Thursday, July 01, 2010

You can't fix what isn't broken

Our immigration system isn't "broken." Our laws aren't being enforced.

It is unlawful to work in this country if you can't legally be employed. This has nothing to do with immigration.

It is unlawful to employ someone who can't legally work. This has nothing to do with immigration.

It is unlawful to use another person's social security number. This has nothing to do with immigration.

It is perjury to fill out form I-9 incorrectly. This has nothing to do with immigration.

It is unlawful to avoid paying taxes. This has nothing to do with immigration.

It is unlawful to give false information to get identification. This has nothing to do with immigration.

Start holding people accountable for violating these laws. If some laws or people are more equal than others then we no longer have a constitutional republic.


Anonymous said...

Before you laughably pantywaist anonymous trolls start with your hate (how intolerant!) and vitriol against Daniel personally, think about this: how is your inane, irrelevant, ad hominem comment going to refute the facts put forth in this post?

DAVE said...

Obama, the liar in chief. I wonder if Americans will get amnesties for the felonies we commit or only foreigners will get that right? All the criminal aliens are felons and need to be booted from our country. That would be great for America. That is why the dems don't want it. There are some repubs that don't want it either. They must hate America. It looks as if their allegiance lies elsewhere. Traitors pure and simple.

Anonymous said...

Daniel, EXCELLENT and factual and an important list of what are usually serious Felonies.

What about China and Africa and ..., can they have 12 million come here for a better life also? Why not? Why only Mexico?

Pres. Hussein Obama, We know you are full of crap as you didn't need the R's for any of the other Bills that have passed.

Truth? Many D's know they will be fired in Nov. if they approve Amnesty, especially during a recession, when job priority should go to Americans.

Ric in OR said...

I have said this before and I'll say it now:

Enforce our Current Laws.

Then, we can talk.

How do I tell my friends who are immigrants, going thru the proper procedures, that they are fools for not having gone to Mexico and walking across - then waiting for amnesty. Their difference, is I believe, integrity.

(My view goes back thru Reagan's amnesty)

Anonymous said...


It is not a fact, in fact, that our laws "aren't being enforced." What are the thousands of border agents doing down there, picking each other's noses?

The problem, from Miglavs' view, is that enforcement of the laws doesn't catch everyone who breaks these laws. That is not the same thing as "our laws are not being enforced."

But isn't that true of all laws? How many people drove too fast today? How many actually got pulled over and ticketed for it? Is the fact that the first number is significantly bigger than the second number evidence that "our laws aren't being enforced"?

Here's another fact, one that I have never seen ANY Miglavian seriously respond to:

No nation in the history of civilization has EVER been able to stop immigration, period. People have always, and will always, long after this blog is gone, continue to walk, drive, crawl, fly, swim and tunnel to where the work is, if the conditions in their home country are sufficiently bad enough to compel them to go elsewhere.

That has always been true. It will always be true. You can fill every seat in Congress with a Tancredo and put Daniel Miglavs himself in the White House, and it will still be true.

If any Miglavian disagrees with the above statement, all you have to do to prove me wrong is to cite one nation that has, in your view, successfully dealt with the immigration problem. Past or present. A hundred years ago, or last week. Anywhere on earth.

Your move, Miglavians. I've asked this question many times, and have yet to see it answered.

Anonymous said...

You are wrong! Our laws are not being enforced. In some states and some cities the policies are that illegals get a pass for false Id, lying to get a job, driving without a license or insurance and even minor crimes. The police in some of these districts know that illegals will simply be let go and why go to the trouble of arresting them.

Bobkatt said...

Another specious argument. Of course all law breakers are not caught. That's not the point.
The point is people are being killed by illegals daily. Hospitals and schools are being overrun.
Tax money is being spent to make people comfortable here that are here illegally. Jobs are being taken by illegals. The government is being enlarge in order to accommodate illegals.
All I'm asking is that the government do the job that they are sworn to do and do it's best to stop the invasion and to return the illegals to their own country. That means no services, no licenses, no day labor facilities, no sanctuary cities, no apologies from Obama about our states laws. We are on the same team, the leader doesn't side with another country against our own states. This applies to George Bush and all the one world nitwits out there.
Obama states that being an American is not a matter of "Blood and Birth". That is true you can become a full blooded American legally by following the rules. This does not leave room for people already here illegally who make a mockery of being an American.

Anonymous said...

... and still haven't seen it answered.

Anonymous said...

1:57 Seriously...! Obama is just now paying attention to immigration. He has been too busy taking over the economy and smashing mom and pop businesses all over the nation.

Pay attention: We are no longer dealing with Jose six pack looking for a job. NO we are dealing with serious narco terrorism. However because you are ignorant and refuse to realize what is going on in border states on a daily basis. This is because you can not see beyond your nose, nor though your drug induced haze of the morning. either way..Wake the fuck up dipshit.

Obama is wrong, wrong, wrong. Frankly he has not even bother to read what is in the law. Too arrogant to see that it is the same as the federal law. Too arrogant to see that his hatred of American Citizens like Robert Krentz is becoming very evident and people that vote don't like it. Obama is a one termer, face the fact he is working to seriously empower the executive branch of the government. You as a sheep think it is cool and go along, however...he is fucking you all the same only he calls you by name: useful little idiot.

Pinkie French

Anonymous said...

... He has been too busy taking over the economy and smashing mom and pop businesses all over the nation.

What the hell do you think Wall Street has been doing for the last 25 or so years you twit? Pull your head out already! Oh wait, sorry. I forgot. I'm in Miglavia. Big Biz gets a pass. Guess that explains why I haven't seen any of you morons say anything about BP and the Gulf.

Bend over ...

NeonLeon said...

Well Said!! Considering the source, himself an "undocumented resident" and nephew of a deportation-order avoider, it is little wonder that he thinks the "system" is broken.

Anonymous said...

944, I just love it when the reason is .."well someone else has been doing it all along so it is okay ..." YOU are what is wrong with this country. Because someone else has done it or is doing it does not make it right. Frankly, wall street has done nothing compared to the facist democrats incharge of the USA right now. Face it...liberal progressives screwed everyone including yourselves when you all elected Obummer.

Anonymous said...

I didn't vote for Obama, and I'm still waiting for an answer to my question.

Bobkatt said...

This is just one example of how elected officials continue to obstruct immigration control.
It's just an added bonus that the mayor's name is Nutter.

The mayor of Philadelphia is seeking to rally other city leaders behind blocking federal immigration authorities from accessing city arrest records over concerns about the city's agreement with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE.

On Thursday, Nutter made it clear he does not consider illegal immigrants who are residing in the city "criminals."

Hal Lillywhite said...

Sorry Daniel. Usually I agree with you but in fact our immigration system is broken. Yes we have laws but the system is more than the law, it includes how those laws are enforced and how the system is managed. The border is not secure and when a law-abiding Mexican wants to immigrate here he will probably have to wait over 10 years to come here legally. As a result we get those willing to break the law while many of those we would want to come here are kept out by the long wait.

Anonymous said...

Issuig over 1.2 MILLION Work visa's last year, when more than that lost their job AND another 30 Mil. + "Temp" visa's says our sytem is NOT broken.

15-20 million here illegally IS proof that our laws are not being enforced.

Bobkatt said...

Hal-sorry I usually agree with you also but have you considered that our 9-10 year wait would be reduced if it were not for so many illegals here tying up the system.
If you believe in diversity do you think it's fair that 80% of the illegals are from south of border? Wouldn't it be more fair if other countries had a chance of getting here? We already allow in more immigrants legally than any other country.
As a country we have the right and the obligation to determine who comes and goes in our country. This includes the numbers, the qualifications and where they are from.
The Constitution lays out the guidelines that we operate by but it is not a suicide pact. We have the right to determine our own culture and our own future.

Hal Lillywhite said...

Sorry Bobcat, I disagree with you. And as I mentioned, we do need to strengthen border security. However that should be combined with an improvement to the immigration system so that upstanding citizens from south of the border can come here legally without such a long wait. And of course enforcement of laws against illegals working should be improved and we should stop giving tax-funded benefits to illegals.

That is the sort of immigration reform we need, not just giving amnesty to law-breaker.

Bobkatt said...

Hal, I guess we will have to agree to disagree. What is too long of a wait to be a citizen? Is it 6 months, 2 years, 10 years? How many numbers do you allow, 100,000, ten million?
What about population control? With every new person comes the need for more infrastructure, energy consumption, and overcrowding. This means stresses on our already overburdened health care system, education system and housing and transportation.
How are we going to pay for this.
The outcome will be more closed hospitals, worse schools, more inner city ghettos and urban sprawl.
I agree that we need a logical and objective discussion on immigration free of the constant ridiculous racial ad hominem attacks.

Anonymous said...

... and I'm still waiting. Just think, if one of you (or someone else) were to actually respond, we could have an "objective discussion" about it.

I don't expect one, though. Not because of any obstinance on anyone's part, but because there is no nation on earth that has successfully conquered illegal immigration. Not to the extent you'd like to see it done, anyway.

Which was my point in the first place.

Anonymous said...

617 Mexico shots people that come in from their southern border. I dont really see anyone busting in from their northern border either. Therefore, Mexico has solved the problem of illegal immigration. Perhaps we just need to shoot a few of them and the rest will stay home.

Anonymous said...

Anon 617, WE have secured the border of S. Korea and Iraq, working on Afghan, and hired to secure Saudi Arabia. We also helped secure Isreal where weekly suicide bombing stopped after they built a double layer fence. Like Bush sgined into law way back for here. But we got 200 miles of a sinlge fence instead of the 700 miles of double fence. Spain has also recently put up an effective fance to stop chrisitans from fleeing the Muslim killers of N. Afica.

We could stop most illegal immigration BUT Democrats want those 20 million plus voters to make us a Socialist nation.

and HAL, over 8 Million jobs lost and you want more job stealers here?! ps, Mexico already is allowed far more legal immigrant to here than any other nation on earth. And they have secured their S. border and don't even try to secure the northern one.
YOUR "cheap labor" at any cost, is showing through and thats why R's keep losing elections and have no power now. Your last name should be Lilly yellow belly.

Anonymous said...

The move to Israel, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia or South Korea and you'll be as happy as a fucking clam.