Monday, October 12, 2009

True environmentalists, not statist wackos

Why I support Ducks Unlimited (and you should too)

DU typically purchases, from willing sellers, properties that have the potential to be quality nesting habitat but are in need of restoration, or that provide excellent habitat but are threatened by development or conversion.

Landowners who donate or sell easements to DU customarily pay for the associated on-going costs (such as annual monitoring) by donating an endowment to DU.

The non-adversarial nature of the conservation easement transaction ensures that both Ducks Unlimited / Wetlands America Trust and the landowner are satisfied with all of the easement's terms and confident that the protection of the natural resources are established in perpetuity.

The U.S. House of Representatives recently passed the American Clean Energy and Security Act that addresses climate change. Ducks Unlimited did not lobby for passage of that climate bill. Nor does Ducks Unlimited endorse the "cap and trade" component of the legislation. Also, we have not asked our members to call their representatives in Washington, D.C., to support it.
Their emphasis.

Right now, 564 landowners in North and South Dakota have offered to sell DU and the USFWS perpetual easements that would permanently protect the remaining acres towards our goal. Landowner demand for easements currently exceeds available funding, but DU is dedicated to closing the funding gap and protecting this vital waterfowl habitat forever.
By "closing the funding gap" they do not mean "take money from people who aren't willing, they mean "accept donations."

1. Ducks Unlimited does not use the power of the state to force people to sell/use their land in ways that the private property owner are not willing to do. Rather, DU will purchase the land or enter into a willing agreement with a landowner to protect wetlands and waterfowl.

2. DU recognizes that if you want to protect nature, find a use for it. (One of Mac Johnson's principles for Earth Day) Waterfowl hunters who want their children to enjoy the sport are partners with DU to keep waterfowl hunting opportunities as plentiful as the birds.

3. DU is a BBB recognized charity. 88% of your dollars go to conservation and waterfowl/wetlands education. Not legal fees used to sue private property owners.

4. I'm the guy who picks up other people's empty shotgun shells. I teach my kids the same thing. Have a good, ethical hunt today and you will enjoy many more year after year. I give money to Ducks Unlimited. Even if you don't plan on waking up at 4am and sitting quietly by a cold pond this Saturday while waiting for shooting light, you can help conserve waterfowl habitat and hunting opportunities in a way that conservatives can appreciate: donate to Ducks Unlimited!

NOTE: I don't get a thing for the donations that can be made at the DU icon in my sidebar other than the satisfaction of knowing that someone gave who might otherwise not.

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