Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Go back to Mexico

Local Mexican community celebrates its patron saint
Worshippers spilled into the aisles and out the chapel door at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Prineville on Sunday, as members of the local Mexican-American community packed the pews to celebrate the feast day of the Virgin of Guadalupe, the patron saint of Mexico.

"It's a real connection with their homeland because all of Mexico celebrates the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe," Greiner said. "It certainly connects them with their roots and their families back home."

At St. Joseph's on Sunday, Elias Villagomez said the events are important in helping Mexicans living in Oregon retain their cultural and religious heritage.

"For we Mexicans it is a great fiesta that we celebrate," Villagomez said. "We continue it so that the children will go on learning about our culture."

Just so we are clear on the semantics: Mexican = citizen of Mexico. The ironic thing here is that many American born, and therefore American citizens, refer to themselves as "Mexican." If you were to ask some American born child of an illegal alien, a child who has never even seen Mexico, if she/he considers himself/herself (notice the all inclusive genders, trying to be more tolerant) an American or a Mexican and my five pesos bets they say the latter.

Assimilation? I don't think so. If you want Mexican culture, complete with blatant corruption at every level of government, child rape being acceptable, lawlessness being acceptable, and a poor economy then please, GO BACK TO MEXICO!


Anonymous said...

But Mexico doesn't want them either as they consume more than they produce.

It would be like getting your garbage back.

Tad said...

... and if you want American culture, where "Saw III" shattered the box office opening weekend, where opportunism reigns in both political parties, where torture and Constitution-shredding is no big deal, where war criminals sleep easy knowing they'll never be prosecuted and never seriously questioned by the "liberal" media, where corruption binds big business to the Defense Department like flies on shit, where the government founded by John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington is incapable of telling the truth about anything, and where an economy teeters on the brink of an epoch-shattering disaster, STAY IN THE UNITED STATES!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bigot--so how does this relate to a community celebrating a patron saint?

R Huse said...

Ok good lord Tad. Get a grip. Please restrain the tendency, typical of the left, to ascend to some perceived moral superiority over others by piling high the hyperbole. It’s a little ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I read a story about a rather large group of mexicans in jefferson county marching from Madras to Culver or vise versa in freezing or below weather for that lady of what ever catholic relic day. Um cold = I keep my ass in doors no matter what my belief is. I totaly agree that any immigrant from a poverty and corrupt nation needs to not drag their dirt merchant ways with them. Take an engish class, leave your chicken and worm flag in the desert after you wipe your ass with it while crossing the boarder illegaly, stop buying the platic encased scorpian belt buckels, quit insisting that because you have "farmworker" status you should get housing for $15 a month and last but not least fucking educate yourself. If your going to come an mooch off my taxes anyways you might as well get a GED and then at the very very least a year of community college. If you want to paint houses, mow lawns, and work in the fields after that, then by all means do so, but at least raise your quality of life to that of the people around you. Oh yeah quit buying stickers for your back window on your car that states your last name for everyone to see. Please please please don't listen to the catholic church about condoms or the pill. You people fuck like bunnies and have a kid every 10 months creating an even bigger burden on an over taxed society. Ok I'm done. Lasernorm

Tim said...

Geez Tad, if you hate this country so much, might I suggest you move. I hear Mexico is nice this time of year.

But the topic at hand is ILLEGAL aliens. People who have broken the law, and entered OUR country illegally...yes, that means they’re CRIMINALS. They have no desire to become American; their allegiance is to Mexico which is apparent in the article. They need to go back to Mexico or where ever else they’ve come from. But hey they’ve learned from the America haters like Tad and the rest of the Commies that if they can get here they can belly up to taxpayer tit and suck it dry.

Anon 12:23 - You open with calling Daniel a bigot, because he has a point of view. Thanks for showing all of us you operate in an intellectual vacuum. How does it relate? Did you read it?

Anonymous said...

Daniel -- might I counter your sweeping generalization about assimilation (social scientists study this, you know. there is actually data that you can bring to bear on your claims; i suggest it) with a recent insight from Douglas Massey (artwork not attached):

Op‐Art Contributor
by Douglas S. Massey

The cover of the March/April issue of Foreign Policy magazine was provocatively entitled “José Can You See?” and it contained
an article by Harvard Professor Samuel P. Huntington entitled “The Hispanic Challenge.” In it he argued that “the
single most immediate and most serious challenge to America’s traditional identity comes from the immense and continuing
immigration from Latin America, especially from Mexico.” For him, one index foretold a somber future: José had replaced
Michael as the most popular name for male babies in Texas and California. This is a challenge that “we ignore at our peril”
because “Mexican immigrants and their offspring simply do not appear to identify primarily with the United States.”
According to online data published by, some 2457 American service personnel have been killed in
Operation Iraqi Freedom by Flag Day 2006. A simple inspection of first and last names of the fallen indicates that at least 314
of the casualties were of Hispanic origin and that 19 were, in fact, named José. Although U.S. citizens of Hispanic origin comprise
only 9.8% of the U.S. population, they are responsible for 12.8 percent of fatalities in Iraq. Among the dead, there are 12
named Perez, 12 Martinez, 8 Gonzalez, and 7 Ramirez, along with 8 Garcias, 6 Torres, and 5 Reyes.
Although there were six soldiers with the first name Samuel among the fallen there were none named Huntington; and one
the six Samuels was Hispanic. The rendition of the American flag prepared here is composed entirely of the names of Latinos
who have given their lives in the service of the United States since the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom. The field of stars
contains all those named José and the stripes contain the other 295 Hispanic heroes who have made the supreme sacrifice.

DanTheMan said...

Let us be clear on this. Illegal aliens should be deported--they broke the law. U.S. citizens, who have a Mexican or other Latin history should be able to celebrate it, they can do whatever they want. But they should be "assimilated" into our culture and history, that is part of coming to this country and being a citizen, i.e. learning to speak and read english.

Tim Lyman said...

I thought Ted Kulongoski was the patron saint of the Oregon illegal alien community.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tim for the laugh. I needed that. Assimillation needs to happen. I'm tired of living in communitys that used to be nice before the illegals brought their third world living conditions with them. Congregating for instance in downtown woodburn doing absolutly nothing. Sleeping on the lawn of the public library and city parks, not having any respect for the homes they rent or buy, slinging drugs or illigal documentation. Tell me I'm wrong cause I lived in that shithole for 12 years. The only nice part of woodburn is senior estates and you have to be over 55 to live there or the smith editions. The rest of woodburn is just a disgusting hobble that looks like any picture you see from mexico sans the tourist traps.

Anonymous said...

I have no problem with illegal aliens being deported. However I have a big problem with the harrassment of people who are in the US legally (either through an immigration visa or citizenship). What I have to seriously wonder, is if people like you advocate harming or harrassing people who are here legally. Of course for you, you only have to look at the color of their skin and you make the assumption they are here illegally.

Bryan Saxton said...

"Mexican = citizen"

Wrong. Mexican = national identity, not state identity.