Thursday, August 03, 2006

50 cuts: Day 7

When I think of essential government services I think of the...

Diversity Developmentand Coordinating Council (DDCC)
The DHS Diversity Development Coordinating Council (DDCC) was formed on May 2000 at the request of the agency's administrator, Gary Weeks. Director Weeks initiated the formation of the council because he saw the need for a group within and across all of DHS to address diversity issues.

Note that the council has an acronym. That just goes to show you how important it is. It doesn't even have to be a clever acronym with the state, any combination of letters will do.

Seriously, Gary Weeks saw a need to form a new group to address diversity in DHS? First question: why? Is that the function of DHS? Doesn't putting all this time and energy into diversity distract from the real function of DHS which is to provide social services to illegal aliens?

Juan doesn't care if you speak Spanish or have brown skin or are gay when he goes to sign up for the Oregon Health Plan. You just gesture where to sign and he will put down his name and then the same social security number that his 20 cousins are also using.

Juan isn't really interested in sitting there and have a culturally competent conversation with a DHS employee, he's a busy guy, he's got laws to break you know.

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BEAR said...

A slightly more productive project MIGHT be to figure out why the geniuses at dhs have overspent the money in the CURRENT budget, before they think up new ways to spend MORE money they don't have.