Monday, October 05, 2009

How stimulating

Oregon and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
Once the money starts to go out to build new roads, modernize schools, and create new jobs, we’ll be able to give you the details on spending. Through Oregon’s recovery website, you'll be able to see how, when, and where your taxpayer dollars are going.

So by giving $1,196,900,000 to Health and Human Services they are building roads and creating new jobs? Why does DHS get 16 times as much money as "Employment and Workforce Training?"

From the FAQ:

Q: How many jobs will the funding create or save?

A: Generally speaking, any federal funds will help the state continue to provide essential services, which means jobs will be preserved, but we will also be able to create jobs. Whether it is education operational dollars to sustain jobs and keep kids in the classroom, providing health care to low-income families or transportation dollars that create jobs, Oregon is ready to receive and to put these dollars to work.

The stimulus went to government workers and welfare. Transportation came in a distant third according to the graph.


Anonymous said...

I guess Obama hasn't gotten you your cheap beer and cigarettes yet. The opiate of the asses is all you need and everything will be o...k...

Robin said...
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Robin said...

Obama said that there was going to be a check and balance system to prevent greedy states from using the money for their pet projects and that there will be consequences to those states that spend the money erroneously.

has anyone seen any state get blasted by the feds for the way they are spending the money yet?

DAVE01 said...

Jeez Robin, you seem to be a racist if you are willing to question the messiah. You have to remember if the messiah's lips are moving, he's lying. That stimulus money was nothing but stealing from our grand children's future. I think the idiots that voted for this need to fund it out of their pockets. Since most of the money is going to DHS, there is no need for the shovel ready jobs.

Scottiebill said...

Dave is right, Robin. You need to lighten up on The Komrade Emperor of All the World. Everyone knows that DHS is many times more important that all the other services combined. If you don't believe me, ask Governor Teddy the Clueless, Oregon's personification of the Peter Principal.

And it is high time that the Columbia River Crossing council gets off their collective butta and gets started doing something really productive on getting the new bridge built. First they should start with getting Tram Scam Sam shut the hell up about this project and get back to doing something he know anything about, namely seducing teenagers. Second, they need to forget about tolls on the I-205 bridge. It is bad enough that they want to put tolls on the new one. And if they insist on tolls, it should be on the north-bound side only. We in Vancouver pay enough in Oregon's income tax (taxation without representation) without the added burden of paying to go to Portland.