Saturday, August 12, 2006

Cornelius Day Labor: Part uno

Today's day labor protest in Cornelius was amazing! (To see last weeks stuff scroll down a little ways or go here)

Our successes from last week were noticable right off the bat. First, the "day labor" signs were gone!

Last week:

This week:

We also had a good group of people including some of our Iraq war veterans and candidate for governor Mary Starrett.

But the best part was that the illegal alien day laborers went from "looking for work" to being political activists. Of course, they fumbled this one a little bit...

We all remember how well the Mexican flag went over last time right? It was like getting a gift when they brought the flags out. (In response to our large American flag purchased and held by our veterans)

Some crude, handmade signs were hastily made. Needless to say that the message was a little muddled, or mispelled, on many of them.

Plese now minutemen in Oregon? OK... that one is almost as funny as the "go back to inglan" sign.

This is my "just got back" post. I haven't even looked at all the pictures yet but I'm going to eat something and do another with a longer narrative. Come back.

Oregonians for Immigration Reform


Anonymous said...

Right On! I'd had a family function I couldn't avoid; looking up the graves of my 5th generation relatives in the Tigard(ville) cemetery. But Cornelius is just too close to home, and as I was heading the other way, I was 'thinking of all of you.' True Minute Men!

My wife's all aglow - your planned informational picket made the front page of the Hillsboro Argus... Way to go again! I hope anyone reading of your heroic exploits isn't just sitting back and thinking that because YOU Guys are doing it - they don't have to. I'm not, and Thank You again! A Local & Family.

Daniel said...

Thank you for your encouraging words!

Mary Starrett 4 Racists said...

All this advertising and you OFIR racists were still out numbered. I am surprised more of your buddies from TV Skins didn't show.

What is even more amusing is that Mary Starett, not Ron Saxton showed up. Here all along I thought Saxton was "your guy". Why didn't he show? Because deep down he could give a shit less about "illegal" workers and even more of a shit less about Hickey Hillbilly and Skinhead Daniel. He was more concerned at the time with getting the bigot vote. What a dupe he put on you all. Didn't you hear, Ronny is back to being a Liberal Democrat.

I am a little surprised that Mary came slumming though. I guess what else can the one trick pony do. The anti-abortion nut jobs only carrying her so far. I guess she probably figure if she got all ten of you bigots on board, maybe she will have a chance to take 3% of the vote. hahahahahah

duke said...

Good use of humor...the IA's got to go!

Anonymous said...

Daniel, you sure are fearless. I have to admit to being a bit concerned for my safety out there Saturday.... but you sure didn't show the slightest bit of intimidation.
That said alot to me.

Anonymous said...

Because of your fight, NH may never have to organize demonstrations against the illegals. Thank you, your work is appreciated across the country

MAX Redline said...

Mary Starrett 4 Racists said...

Can you please not try to say the same thing over and over? Polly want a cracker? No prob! Show up in my neighborhood and I'll crack.

I'm not saying that you're an idiot - just noting that you act like one.

Anonymous said...

I think that ms4racists must pick up her hunnys at day labor sites?

Anonymous said...

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