Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Corvallis: Not yet sure that slavery is abolished

Employer of Choice:
What is it? Employers whose practices, policies, benefits and overall work conditions enable them to successfully attract and retain talent because employees choose to work there are known as “Employers of Choice.” The City’s Career Development Committee’s mission is to create an organizational development plan that positions the City as an “Employer of Choice.”

Only a government official could write something so inane. Can someone please name an employer where the employees don't choose to work there? Isn't that called slavery?

City best practices: To avoid confusion and/or duplication of effort, work on Employer of Choice as a social sustainability endpoint will build on that already in progress by the Career Development Committee.

This does not help me avoid confusion at all. The city of Corvallis has decided to be an employer of choice, as opposed to rounding up people and forcing them into a life of servitude, and it all revolves around social sustainability.

I'm trying to picture the job interview where the applicant asks "and what does your social sustainability plan look like?"


Anonymous said...

Today's post was brought to you by Daniel Miglavs, Resident Expert on Inane Writing.

OregonGuy said...

And commented upon by Anonymous, which is in the instant an eponym which describes well his intellectual rigour.

Anonymous said...

A bureaucrat wrote this so, that bureaucrat can perpetuate his/her unnecessary job. Yes. Just another liberal fascist progressive wasting tax dollars. Now get back to work, so the fascist progressives from the democrat party can keep spending …