Thursday, August 24, 2006

Smith and Wyden: Representing illegal aliens

Recent immigration grades:

Senator Smith: F

Senator Wyden: D

You now have the nurseries and the farmers thanking Smith in a new radio spot for his amnesty vote. It's a great ad that takes the "blame the victim" approach of saying that it is our fault we have illegal aliens since we don't have every square inch of the border secured. (It's your fault your house got broken into because you don't have bars on your windows!)

They go on to say that farmers won't be able to survive without their illegal workers. (I can't compete unless I break labor laws!)

So thank you Gordon Smith, you are actually worse than Wyden on this issue.


Kristopher said...

Can we have Smith and Wesson instead?

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the vineyard folks that love the Illegal Aliens for the seasonal work need at rock bottom costs so they can make more wine to sell folks on the east coast.

As the economy slows wine sales will be the first-to-fall and then where will we be?

Strapped with more unemployed Ccriminal Aleins.

Anonymous said...

Daniel - Look at your mug! You made it into the PDX Mercury.

See it here.

Anonymous said...

What the hell is the PDX Mercury?

Obviously Daniel's blog is more famous than that piece of trash.

Anonymous said...

According to the Chief of Cornelius the Mexicans have more rights to be here and more rights than anyone else. He has a reputation of always supporting the Mexicans. Ask a few of the officers who work for him. They will tell you that the display on your video is very mild to how he usually responds. The Chief of Cornelius lived many years in Mexico and he is very proud of that fact. It is people like him who the battle must be taken to. People in places of power (even his little bit of power in his little Mexican town) to threaten you with. Stand up many people are behind you.

Anonymous said...

If you plan on being back in Cornelius this weekend. After watching your videos I'm betting there will be an officer there instead of the Chief or at least with him. I also have a question. What is the Mexican business that just went in the little mall across the street from the old Hank's store now called 'El Grande' of course all a person has to do is drive through Cornelius to see that city not only wants but encourages Mexicans and why shouldn't they. The Chief of police supports them. Almost every day of the week he goes across the street and eats at the Mexican place that is next to Grande foods. If he loves Mexican so much why doesn't he move to Mexico - oh I know he just invites all his little Mexican friends up here.

Anonymous said...

For the record: I believe that you should always comply with law enforcement's orders. If they say "stand there" then you stand there.

You would have been useless at the Boston Tea Party: "Daniel! Put that tea down NOW and walk away from the harbor!"

"Yessir, rightaway sir, whatever you want sir."

Daniel said...

RE: The tea harbor

I am not going to retract my "you should obey law enforcement" statement but I will emphasize that I also stated that when it becomes "unreasonable" (a highly subjective standard) there is some lattitude. I believed that being prohibited from walking on a sidewalk for 5 hours to be unreasonable.

I would also note that you regularly hear news stories about fake police officers pulling people over, the stories go on to suggest that you shouldn't comply with an officers demands until you see some sort of ID. The simple assertion that "I'm the chief of police" is not sufficient.

But it is good practice to obey an immediate directive by law enforcement. It just is. We are not talking about the revolution here.

As for the Mercury, I would say that rag is about 8 steps down from the Weekly World News except that the WWN isn't obsessed with getting intoxicated and having homosexual sex so it's really in a low category all by itself.

Anonymous said...

What bothers me is that we trust Republicans to do something about this problem. They are part of the problem. If you want to know who to vote for that you can trust on this issue. Mary Starrett,Kim Thatcher, Brian Boquist,Donna Nelson, Gary George, Larry George,. Those are the Trusted ...the rest are a question I am afraid.