Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wrong way, right way, who cares what it says

Dallas police ticketed 39 drivers in 3 years for not speaking English
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Daniel's note: While the newspapers (and CAUSAblog) may disable comments on stories that would overwhelmingly go against their editorial position, I won't.

Dallas police wrongly ticketed at least 39 drivers for not speaking English over the last three years, Police Chief David Kunkle announced Friday while promising to investigate all officers involved in the cases for dereliction of duty.

"I was surprised and stunned that that would happen, particularly in the city of Dallas," Kunkle said. "In my world, you would never tell someone not to speak Spanish."

Apparently Kunkle's world does not involve being able to read English for safety reasons. In the "real world" where people are driving 2 ton vehicles at 55 mph I'm hoping that people can understand what the traffic control devices are actually saying.

"It sounds like a policy," Martinez said. "Discrimination on the basis of language ability, and that's targeting Latinos, and so that sounds pretty serious to me."

Beyond potential legal problems, some said the tickets send a troubling message to Hispanics.

Kunkle, who apologized repeatedly, said he recognized the incidents probably would damage the department's relationship with the Hispanic community.

"When we deal with crime victims ... our interest is not their immigration status," Kunkle said. "It's not something that we concern ourselves about. We want to serve all people."

Let's go over this again, if you were born and raised here there is no possible way that you could reach driving age without being able to speak English. Kunkle, while making excuses for illegal aliens, is also insulting all the Hispanics who are American citizens.

The vocal advocacy groups want everyone to believe that if you have brown skin you must speak Spanish and you must support illegal aliens. And since the advocacy groups real agenda is political power, government officials pick this up and make policy around it.

I'm firmly convinced that if rapists got together and formed a voting bloc we would have politicians actively courting them. Law enforcement would be worrying about sensitivity towards the "sex offender community" and reporters would seek out "experts" to comment on their stories who worry about the stigma of having sex offender registration.


Anonymous said...

Hey brightguy, speaking english has nothing to do with reading a road sign. When I was in Germany, I didn't speak a lick of engliah but still was able to drive and follow road signs. Besides, what about all those who have international driver licenses who drive on roads in countries around the world yet don't speak their language?

I'm firmly convinced that if all the bigotted xenophobes got together and formed a voting bloc they would find a couple worthless politicians that would support their cause, but really would just be viewed by most Americans as idiots. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Only commercial drivers need to know English as a matter of law in most (if not all) states. That is the case in Oregon.

Anonymous said...

I'm firmly convinced that if rapists got together and formed a voting bloc we would have politicians actively courting them.

Daniel, gotta ask: Do you actually believe that? I mean, seriously? Or are you just using humor to make a point? I'm talking about deep down, in your gut, in your heart, whatever: Do you really believe these words that you wrote?

Because if you do, I have some news for you: You're an idiot. Seriously. Hard-core.

And I ain't using humor to make a point ... you really are an idiot.

No, no. It's worse than that.

You're a fucking idiot.

DAVE01 said...

ANON 6:06, don't you believe it? It seems like every group has some representation. I think the messiah has one of his czar's working on that. He has czar's working on everything else, why not that? I wouldn't put it past the messiah. I sure as hell would not let my grand children near any of the people he surrounds himself with. Yes, this country is becoming very sick. Communists, America haters and racists in the white house. We now have commies and America haters running this country and stealing everything that is not tied down. I would also like to say the politicians (dems and repubs) are in on the looting too. I'm sure China will save us. Maybe they will only enslave two generations to pay off our debt. Maybe we can give them all our military secrets as payment. Soon our money won't be worth shit. The messiah has double the money supply, this causes inflation. The idiot congress keep writing checks and the president (bush and obama) keep signing them. STOP SPENDING MONEY!

Anonymous said...

I think anonymous is correct about finding politicians who would advocate for any group that can get well enough organized.

How do you think we ended up with so many gay rights? Look at all the play the gay marriage issue is getting. Until the gays got organized, they were largely thought of as perverts. What about all the amnesty talk and other so called "under the table" benefits for the illegals? They have organized in big numbers also!

As of about 2 years ago, the U.S. had approximately 670,000 registered sex offenders. Today, I am sure the number is well over one million.

The real idiot is anyone who thinks that politicians would not line up for that large of a voting block, (if it became organized).

Keep in mind, the average member of any given group influences three other people to vote along with their cause. A one million member advocacy group could, reasonably, be expected to deliver about 4 million votes. This would be more than enough votes to determine the outcome of any close race and, even if you don't know it, the politicians do.

Remember, politicians are basically just pimps and whores anyway; as well as dishonest. They will suck up to any group that can deliver a large voter turnout.

Angela said...

I wonder if I fein knowledge of the English language if when I get pulled over I will get away with it? Oh, wait, my sunburn if I'm out in the sun for 2 minutes skin and red hair totally blows my cover! Get a grip, America, and get these criminals out of here!

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:06, are you forgetting about all the fucking idiots who voted for George W. Bush? Twice?

Anonymous said...

WOW! The Republicans love this because this is the next generation of toilet cleaners and the Democrats are happy with this because these dummys will Vote for anyone promising a bunch of "Free" stuff.

DUMB Mexicans and why we lag behind the World in Math & Science (Democrat solution= more of our money wasted on the paternally stupid, even though Poverty is not why this happens) because that IS most of our school age children now

Over 8,000 kids studied via NY Times...

Hispanic Immigrants’ Children Fall Behind Peers Early, Study Finds


HOUSTON — The children of Hispanic immigrants tend to be born healthy and start life on an intellectual par with other American children, but by the age of 2 they begin to lag in linguistic and cognitive skills, a new study by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, shows.

The study highlights a paradox that has bedeviled educators and Hispanic families for some time. By and large, mothers from Latin American countries take care of their health during their pregnancies and give birth to robust children, but those children fall behind their peers in mental development by the time they reach grade school, and the gap tends to widen as they get older.

The new Berkeley study suggests the shortfall may start even before the children enter preschool, supporting calls in Washington to spend more on programs that coach parents to stimulate their children with books, drills and games earlier in their lives.

“Our results show a very significant gap even at age 3,” said Bruce Fuller, one of the study’s authors and a professor of education at Berkeley. “If we don’t attack this disparity early on, these kids are headed quickly for a pretty dismal future in elementary school.”

Professor Fuller said blacks and poor whites also lagged behind the curve, suggesting that poverty remained a factor in predicting how well a young mind develops. But the drop-off in the cognitive scores of Hispanic toddlers, especially those from Mexican backgrounds, was steeper than for other groups and could not be explained by economic status alone, he said.

Anonymous said...

Our Childrens future?

Toilet cleaners or Gang bangers or Government social workers; to hand out "Free" stuff to their relatives as the Democrats "Spread the wealth".

Salem-Keizer Schools = ONE in THREE are Hispanic. (largest distirct in OR.)

Woodburn Schools = 7 of 10 in ESL/Hispanic.

Same with Cornelius, Forest Grove, Hillsboro.

Eugene Schools, New Spanish "Immersion" classes at entire school now.

JOB Requirement for Head Start = Must be Bi-lingual & "Bi-cultural" in Spanish. Feds just gave away another $3 BILLION for this wasted babysitting class. US Census takers = more $$$$ if Spanish speaker.

Largest Tree planter Union in Oregon = PCUN, Spanish acronym, headed by Ramon Ramirez who admits in newspaper his workers can't get a Drivers' license. Also paper says big Pot growers are tree planters staking out growspots at work.

Over 1,200 New Homes/Apartments built in OR. with Taxpayer money for "Immigrant" only Farm workers and thier large Families. "FREE" Amneties= cable tv, high speed internet, washer & dryer, daycare, tutoring, computer lab, subsidized rent, etc.
American Farmworkers? Fuck OFF!

Goodbye America, hello Turd World lifestyle (check our Mass Rape in Richmond El California via 15 Hispanics watching white girl tortured for hours at school dance via

Scottiebill said...

Anon 559 is right on this one. Article 394 of the Bureau of Motor Carrier Safety Regulations mandates that commercial drivers operating under these regulations are to speak, read, and write in the English language. This is not state law; it is Federal law and has been in place since the Interstate Commerce Act was passed during one of the FDR administrations.

Anonymous said...

Scottie, Sooo people in big rigs have to know the rules of the road but not those driving a 3 ton SUV with 6 kids inside?

Anonymous said...

DUMB Mexicans and why we lag behind the World

Very clever, Anon! Since "Mexican" is not a race, you can basically get away with smearing the entire population of a Latino/Hispanic country without actually using the words "Latino" or "Hispanic," and thereby clear yourself of all charges of racism and bigotry! Nope, no racism here, by God ... no bigotry whatsoever. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Maybe the reason Causablog and the newspaper don't let you comment because they don't want to give a free forum to bigots and xenophobes. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:38 - The Article in the NY Times says especially MEXICANS, yes Hispanic immigrants from MEXICO, it IS a Nationality not a race. (last sentence in report)

Stupid fucking Liberals/Democrats don't understand because they do not know how to READ the FACTS! Boy they sure are quick to call people nasty names though, because they are so open mined, NOT.

DAVE01 said...

Anon 7:38 PM, hispanics or latinos are not a race either. Idiot! In fact, hispanics are classified as white. Shit, whites can't be racist against white. You make another stupid implication that only whites are racist. I smear the country of mexico every day. They are a racist country. If you don't believe me, look at their constitution. Why don't you look at article 32.
"Mexicans shall have priority over foreigners under equality of circumstances for all classes of concessions and for all employment, positions, or commissions of the Government in which the status of citizenship is not indispensable." Foreigners, immigrants, and even naturalized citizens of Mexico may not serve as military officers, Mexican-flagged ship and airline crew, or chiefs of seaports and airports.

Mexico is a dirtbag country. Another point is that in this area, we have mostly mexicans. They are doing the raping, murdering of our children and stealing and demanding American resources. In fact, several years ago, the mexican consulate in Portland said in their culture that older men date young girls. It is their culture. In other words, they are pedophiles.

Anon 8:38 is correct in why we lag behind the rest of the civilized world in education. We have massive legal and illegal immigration from third world countries. They have a third grade education if they are lucky. They then get in an American school and slow the whole class down. That is including American children. They teach to the slowest of the slow and that is the new group of immigrants from south of our border. How in the hell are they supposed to succeed here? They are dumbing down our country. Education is not part of the hispanic culture.

I'm part Irish and there are over fifty thousand criminal alien Irish in my country. I want them rounded up and tossed out too. I guess I'm a racist too because I hate law breakers.

The problem with criminal alien hispanics is that they don't have the experience to drive a car. Most of them have never driven a car. If people come from Europe, they have experience. The criminal alien hispanics sneak over our border and get a SUV and tote a dozen anchor babies around and drive drunk and kill American families. You put one of them in a car with a third grade education and no experience, can't read English and you are asking for deaths of Americans. You don't five a shit about American children, in fact, you hate them since you don't want to protect them. You want to sacrifice our children on the alter of political correctness. PC is communist. You need to move to Cuba.

Anon 11:33 PM, I guess only hispanic racists and bigots get a platform these days. You are the real racist and bigot here. You are a fucking racist commie and need to move to cuba too. It's a lovely society I hear. We don't need you in America.

Anonymous said...

CAUSA/papers do not allow facts or other opinions because the continued Brainwashing of your average liberal would be less effective.

And if you haven't noticed by now they purposefully LIE and hold back any FACTS about the Illegal alien invasion.

Example, Marion County Democrats meeting last year with about 50 people in the room at s. salem hs. Open border advocate(Francisco Lopez) LIES/whines for an hour about immigrants not being able to come here legally. Someone asks why 1.5 Million (US-DHS immigration book of facts) coming in every year legally is not enough and how many millions more can come here?

He does not say anything and leaves the meeting. No one pushes for an answer.

Anonymous said...

The Article in the NY Times says especially MEXICANS, yes Hispanic immigrants from MEXICO, it IS a Nationality not a race ...

Since you directed that comment at me, dumbass Anon 8:35, maybe you should go back and read what I actually wrote: I SAID that "Mexican" is not a race.

It sure is hard to argue with Miglavians when they can't even make sense of a basic statement of fact by a political opponent -- particularly when it's a fact that they happen to agree with.

Anonymous said...

And yes since most Hispanics here are Mexican, we now have millions of really stupid people here dumbing down America to help the richest Nation south of our border and #13 in the World-Mexico, via a huge study published in the NY Times, NOT my opinion so I'm not a bigot, but a FACT.

Meanwhile American kids suffer and Liberals/Democrats and their Godly UNIONS ruining our schools obviously do NOT care.

Thanks to UNIONS we can't get Boeing to hire a bunch of people at good paying jobs in the NW either. Course then we would become self suffcient and could tell big brother to fuck off, Unions do not want that though.

Oregon #1 supplier of not really cheap toilet cleaners and fruit pickers-yeah :(

Scottiebill said...

Anon 648: The BMCS Regulations is a paperback sized book of some 200 or more pages detailing everything a commercial drivers has to know and adhere to while he is driving. This includes checking out this vehicle from one end to the other and back again before and after each trip on through the proper use of his log book and what can and cannot be entered in that book. And there is a lot more than just these two items that is just too much to go into here.

However, the guy driving his SUV with 6 kids has to follow the rule of the road that are pretty much basic and really should be known and adhered to by everyone in a passenger vehicle. Those rules are in the manual given out by the states' DMVs and are usually about 30 or so pages long. Before you start disparaging commercial drivers with your barely disguised sarcasm, you ought to go to a Federal DOT office and pick up a BMCS book and read it from cover to cover. Or you could go to it online. You might learn something.

Back to the BMCS book of regulations. Each driver is tested on his knowledge of those regulations whenever he applied for a driving job at a trucking company. If he changes jobs twice in a year, he is tested twice in that year. Plus he has to undergo a medical exam every two years. How many drivers of your SUV with 6 kids do this? Unless he is a commercial driver on vacation with his family, the answer is very few to none.

Anonymous said...

Scottie, I did not intend to disparage commercial drivers.

I meant to illustrate how Illegal aliens driving 3 ton SUV's with 6 kids inside @ 65 mph, refuse to learn English and or the rules of the road, even after living here for 20 years. There have been many many news reports nationwide of Government DMV employees taking bribes and handing out licenses to illegals. Even San Fran will not impound your car for driving w/out a license, as of this week. Thanks to pressure form the open border wacko's.

and some Cops don't like that either, per this story here.

I also question how valid this aritcle is because it never specifies exactly what ticket was written for speaking only Spanish.
Like the false claims that Joe Arpaio is "racial profiling" in AZ.

ps, AP reports natonwide today that 600 miles of Border Fence has been built, costing Billions and it isn't working, LIARS!
Check out the truth @, A group that live literally on the s. border in Az. and have planes and sensors and fly the entire border regularily.

Scottiebill said...

Anon 142: Apology accepted. Had you put in the word "illegal", I might not have said much more about it. But I am sensitive to anything against commercial drivers. I spent 45 years in commercial trucking with nearly 4,000,000 miles with 2 chargeable accidents, both quite minor.