Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sometimes you have to be legal... sometimes

Note: Certain programs at OHCS may have more limiting definitions of a farmworker than that above, such as a requirement of being a citizen or legal permanent resident, or excluding aquaculture work.

This statement is evidence that Oregon's "regular" definition of farmworker does include illegal aliens. Only "certain programs" require actually being here legally.

This would be like saying that when you owe taxes they require a "payment" and in this case the limited definition of "payment" means that the money can't be counterfeit. It's just nonsensical.


BEAR said...

We now know that the always vigilant homeland security folks are assigning a "score" re terrorism risk to each and every border crossing traveler....oh, wait, it doesn't affect illegal aliens. Of course, we really don't need to know who those folks are, or why they are here, except to enroll them in welfare programs!....sheesh.

Anonymous said...

Under the Bush adminsitration, illegal immigrants are exempt from immigration laws, as it may seem. What's wrong with this picture?

Brian said...

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