Saturday, August 12, 2006

Cornelius Day Labor: Part dos

Scroll down for part uno!

The "day labor" site turned into something else after a few hours but there were a couple of trucks who made off with workers who will not fill out forms, will not have taxes withheld, will not be drug tested and are more than likely illegal aliens.

The following make this week's hall of shame list: (NOTE: if you call these companies please be respectful)

And that's it! There were no jobs to found at this site after an hour or two of us being there. The illegal aliens go into it with their mexican flags and mispelled signs while we were on the other side of the street and no contractor in his right mind would purposely put himself in the middle of that controversy.

Stay tuned...


I am Coyote said...

I heard that some of the thugs were especially threatening this time?

Anonymous said...

Ya hoo!!

Yes, tell us about those threats, please.

RINO WATCH said...

Especially pleased to see a candidate for Governor "Walk the Talk".

Where was Ronnie & Teddy?

mike said...

The pictures and protests have been interesting to look in on by your posts you've been making.

Has Lars Larson been promoting any of this...I haven't been listening much lately (kids to watch and feed).

axe01 said...

Good Show Daniel. This type of activity (monitoring illegals at 'day labor' sites) needs to be expanded. Other such sites should be located and surveilled. Will try to get out myself ASAP. I find it particularly revealing when they flaunt the mexican flag...shows that the crap being put out that they only want to work and be good citizens is just that...crap.

Anonymous said...

When we first got there things were pretty quiet. I was surprised however when in just normal dialouge these folks got very agitated and angry. One particular man told me what he would like to do to me ( and i then told him what i would like to do to him) and they were vastly different..but the main point is that my daughters were there. They did not care how they acted . One threw something at me and hit the sign I was holding. After I let things escalated to gang signs and cars were used to bully...NICE

Amy Rabon

Rick Hickey said...

Thank you to Mary Starrett & friends for being part of a wonderful day.
We were on Jeff Kropf's program twice & on Kex 1190 am News.
A State trooper did stop after being flagged down by Daniel for being shoved by one nasty guy.
He talked to the workers/activists for a while and when he spoke with us, I mentioned the guy with the wrist rocket and he checked this guy out and it was a HUGE Dis-encouragement for anyone to stop for "workers".

We are aware of the site in Hillsboro and Burnside & 6th.
Haven't found the one in Woodburn or Salem yet, but obviously "give up" does not compute and we will find it.

Who will jon us on this venture to stand up for America & our quality of life & employment expectations?

They (Illegal Aliens) want your Job too (we are all expendable)& Illegal's will work for less than you.

Lars? He had me on briefly on Mon. & Fri. I wish he would come out and do a live remote on a Fri.

Victoria Taft 5-9 pm on Kpam @ 860 am Radio. Monday this could be discussed by her and you, to keep the momentum going.

1st - the "Carousel's" of crime.
Next - Day "Labor" Sites.
Meanwhile - Activity breeds Results and this important issue will be dealt with by our Rep.s soon.

Rick Hickey, VP - OFIR

Mary Starrett 4 Racists said...

All this advertising and you OFIR racists were still out numbered. I am surprised more of your buddies from TV Skins didn't show.

What is even more amusing is that Mary Starett, not Ron Saxton showed up. Here all along I thought Saxton was "your guy". Why didn't he show? Because deep down he could give a shit less about "illegal" workers and even more of a shit less about Hickey Hillbilly and Skinhead Daniel. He was more concerned at the time with getting the bigot vote. What a dupe he put on you all. Didn't you hear, Ronny is back to being a Liberal Democrat.

I am a little surprised that Mary came slumming though. I guess what else can the one trick pony do. The anti-abortion nut jobs only carrying her so far. I guess she probably figure if she got all ten of you bigots on board, maybe she will have a chance to take 3% of the vote. hahahahahah

Starrett Heart Bigots said...

One more thing, Carousels of Information continue. You just don't know when or where they are. Immigrants are still receiving the information that they need. I guess you haven't learned spanish yet, so how would you know anyways.

Second, there are tons of "Day Labor" pick-up sites all over Oregon. You think that Cornelius has the only one? There are several in Hillsboro, Beaverton, and Portland, many up and down the Willamette Valley, a ton in Southern Oregon and several in larger cities in Eastern Oregon. If you bozos think your going to shut them down, you better get more that 10 members.

The only thing you did successfully today and last week was move people from the Cornelius site to the Hillsboro sites. Employers are also wise to this, going to other areas to pick up folks eager to work. Just by logic you would realize that.

I guess anything to act like you fools are having an impact. All you are doing is making people be more creative in outsmarting you. (which isn't that hard)

I can only guess what you anti-immigrant activists will do next when your little stunt fails- maybe wave your fists in the street. Gesh, get a life already! All you have proven yourselves to be is just annoying flies to working people.

BEAR said...

I want to thank the illegals for defaming Americans, using profanities, impuning the credentials and intelligence of actual patriots, and announcing your disdain for our laws. You help us make the point that illegal aliens must be sent home, and our borders protected. BTW, illegals, if you want America to become mexico, then why are you here? Please go back to the poverty, corruption, and disease you have failed to address in your own home, but, by all appearances, wish to bring here. It is most telling that the mexican government is happy to see you go. I have seen no outcry from your leaders that America has perpetrated a "brain-drain," or that "mexico's best" are fleeing their beloved homeland.....sheesh.

Anonymous said...

Mary's got my vote. I foresee Saxton taking Mary's idea and doing this, but only for a total of about five minutes...just enough time for the cameras to get some good footage.

jakejacobsen said...

Hey Dan,

As always, outstanding work, I sure appreciate your standing up for our country.

I'm going to give the company in the first photo a ring during my show tomorrow and inquire as to whether or not they hire illegals.

It ought to be fun.

Anonymous said...

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