Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Drugs: They just come here to work hard

Drug Czar: Tighten Border in Meth Fight
The next phase in the fight against illicit methamphetamine should emphasize tightening U.S. borders to prevent drug trafficking, expanding voluntary drug testing in schools, and augmenting treatment for addicts, the nation's drug czar said Tuesday.

Responding immediately the president called for a "guest narcotic program" where all currently smuggled drugs would still be available to smoke, inject or snort provided that taxes were paid on the street level sales.

"An enforcement only strategy is not the solution" said the president, "we must have comprehensive drug smuggling reform that includes a way for drugs who want to come to our country to do it in a orderly fashion."

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BEAR said...

There must be a path to legality, and a home for anchor-weed.