy we will leave behind, what we have actually accomplished, and what world we have left behind for our children. All good things must come to an and, and I would prefer that the United States of America were destroyed today, having been a beacon of freedom and democracy to the best of its ability right up to the end of its days, than for it to last a millennium by being Just Another Empire, an answer on some multiple choice test a thousand years from now.

Those might just be words to some people, but I assure you, there are plenty of us who live our lives by that philosophy, and making jokes about dictators having "a place in our hearts" is not especially impressive competition.

Kaelri said...

Correction: Must come to an end. All good things must come to an end. Except typos.

Daniel said...

I'll leave the redemption up to Jesus. Society needs to protect itself from sociopaths.

eddie said...

Considering the way it's implemented in this nation, I could see ending capital punishment. Since it takes decades to enforce, still runs that minor risk of being in error (I'm not certain of the exact numbers, although I'm sure we're all aware of every discovered error since it makes such a good story), and is a frankly ridiculous drain on the legal system as it stands.

I can understand the stance of those ethically opposed to the practice. Furthermore, I'd love to remove another ongoing justification for 60's style protests for the evening news to fawn over.

There does need to be an alternative, however. A new super-super-max prison where death-row folks go to live out their lives without ANY possibility of freedom, ever. This would have to be a one-way trip... a prison in a mile-deep salt dome, for instance. No communication with the outside world, no media entering the facility, nothing tying the inmates to the world of the living whatsoever could enter or leave the facility.

In short, go ahead and stop executions, and their costly legal preparations, but devise a method of completely erasing the convicted from the face of the Earth.

eddie said...

Oh... and can I just say I'm sooo tired of the anti-hero mentality going on in this culture at the moment?

There are valiant public servants, police and fire, who do great self-less things every day, and yet we're always focussed on the poor convict's rights. There are men and women overseas who have earned some of the highest military honors since the world wars, and yet we're told Cindy Sheehan is a hero for whatever the hell it is that she does. I turn on the television, and there's always some program or psa or something trying to tell me that my child's school teacher is a real hero.... Can we just stop it?

Saddam was evil, killed a lot of people for his own profit, and now he's dead. Yay. Time to move on.

American soldiers are doing brave, selfless stuff that used to get them movies, books, newspaper coverage, and yes, even parades. Can we pick a couple of those and do em again? Instead of the books and movies going to the disgruntled ones who didn't do squat? (Jarhead)

Public Schoolteachers are union employees... period. In my experience, they most often go through a year or two of excitement and enthusiasm (but without the experience or practical knowledge to back it up), followed by 20 years of treading water, maintaining their positions without much regard for the students with whom they are entrusted. Even if they are the one in a thousand teacher that stays effective and makes a real difference throughout their career, how the hell does that make them a hero????? If I, as a Web designer, make a really really really awesome Web site am I a hero because I did my job well???? I think not.

On second thought, I'm not a union member... maybe doing an acceptable job while a member of a union IS heroic?

Any time they have to tell me that someone or something is heroic... about unsung heroes in my community (Uf they're unsung, why are you pushing them at me? Doesn't that by definition make them "sung"?) Then I know that somewhere someone is blowing smoke up an orifice where it doesn't belong. Just tell us what people did, we all know what a hero is... really.

(yeah, okay, I skewed way off-topic. Sorry.)

Anonymous said...

Daniel: "I'll leave the redemption up to Jesus. Society needs to protect itself from sociopaths."

How did society protect us from YOU when you were gangbanging and dealing drugs? Did we do a good job?

Anonymous said...

What kind of justice did we use when you were out there killing people Daniel?

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