Friday, December 15, 2006

I'd sure like to call them something

The People's Republic of Multnomah County owes Dorothy English one million dollars. They denied her the ability to use her land and they need to compensate her for it. But Dorothy is 94 and they want to hold out until she dies.

Contact the Multnomah County commissioners and ask them why they are trying to wait for a sweet old lady to die so they can escape their responsibility.

For those of you who get worked up about this when you hear it on the radio but don't have the contact info handy:

Diane Linn
Webmail form

Maria Rojo de Steffey

Serena Cruz

Lisa Naito
Webmail form

Lonnie Roberts
Webmail form

Be polite but voice your opinion!


Tim said...

Daniel, we can call them what they are...Socialists! As good Socialists they will do anything to protect "The State" and if people die so be it. After all the ends justify the means, which goes to prove once again...Socialism Kills.

Anonymous said...

Dorothy "Shreiking Nag" English needs to move to an apartment if she doesn't like it. We will see M37 chopped up by the legislature soon enough, so the land use nazis will have to find another way of exploiting Oregon.

Regie said...

I just called Multnoah County Comishes and told them I support them not paying English, nor any other greedy vampire trying to take advantage of the County.

Anonymous said...


What are you a moron? They denied her the use of her own land that belongs to her the only one that is greedy is the county. Do you really approve of government telling you what you can or cannot do on property that is legally yours. Unless this 94 year old woman has a meth lab or is growing pot the county needs to pay up and stop waiting for her to die.

Anon 11:15,

Do you call your mom or grandmother a "shreiking nag"? Why should she move to an apartment? It's her land and her property get a grip!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, also, for the contact info; who says you guys are good for nothing? I let them know how most will applaud their efforts to slow down this land use extravaganza!

And just who's taken grannies land (and don't say "Da Gubment" - we are the Government!) Seems to me she'd make a hell of a lot more selling it than she paid for it, even without "her" eight houses!

Limiting land uses has actually driven up the value of land -- got it boys? But then there are always the terminal greedy...

Anonymous said...

Who do we know that is a terminally ill non-Christian, that we can ask to Curse the Witches with their last breath?

Anonymous said...

Since Dorothy English is clearly not an "illegal alien," Daniel, your post clearly suggests that you ARE resting from your innane mission to see that "illegal aliens get treated like the criminals that they are."

Anonymous said...

Who cares! I have had about enough of Dorothy, the shreiking nag. (I like that) Oregonians in Action are gonna be balling when the legislature shreds M37 from the books. The sooner the better.

Anonymous said...

Could you imagine had you owed money to the county and how quickly they would come after you for not paying up? No, instead the county owes Dorothy English money but are failing to pay up. I'd say, let her charge interest too for late payments. It should not be a "one-way" street.

rogerthedog said...

Dorothy English isn't owed anything. If anything, she should have to pay the county for all the complaining they've had to listen to from her and the property "rights" Gestapo.

Anonymous said...

Multnomah Co. needs to pay up or allow her to develop her property.

I wouldn't doubt that the legislature will go against the will of the voters and tear apart measure 37. However, I beleive there will be a political price to pay for it.

Anonymous said...

If anything, [Dorothy] should have to pay the county for all the complaining they've had to listen to from her and the property "rights" Gestapo.

What!? Dorothy complains to her elected officials whom she already pays money to through taxes! Is Dorothy not allowed to have one cent to her name?

Multnomah County could save a ton of money had they strayed away from imposing their Socialistic government policies and regulation and sticking with the basic needs and services such as public safety, courts and jails, highways, and education. Instead, the evil sisters in the brick castle on the corner of Grand and Hawthorne are too busy telling people how to run their lives. What a waste of taxpayer's dollars and resources.

Anonymous said...

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Bobkat said...

Rogerdogger is back from his communist indoctrination camp. That is the only explanation for his use of "property "rights" Gestapo." statement. Only in Orwellian double speak could you possibly use the terms "nazi and Gestapo" to describe those that are suggesting that we have a right to use the property we buy for the purpose we want. Well done grasshopper, Big Brother would be proud.

a socialist said...

I have an opinion, so I will voice it and I will be polite: I want to comment on Tim's post.

I stand in opposition to the politics of the Democratic Party, its members, office-holders and candidates. They are not closet socialists, or wannabe socialists. Their politics are fundamentally at ODDS with my politics. They do not represent me or you. Neither do the Republicans.

I do not support Clinton, Gore, Kerry, Kucinich, Dean, Kulongoski, Obama, Carter or any other Democrat. Why? Because they are not socialists. They are Democrats. I am a socialist. There is a VAST difference.

You are tossing "socialist" around out of ignorance. To call Democrats socialists is like calling Stephen Hawking a Martian. Not only is it not true, it doesn't even make sense.

If you want to use the word "socialist" or "socialism," I suggest that you learn what the words actually refer to. Read Marx. Engels. Trotsky. Lenin. Plekhanov. Lafargue. Read Wilson's "To the Finland Station" or Kolakowski's "Main Currents of Marxism."

Also, regarding the "socialism kills" crack: Stalin was not a socialist. Life in the Soviet Union under him was NOT socialism. He was a totalitarian maniac who killed millions of people, including as many SOCIALISTS as his executioners could hunt down and murder. If I had been living in the Soviet Union in the 1930s, I would not have been seizing books, imprisoning people and killing them; as a socialist, I would have had MY books seized, and it would have been ME who was imprisoned and ultimately killed. Huge difference.

Finally, regarding the topic of Tim's post: Dorothy English. I don't care if she wants to build a house, swimming pool, playground or an entire neighborhood in her backyard.

Another Tim said...

To "a socialist" -

Marx, Engels, Trotsky and Lenin were not socialists, you twit. They were communists. There is a significant difference, which clearly, you do not grasp. Marx and Engels abhored socialists and saw them as weak minded, cowardly fools - about the only thing I agree with them on. If you had actually read their works you would know this.

The Democrat Party in the State of Oregon is indeed pursuing a largely socialist agenda.

You are, however, right about Stalin.

Oh, and yes, socialism does kill. Just ask any ten Canadians about their system of socialized medicine and I'll bet at least one can tell you about a friend or relative who died waiting for treatmet.

Bobkat said...

We can all agree on one thing. Labels lie. Just because you are a Republican doesn't mean you are for smaller government, balanced budgets or won't sell out your country and surrender your sovereignty.
And if you call yourself a socialist you probably aren't one either.

MAX Redline said...

We can all agree on one thing. Labels lie. Just because you are a Republican doesn't mean you are for smaller government, balanced budgets or won't sell out your country and surrender your sovereignty.

Good call, BK. I was for Bush before I was against him. He talked a heck of a fight, but as I've noted before - you can't fight a "war on terror" while maintaining open borders.

Republicans deserved to lose the last election cycle because they didn't follow through on their talk. Once safely into office, most of them just turned into little Democrats.

Tim said...

Today's Communists hold Socialists in very high regard. A visit to the Communist Party USA or any number of the Communist, Marxist, "Progressive" or Socialist website will reveal that a Socialist America is the initial goal, on the road to a Communist America. And yes the Communist Party USA hardily supports Democrats like Kerry, Hillary, Pelosi, Murtha and the Congressional Progressive Caucus, because of a great deal of shared ideology across the extreme Left, from Socialist to Communist, and the difference is just a matter of degree.

To the Communist Party USA, Socialism is an intermediate step to the end goal: Communism. It isn’t any more complicated than that.

Here are some “One line” definitions of the “ism” terms:

Socialism: government ownership and control of the means of production and distribution of goods; grants or denies rights to individuals.
Communism: government ownership of all property, in which goods are owned in common and are available to all as needed; grants or denies rights to individuals.
Fascism: centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader who exalts nation, and often race, above the individual, and who uses severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition; grants or denies rights to individuals.
Terrorism: violent or destructive acts (such as bombing) committed by groups to intimidate a population or government into granting their demands.
Americanism: government empowered by the consent of the governed to protect the unalienable rights of individuals.

Fascism, Socialism, and Communism all exist by crushing the individual and individual rights in favor of the “State.” Which is exactly what the Sisters of Hawthorne are trying to do to Dorthy English.

tim's teacher said...

Ask the CEO of any Fortune 500 company or any other large corporation operating in Oregon, and I am sure they would tell you that they feel confident that the profit system will continue in Oregon and that the Democratic Party doesn't pose any threat to it whatsoever.

Bryan Saxton said...


Your biggest mistake is in assuming that the advocation of any socialist movement implies a desire for a radical socialist change. Following your logic, I could call anyone who advocates the invasion of Iraq a Neo Conservative.

I hope those that call themselves Christians remember the example of a socialist system as described in Acts 4 and what happened to those who deviated from it (granted, they died because of their deceitfulness, but this goes to demonstrate God's advocation of the social system Peter used).

Tim said...

Direct from Joelle Fishman, chairman of the Communist Party USA’s Political Action Committee, speaking to the Communist Party’s National Committee about the mid-term election:
“This election victory brings us closer toward defeat of the ultra-right. It brings us closer toward the next stages of struggle for anti-monopoly government and for socialism.”
Obviously, Joelle Fishman and the CPUSA didn’t get the memo from Marx about socialism being weak.

Anonymous said...

The Bush administration sure as hell is a lot closer to being a fascist government than Ted Kulongoski's administration is to being a socialist one.

terry said...

"Limiting land uses has actually driven up the value of land"

Government needs to stop this redistribution from renters top property owners.

Kristopher said...

We will see M37 chopped up by the legislature soon enough, so the land use nazis will have to find another way of exploiting Oregon.

"Land use nazis" being those Oregon voters who passed Measure 37? Who is the real fascist/socialist here?

The majority in Oregon that voted to protect property owners from an out of control government?

Or those people who want the legislature to put Oregonians in their place ... to shut up and allow socialists and greens to run their lives for them, without using initiative petitions for politically incorrect legislation?

Anonymous said...

Tim's Teacher said

"Ask the CEO of any Fortune 500 company ...."

I would, except they've all pulled out except for Nike and Intel.

Bobkatt said...

Max-I too voted for Bush before I realized his true calling. I was looking for someone with tradional values to slow this decent into "progressive hell". If I had done my due diligence before the election I would maybe have realized that he is a confirmed globalist that is hell bent on forming the North American Union and willing to reduce the civil rights of Americans before he secures the border. Unfortunately his skull and bones soul brother Kerry offered no choice.

Anonymous said...

max, you were just like those you described. You wanted the democrat in disguise to win.

Anonymous said...

max, you were just like those you described. You wanted the democrat in disguise to win.n.

terry said...

bobkatt was for Bush before he was against hom?

Bobkatt said...

Yep, flip-floppin' to Graceland.

Bobkatt said...

Yep, flip-floppin' to Graceland.