Thursday, August 31, 2006

Why Kulongoski needs your kicker

They took the job posting down for a while but I am pleased to announce that once again your tax dollars will be used to hire a...

Music, Art or Recreational Therapist
$2,846 - $4,146 MONTHLY

Employees in these positions provide individualized assessments and treatment programs in art, music or recreational therapy.

You frequently see pro football teams with an "art therapist" on staff for all their rehabilitation needs because... oh wait, no you don't, they prefer things like "proven methods" and "actual medicine."


Anonymous said...

lets use the kicker to kick Kulongoski out of office.The law is just something to ignore.same thing goes for the invasion from the south.

Anonymous said...

I want to know why the art therapy position requires a master's degree and the other two require a bachelor's degree. Is there more demand for art therapists?

Anonymous said...

Good Lord Daniel, I cannot stand you. I have put up with your ignorant white male supremacist comments for long enough, but for some reason it was this cocky dismissal of a very proven field that finally taunted me into commenting on your miserable blog. Perhaps there are other kinds of rehabilitation necessary than sports medicine. But then again you do seem like the kind of guy who would measure a thing's worth by how much it benefits a professional sports team.

Rooster said...

Anon 10:04

Perhaps it is my ignorant white male supremacist side speaking here, but please feel free to explain to us why the state needs these positions.

'cause I sure don't understand why my tax money should be spent this way...thanks so much for, what I am going to assume is, your kind response.

Stuart B. Sampson
12409 Highway 36
SwissHome, Oregon

a.k.a. Rooster

Anonymous said...

Good Lord Daniel, I cannot stand you, but I can't turn away. I must have you. I am so offended by your views that I must return, again and again to your miserable blog of prejudice. Why do you make me do it?
Damn you Daniel, how could you betray me this way...oh, oh, got to go, my pants are getting tight.

Anonymous said...

anon 12:24

Grow Up!!!!


Tim said...

Geez Anon, aside from whether you think it "works" or I think its pure BS, this is not a legitimate use of Taxpayer money. The function of government is to Public Safety and protecting our God given rights. And it's not government’s job to educate your kids either. I know I know, that's blasphemy in the religion of liberalism.

Anonymous said...


You have one of those? I certainly never would have guessed.


Scottiebill said...

Anon 12:24pm: So your pants are getting too tight? It must be that your butt is getting bigger, because it surely wouldn't be anything else causing that tightness.