Monday, December 03, 2007

It might rain...

Took a break for a couple days but will have some great great material late Wednesday and early Thursday. Look for it.

Also, Oregonians for Immigration Reform will have a booth at the Portland Gun Show at the Expo Center on December 14, 15 and 16th, collecting signatures on the Respect for Law Act intitiative. Guns and an opportunity to make Oregon less friendly to illegal aliens all in the same place? How could you lose!

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Anonymous said...

DANIEL: Check out the am Metro paper story...Mencha/La Raza coming to your school sooner then later.

3. EDUCATION must be relative to our people, i.e., history, culture, bilingual education, contributions, etc. Community control of our schools, our teachers, our administrators, our counselors, and our programs.

Want more?

Those institutions which are fattened by our brothers to provide employment and political pork barrels for the gringo will do so only as acts of liberation and for La Causa. For the very young there will no longer be acts of juvenile delinquency, but revolutionary acts.


Daniel said...

We do not have to just site here. Sign the OFIR petition, join us in a protest, write/call your legislators... these are all important weapons in our arsenal.

Anonymous said...


Stevie said...

Now, now Anon 1:02. Be nice.

But yes, we do need a new topic for discussion. I have an idea! How about President Bush’s latest nanny-state, big government program! Yes, in case you haven’t heard, President Bush is getting ready to bail-out certain individuals who – mostly through their own stupidity – got caught holding mortgages they can’t really afford.

Most economists, whether they are left or right on the political spectrum, will tell you what a dangerous precedent this sets. “Risk” is an inherent part of capitalist economies, and if the government starts bailing out speculators and others who got caught on the losing side of a financial risk, well…isn’t that what you right-wingers refer to as “socialism”?

Someone remind me again that Republicans are champions of free markets and small government. I could use a good laugh today.

BEAR said...

Conservatives are, and Bush isn't. Why are you happy that he betrays your wallet, and acts like a drunken democrat?

And, Mr. Daniel, just wait until the islamofascists want the same unassimilated nonsense.

R Huse said...

Hmm, hard to laugh at Bush bailing out silly grandma's, speculators, and nitwit overbuyers who didn't know what the word "adjustable" meant in the term "adjustable mortgage". Somehow Ill be paying for it, kinda like the Savings and Loan crises 20 years ago.

For humor though, I look to the latest global warming ninnydom. I mean does anyone take these clowns seriously anymore? Apparently the latest UN summit, which has to take place in Bali ( gee, could that have anything to do with it being winter, and kinda cold in NYC at the UN building ) is overflowing the airport. So now all these luxury chartered jets have to be flown off to another area of Indonesia to park. Somehow I think I could buy a Hummer tomorrow, and bail gasoline out the window as I drive and use less energy than just one of these nitwits. The scary thing is, people still listen to these charlatans.

ugoducks said...

When did the migrant workers (what they were when I was growing up) become today's illegal aliens? Why do our employers hire them? Does anyone have Richard Sturm's email address?