Wednesday, August 02, 2006

DHS and ODOT together for diversity... I can't wait

September 20, 2006
Salem Conference Center
200 Commercial Street SE
Salem, Oregon

The agenda hasn't been set yet but I'm sure it will be chock full of diversity goodness! (No whites, no Christians)


Bruce said...

Is it open to the public...because i will definately try to be there.

Daniel said...

You can register at the link I provided.

Anonymous said...

It's for DHS and ODOT people only. But the governor is supposed to be there! Aren't we jumping for joy?

They can't even get their numbers right. One of the sessions say there are 90 million people with disabilities and another one says "over 56 million". They might as well have said "over two".

If this "diversity" is so important, they should provide it for the public instead of using tax dollars only for themselves. I guess they have to find some way to use that waste of money conference center in Salem.