Sunday, August 06, 2006

Day Labor shut down: Part tres

Scroll down or click her for part uno and part dos

One of the tools that we have employed against the fact that illegal aliens are able to conduct their crimes in broad daylight, often with the assistance of our own government, is the camera. The illegal aliens generally hide their faces, the citizens who help illegal aliens threaten to sue. (Still waiting to get served by one of you constitutional scholars who insist that "you know the law") As always, click to enlarge pics!

For the best of sychronized head turning you can't beat the illegal aliens when a camera comes out!

It's almost as if they want to hide their identity for some reason...

Of course when a "supporter" came around, such as when their buddy drove by to flip us off, they would be a little bit braver.

When we were flipped off it almost cause us to leave for the day. It really hurt... deeply. Somehow we managed, through extensive on-site therapy, to work through it though.

Late in the day some were still turning their backs to the camera but some didn't bother.

And as always I had to get at least one picture of me with an illegal alien.

Not only did this guy take a picture with me (where I accused him of wanting a kiss...) but he also went across the street to Su Casa (every business in the area has a Spanish name) and bought myself, Rick and Mike some bottled water.

Next up: What can you do to help shut this place down and the irony of the day.


Mike Mayhem said...

I wonder what would happen if someone sat at Daniels place of employment with a camera. Then later posted his licene plate number and business on the internet. I'm sure he wouldn't feel any violation of privacy.

Truth be told, I'm 100% joking... Daniel doesn't have a job. Ok, joking again. However, this hypothetical situation will never happen because no one takes these zealous Anne Coulter wannabe bloggers seriously.

Daniel said...

If my place of employment was breaking the law then I'm sure that someone (law enforcement, the news media, concerned citizens) would do this.

Actually, the MeCHA boys have posted my license plate number on the internet as well as my address.

As for being taken "seriously," the trucks that kicked their illegal workers out and drove off or just drove past without picking someone up says different.

The blog is just to inform people. The pictures of company vehicles and info have been sent to BOLI.

Mike Mayhem said...

As for being taken "seriously," the trucks that kicked their illegal workers out and drove off or just drove past without picking someone up says different.

It could have been the feeling of violation by a militant zealot that caused their reaction. I also love the cars that "just drove past" line, it's nice to see you consider everyday traffic a victory. HOORAH!

Then again the only proof I have is that an agenda pusher like you states that this whole 180 by contractors happened. Show me the proof, I'm a skeptic.

The blog is just to inform people. The pictures of company vehicles and info have been sent to BOLI.

Congratulations, your complaint will be disregarded. After all the only proof that these people were illegal is that your word, that of an anti-illegal immigrant zealot, states that they told you they were illegal. Which is "hearsay."

Kind of sounds like you're pulling a Michael Schiavo.

BEAR said...

hey, Mr. Daniel, can we invite elGordo Smith to september's carousel of crime? He SHOULD want to meet his "constituents".....after all, he may get more votes from his illegal buddies than from his own party in '08.

Anonymous said...

Mike makes a point. You 'talked' to these people and they 'all told you they were illegal'.

That's nonsense.

Some stats are in order here:

1. Wal-Mart has more people on the dole from their 'citizen employees' than Oregon has illegal aliens on government assistance (if you want something to complain about, start fighting Wal-Mart).

2. About 1/3 of those people at any one time are LEGAL. Several of them work day jobs and do day-labor on the weekend.

3. It's no more illegal to hire day-labor if you're a private citizen than it is to hire the neighbor's kid to mow your lawn.

I'm sincerely hoping that you get yourself in serious trouble for this behaviour!

Daniel said...

You knowlege of statistics and the law facinate me...except that you didn't provide any link to back up your statements.

You will notice that when I post something on my blog I provide a link to the research I did.

Feel free to come back and provide some proof to your "facts."

Liberty44 said...

It's been awhile since I have been on here, but it seems you have picke up some more illegal lovers. I just cannot understand these people. The proof is all around them about the illegals, yet they will not believe it. Guess their heads are in the sand. Keep up the good fight Daniel. We need more people like you. Have you turned in those businesses to WeHireAliens?

Linda said...

I am so happy to locate this site! Would someone please send me the email addy for the gentlemen Minuteman that is in Oregon? I had it once but lost it.
Also, other than this site, is there a site that will send out notices for activities that are occuring.
I may be a grandma but I can sure hold a sign and holler pretty darn koo years of experience; you know what I mean?
Reading about the construction business (yea, the pitiful article in the paper...poor illegals...oh, hard workers)you have given me something to go on here in Salem that I can do. I am dying to be active but have not located anyone in the Salem area doing anything; not saying they are not there, I just can't find them and of course, the media or Statesman advertise anything.
I can come to Cornelius on any given day, my 14-year old son and I...he is also very much involved in the immigration issues. I only know of one day labor site and I will check it out.
Thanks for any assistance. I haven't seen

Anonymous said...

A wonderful public service. If I need to hire a contractor or landscaper, I now have a list of who not to hire.

I might call them out for a bid so I can tell them in person why I won't be hiring them for the work.

Anonymous said...

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