Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

But not for some of the folks over at Democratic Underground. If you ever need to re-enforce your belief that liberals are a whiny little girls then this is the website for you. Some highlights from their popular thread titled:
Excuse me for not feeling patriotic
I haven't felt patriotic in quite some time.

If I had the money, I'd probably be living in Canada.

Excuse em for not feeling patriotic about a country that:
allows others to profit off the suffering of others (health care industrial complex, military industrial complex, prison industrial complex, etc.)
does not guarantee health care for everyone, regardless of ability to pay
does not provide a good K-12 education
does not guarantee full employment or make an attempt to have full employment
has a corrupt legislative branch (Congress)
is engaged in two wars that we won't win
racially profiles its own citizens (War on Drugs)
locks up more people than any other country in the world
has allowed itself to be corrupted by Big Business
does not treat everyone equally under the law
hardly gives a damn about its own citizens

That is all.
I am sure many of you can add more to the list but I am sure you get where I'm going with this.

So the original poster would rather live in Canada but doesn't have the money. I suppose a that getting a job to earn money is out of the question...

But the follow up comments are when it gets really good:

Some don't even regard GLBT Americans as worthy of being citizens, some would stone GLBT Americans to death, that is how bigoted and racist this country is IMO.

The USA is a bigoted and racist country because the above commentator is just positive that "some" would stone gays to death. Later on the same person posts this:

But stoning would be more painful, I think of them as so cruel and heartless. I would not put it past some of these people to start extermination camps if they came to power, they are made of the same evil cloth as those who conducted the inquisitions. I have often thought in my lifetime that many citizens one day might have to flee America for asylum in other countries.

Where would these gays flee to avoid stoning? The middle east? Africa?

I could keep going but feel free to read it for yourself. Just a reminder that not everybody here loves our country or the liberties that our founding secured. Those people are Obama voters.


Anonymous said...

It's the classic straw man arguement. What this person really means is since we aren't eager to give special rights to gays I will call you names and muddy the waters in the hope that you will give in and give me what I want.

Anonymous said...

"Just a reminder that not everybody here loves our country or the liberties that our founding secured. Those people are Obama voters."

My favorite was the 5th ammendment, where they couldn't torture you, even if you were a devil worshiper or terrorist or whoever the current enemy enemy. Thank God we still have tha--oh, right, the Bushies got rid of that one, didn't they?

Anonymous said...

I know a lot of Black & Latino people that are sick of Gay persons throwing around the Bigoted word. And as long as the militant gay leaders use that, they will continue to lose thier disgusting & perverted war.

Because us normal people do not need to understand why a male would actually want someone to poke his poop hole (causing permanent damge to the anus as nature demands), on purpose, over and over (they call it Rape in jail and in most of the rest of the world)does NOT make a person a "Bigot" or a Homophobe (word invented by a gay pysch. in san fran-sicko).

Stone them to death? No. Keep your weirdo sick perversions if over 18, to yourself and out my Kid's school? Yes, please.

You can srew your Dog (they have a butthole too) for all I care, just keep it quiet, please.

Now go cry in Mommy's lap and embarrass her even more than she already is with your pitiful behaviour.

Anonymous said...

Those people bear as much similarity to the majority of "Obama voters" as Miglavians do to the majority of Republicans voters, and Thank God for that! Happy Fourth of July (even to Miglavs) and God Bless America.

A Socialist said...

Since you folks seem to be so certain that Democrats = Socialists and that Socialists "hate" America, it might do you good to read what an actual socialist wrote about the Fourth of July. It begins:

I’m a Fourth of July man from away back, and a great believer in fire crackers, picnics and brass bands to go with it. You can stop me any time and get me to listen to the glorious story of the greatness of our country and how and when it all got started. The continent we inhabit has been here longer than anyone knows—but as a nation, as an independent people, the darlings of destiny favored above all others, we date from the Declaration of Independence and the Fourth of July.

Boy, doesn't he know how to piss all over a red white and blue parade!

If interested, you can read the rest at:

Cont. at:

Anonymous said...

Daniel still better be calling them 'Freedom Fries' to this day.

Anonymous said...

If he's not, he hates America.

Kaelri said...

Speaking of what liberals actually believe, would it blow your minds to learn that this article - Why liberals should love the Second Amendment - was written by a senior editor of Daily Kos?

Anonymous said...

Ho hum, Daniel is another blogsnot open comment whore who doesn't read the comments. Hope that 1/10th of 1 cent I put in your pocket defeats the communists, you bot.

DAVE01 said...

Sure socialist. Socialism is halfway to communism and communism has done a wonderful job of advancing its people. They had such a high standard of living. Never mind that communism murdered around a hundred million men, women and children.

Capitalism in the US produced most of the inventions of the last century. If I investigated that would probably be true of the previous century. Capitalism in the US allows us to produce about 25% of the worlds goods and services with five percent of the population. We are the most efficient country on the planet for our size.

Here's list of socialist countries and the years they have been socialist. I can only identify Portugal (there may be others) that are not third world hell holes.

What the hell, socialism and communism have never worked, let's try it again. Wasn't that the definition of insanity that Einstein used?

No thanks. You can keep your evil system.

MAX Redline said...

Maybe they'd be happier in Iran.

Probably not - I doubt they'd be happy anywhere.

Bobkatt said...

Max, you obviously have not received the proper indoctrination that all cultures are beautiful.
"Farm immediately."

DAVE01 said...

I forgot the list in the above post. My bad.

Anonymous said...

Einstein was a socialist, moron.

Anonymous said...

Miglavs never can just come out with a simple happy holidays message for folks and move on, he's gotta make sure he gets a dig in on the Dems and Libs that haunt his nightmares. What's your goal, to convince the world that you're a 10-year-old stuck in a 30+ year old body? Mission accomplished, buddy.

Anonymous said...

Dave01, it would help if you would tell us who you were talking too. I assume it's one of the voices in your head.

Socialism was invented *after* Communism, to explain why communism wasn't working. It wasn't 'halfway there'.

"What the hell, socialism and communism have never worked, let's try it again"

When did we try socialism? I missed that in history class. Unless you're referring from FDR through Carter, where we created the most prosperous nation the world has ever seen. Then came Reagan.

What was that definition of insanity Einstein used? Oh yeah, it was "too stupid to tell when they are being lied to by Foxnews and Limbaugh."

Anonymous said...

I love this country!

We're free to waste our days away reading thoughtless blog posts if we choose to.

Daniel, how much of your pathetic life have you pissed away combing through internet drivel and government web pages searching for the imminent communist-terrorist-gaylesbiantransgender-takeover?

Hard to believe, but it's possible that you were a more productive member of the citizenry when you were an 18th street-banging, drug-slinging, baggy clothes-wearing piece of garbage.

Kudos to you.

DAVE01 said...

ANON 10:50 PM
I was responding to: A Socialist said.

The comment about socialism and communism not working and let's try it here was sarcasm. The next time I say something sarcastic I will point it out. Sorry, I thought it was self explanatory.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:55
What does that say about you!

Anonymous said...

Socialsm is a form of government like democracy or plutocracy. Capitalism is simply a fact of life like a law of nature. You have something someone else wants and they will "pay" you something for it. Capitalism exists in all societies and under all forms of government. The difference is that in a free society citizens are allowed to practice capitalism but in a socialist society the government practices capitalism and does not allow the citizen that right. Under our constitution our rights would/should prevent socialism from replacing our democratic republic. But then again under our constitution DC and Chicago could not infringe on the right to keep and bear arms...