Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Jobs that Americans WILL do!

Cheating Americans With "Virtual" Laws
It was a bad week for the advocates of amnesty and guest worker.

On Tuesday (12-12), the Bush Administration finally cracked down, 20 years late, on a few thousand of the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens who are illegally employed in the United States. This crackdown on employers was promised by the Reagan amnesty of 1986 and now, 20 years later, the government is getting around to enforcing the law.

The feds arrested thousands of illegals who were working at Swift & Co. meat-processing plants under false Social Security numbers. Swift announced that it might have to shut down for lack of workers.

The media immediately opened the TV channels to pro-immigration activists who claimed that these arrests "prove" the need for "comprehensive" immigration legislation with a guest-worker plan. Au contraire. Wednesday's news (12-13) proved just the opposite.

Within hours of the news that 261 illegals had been removed from the Swift plant in Greeley, Colorado, American citizens lined up to fill the vacated jobs. The county employment agency received 230 job applications, of which 157 were specifically for Swift.

Please read the whole column. (In addition to showing the "guest worker" movement as the sham that it is, it also shows the Wal-Mart bashers clearly don't know what they are talking about either)

A great Christmas present to unemployed Americans would be the deportation of our illegally working criminal alien population. Imagine starting the new year with thousands of job opportunities opening up for America citizens who had a rough Christmas due to unemployment.

Where is your compassion for these American citizens you sick liberals and you sick Wall Street Journal Republicans? You would starve Tiny Tim so that Jorge Gonzalez, an illegal who stole the SSN of Tiny Tim's dad, can work here illegaly and send money back to Mexico.


Anonymous said...

Folks, FYI ... If you are as sickened by the following as I, what do you plan to do about it..? As a Democratic Activists, here's my plan: if the Democrats propose, and the President signs, anything like the following -- my resolution is to leave the Democratic Party.

I fled the Republican Party with the election of Ronald Reagan (86 Amnesty signatory), driven out by the legions of religious fanatics. I've been a loyal and active Democrat ever since; but my New Years Resolution stands --- I will join the ranks of Independents, and no longer support the efforts of my 'Fellow Democrats.'


Or: http://www.nytimes.com/2006/12/26/washington/...

Rick Hickey said...

Swift is being SUED by former Employees because they used to make $20/HR. now they get $12/HR.
YES, making less in the 21st century than they did in the 1980's.
I made $10/HR. 25 years ago, roofing, when Gas was $1.00 gal. and you could buy a nice House for $500/mo.

Together we can stop this downward spiral of income & benefits for Americans.

5 days left to get your Tax Credit!
A Non-Partisan & Non-Profit grass roots group ready to pound the Legislature.
More voices,letters,E-mails, testifiers would help.

DanTheMan said...

Maybe to stop the downward spiral, we should not raise the minimum wage. That way companies can decide what to pay their workers since the bottom line will go up. And since there will be more jobs available, people will be climbing the ladders and if they do not like a job or dont like the pay they can quit and get another.

Benoit said...

Wall Street Republicans are the real monster in this immigration fight. Hypocrites to the FREAKING BONE. One less dollar for them, and they piss their little pin stripe suites.

Daniel said...

I cancelled my subscription to the WSJ over their constant clamoring for illegal labor.

Few illegal aliens = better wages

Anonymous said...

Our founding illegals:


Calhoun said...

Using Google news, you can get to the op-ed piece anon 4:58 posted :


Bryan Saxton said...

You're right. I guess we Wal-Mart Bashers do not really know what we're talking about. Also, you know why using the mean salary for workers can be Misleading, right?

big mike lewis said...

Amen for that! These ARE jobs we will do! If only our people can get the opportunity before illegals.

I am glad that they are finally proving the nay-sayers wrong.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, Bryan Saxton. Ever wondered why "Smiley" got fired from the Wal-Mart advertisement campaign?

People have the right to choose where they wish to shop, as much as Wal-Mart has the opportunity to run a business. It should be up to the consumers that determine the success or failure of a business