Friday, August 11, 2006

I'm still here

Due to cost/time restrictions you will notice that I have not blogged for a whole day. Rest assured that I am still here but am exploring my options for possibly outsourcing the blog to India or a nice communist country such as China.

My other option is to declare this a blog that "Americans won't do" and simply... *radio cackles* what's that? *radio cackles* the phrase "Americans won't do" isn't playing well with the public? *radio cackles* so if I just say "blogs that Americans don't want to do" then we can fool the public? *radio cackles* Gotcha.a

So this is a blog that Americans don't want to do. Out with Daniel and in with Jorge Allejandro-Lopez-Martinez-Guttierez.

Dénos sus trabajos y mírelos como destruimos su cultura, arruinado sus escuelas, viole a sus hijas y envíe todo nuestro dinero del país. Viva la raza!


fish_on said...

For those who's spanish is a little rusty...

"Give us its works and look at as we destroy its culture, ruined its schools, violate its daughters and send all our money of the country. I live the race! "

Anonymous said...

Wow, That is incredible, you took one persons comment and make it seem as if it reprsents a group as a whole, if that is the case. We can say that everyone else is as hateful as Bruce the barber.

Anonymous said...

there no good jobs here--I quit an am going to Canada. at least up there it's too cold for thongs and I have a good chance to compete for work.

Robin said...

I really didn't have a comment on this article, so since I won't do it, I guess I'm going to have to outsource it.

can you direct me to the nearest blogger day labor site?

Big Mike Lewis said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mike said...

Do they have blog welfare? Then you could afford to keep blogging and buy yourself a new Mustang.

Anonymous said...

A blogger day labor site... now thats funny!

Daniel said...

That is pretty clever Robin.

BEAR said...

fish_on, you blew the REALLY says, "we actually invented pizza, or as we call it, open-face tacos with aztlan sauce; oh, and long live rice, too!

BuildTheWall said...


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Anonymous said...

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