Thursday, October 29, 2009

Obama cured my flu

Back in the saddle after a bout with the flu. Luckily federal workers stood at my bedside the entire time making sure I had enough rest and fluids and my fever did not get too high.

Serious updates will resume tomorrow, for now I'm watching the NY/Philly game. You can't really go wrong with Philadephia in the postseason because their fans will riot whether they win or lose.


Anonymous said...

What? The "efficiencies" of private sector "market forces" in the most powerful capitalist nation on the planet failed to ensure that you were properly innoculated against both strains? Well, ain't that the shits? (In your case, literally)

innominatus said...

I don't think Obama "cured" it. I think he "saved or created" some wellness for you.

Bobkatt said...

Ha-that's funny right there. "Saved or created".

DAVE01 said...

Actually anon 6:47, it was because of government involvement that we don't have enough flu vaccines. Then again you are a typical American, with a six month memory.

Just remember your history. Think of Cuba, China and the Soviet Union and remember all the shortages they always had. Communism is evil. We now have communists running our government. When our economy crashes further and our unemployment keeps increasing, then you will truly be happy.

Anonymous said...

If we actually had that SECURE BORDER that was signed into law in 2006, we would NOT have any Mexican/H1N1 Flu spreading to here.

All cases originated in Mexico and were spread by "travellers".

Just another case of Americans DYING to support the Illegal alien invasion, because it's soooo good for the economy, the Deaths are worth it.

Or so your cowardly Politicians claim.

Hey Open border activist's, Glad you missed KILLING LOU DOBB's Hispanic Wife recently. YOU are the haters! obviously.

Scottiebill said...

And now it comes out from the Human Events web site that, even though the country is extremely short of H1N1 vaccine, the Obama Government is going to "donate" some of it to foreign countries, leaving this country even shorter in the stuff. Just about the time we think we've seen all the idiocy that this gang of incompetents in the White House can pull, here comes another one.

Anonymous said...

Um, yeah Anon 10:35, all of the open border activists across the entire country banded together in a coordinated effort to shoot Lou Dobbs' wife. We all had a vote, and everyone was together on it, there were no abstentions. That's exactly how it went down ... in the alternate reality bizarro world known as Miglavia.

Get a grip, pal.

Douglas Young said...

It is just good anon10:35 is too much of a coward to post his real name. I suspect his boss and family would love to see what kind of xenophobic racist trash it writes.

DAVE01 said...

Well Douglas Young, why are you not whining about anon 1:10 PM not posting his name? Is that because you are so bigoted that you only condemn people that you don't agree with?

Douglas Young, what is the xenophobic racist trash that anon 10:35 is writing. Are you telling me it is racist to tell where a disease came from? Are you telling me that it is racist to state that Americans are dying because of criminal aliens? I think you are a commie lover and hate America and are racist against Americans. I guess I'm racist because you are a commie and an enemy of my country. You are throwing around a word that is not relevant to the conversation. Would you go return school diplomas you have and take the first boat to cuba. You are an idiot and I don't want you polluting the gene pool of the human species.