Monday, July 26, 2010

How government health care is run

The Oregon Health Fund Committee made recommendations to the Oregon legislature who passed Oregon's own health care reform. You may remember this as the bill which raised taxes on health insurance and hospitals to make health care... more affordable.

Recommendation: As is consistent with current practices in the private marketplace, no citizenship documentation requirements will be in place to participate in the Oregon Health Fund program. (page 24 of the above linked PDF)

The Committee recognizes that this option faces the following challenges:

This program could be construed as implicit support for individuals who are not authorized U.S. residents

Allow me to golf clap for your intelligence. You specifically recommend that your new health care program cover illegal aliens and then worry that people might think that you... want to cover illegal aliens.

At first the health care group considered "funding clinics providing services instead of the individuals themselves" (page 14 of the PDF for their meeting minutes) but must have decided that deceiving the taxpayers isn't as much fun as simply giving them the middle finger.

Luckily they are able to keep some of their treachery by funding the illegal alien health care by abusing your employer:

Financing for this portion of the program could be structured so that industries employing non-qualified Oregon residents are directed to contribute through the “play or pay” requirement of the employer mandate.

That should be the new government slogan for everything: Play or pay - we are your masters and you will do what we say!


Anonymous said...

health car? Anyways, as we all know, Jesus healed Christians only. Oh wait, there weren't any Christians yet.

Good thing diseases only affect specific races. That way, when there is, say, an epidemic of whooping cough, we'll know because of all the white babies that show up at the clinics.


Anonymous said...

Anon 5:14.... wow, the only argument you have is over a typo? Figures, if you have nothing to really say about the message, you attack the stupid things.

Anonymous said...

The whooping cough is probably caused by the high number of illegal aliens. Who are you calling an idiot? We used to check immigrants for diseases. We currently let anyone step across the border with whatever disease they have.

A lot of the illegal aliens are from third world countries. Why don't you think about why they are called third world. A lot of places in third world countries don't have running water or good public sanitation systems. They have a lot of diseases in those places because of those reasons.

Why should these people be allowed to come here with their diseases and then they affect Americans and we have to pay to take care of the illegal aliens? Their home countries need to take care of their citizens. Mexico has the money and should step up.

Some diseases affect some races more than others. One minute on the internet will educate you.


Anonymous said...

Daniel, quit showing us the FACTS.

Pres. Hussein Obama and the Democrats have promised us that Illegals do not get any free stuff from us. You are proving they are liars. All illegals are supposed to be good for the economy too and this makes it look like they are a burden instead.

AND, per anon 5:14, illegal is a race now so showing facts is racist too.

Ric in OR said...

The more you let the State into you r life, the more you will get outcomes like this one:

"The state took away her 2-day-old infant into protective custody — because Johnson and Mikaela’s father are both blind.

No allegations of abuse, just a fear that the new parents would be unable to care for the child."

Read more:

There is a pattern of behavior.

Anonymous said...

These "Special" rules and exceptions are just SEIU unelected, unaccountable peons making usre they have jobs. Legislature should have to write the rules and regulations for any laws they pass.

When they leave it to the minions we get garbage like this.

Pass a damn law, write too.