Wednesday, August 02, 2006

50 cuts: Day 6

Percent for Public Art Program
The Percent for Art legislation, passed in 1975, guides the acquisition of Oregon's State Art Collection which includes more than 2,500 original art works.

ORS sets aside "not less than 1% of the direct construction funds of new or remodeled state buildings with construction budgets of $100,000 or greater for the acquisition of art work which may be an integral part of the building, attached thereto, or capable of display in other State Buildings".

There should be no money for art when there are claims of "budget shorfalls." Artwork may be a nice thing to have but it goes pretty low on the totem poll of priorities and I don't believe that a majority of taxpayers think that they should be paying for it while they are told that there aren't enough tax dollars to educate kids or fund the state crime lab.

This piece really speaks to me. It says "what a waste of money."


Tech Tom said...


You forgot, "...when Ron Saxton is Governor" Oh, that's right, Ron Saxton can't be found. He won't talk about his position on TABOR and he won't state his position on the 14th Amendment in which illegal alien babies can become citizens if they are born in the U.S.

So what happened to Ronny? He won't go on Lars Larson's show, his biggest endorser and champion. The fact that Saxton is refusing to take Lar's calls has Lars looking like a complete douche. Wasn't this the same BS that Atkinson did? Maybe Lars will get a clue, drop his endorsment of Saxton and support Starrett. How laughable.

Ronny the liberal is running scared. Boy, how the Republican Party was dooped. I am beginning to think Saxton getting the Republican nomination was just a joke on the GOP. Saxton talked a good game, but in the end is probably more liberal that Gov. K Funny.

BEAR said...

Lars may nail ron and his handlers to the wall for this lawyerly bilge. But how typical for the self-serving cowards in the Oregon Rep. Party.

Anonymous said...

Ron Saxton is a baby killing liberal from Portland, would you expect anything different from him?

The only reason he was nominated was because the Republican Party of Oregon listened to his lies with the help of Lars Larson. He is no more against illegal immigration than President Bush is. Ron just gave the impression long enough for good conservatives to fall in the trap. Now where are we?