Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Cornelius Protest Videos!!!

Video's from our highly successful day labor protests:

This is me having a conversation with an illegal alien. How do I know he is an illegal alien? Is it his skin color? Is it because he speaks Spanish? Or is it because he tells me so!!! He then calls us racist. This was the first protest.
Video of illegal alien admission
(1mb file)

You all know Rick Hickey, this is him giving a monologue on what's going on at the day labor site.
Video of Rick
(3.9mb file)

This is a great one. It starts off looking like the COPS camerman is in hot pursuit. That's because a truck pulled up and this causes us to rush over. You then get a nice long shot of my backside (sorry ladies, I'm married) and then you see that the truck wasn't hiring workers, he was passing out "legalize me" signs! The illegals are quite proud.
Video of signs being passed out
(3mb file)

It was then suggested that the illegal aliens probably couldn't even read the signs, they could say "kick me" for all they knew. You then hear Mary Starrett telling it like it is to the girl that "taught these guys English" who later on brough ACLU paperwork for them... in Spanish.
Video of Mary Starrett
(3.6mb file)

And here you have the illegal aliens proudly waving the chicken and worm next to our glorious Stars and Stripes. Talk to these guys for 30 seconds and you know that their loyalty lies with Mexico, not America.
Video of flags
(3.8mb file)

And if you are new here then scroll down a bit for the pictures and narrative of the event.


Anonymous said...

I am not racist but I will call the mexican flag a chicken and worm flag, because a group of 10 people don't choose to see my way.

I am sure you know about chickens Daniel, considering that you are married to (C) head

Anonymous said...

Also Daniel, go back to school, "If you are KNEW"

IT'S SPELLED "NEW" not knew, this is where the real crime is at, dumb asses like you that act like you know what you are talking about but don't even know how to spell, simple Schit

RINO WATCH said...

RE: The Video of Mary Starrett:

Just one Question for Daniel, Rick Hickey, & Jim Ludwick:

Where in the HELL is your boy Saxton?

He's Dumped you --- Dump Him.....

Daniel said...

Unfortunately I can't take credit for coining the phrase "chicken and worm," that honor goes to Robert Vasquez.

I can however take credit for the logo I created.

And I'm sorry but the 12-20 million illegal aliens have insulted Mexico more than I ever could... they left for something better!

Anonymous said...

The reason you won't see Saxton is the situation can go bad at any second and him being involved would kill his chances of winning the election.

Please understand we are dealing with a bunch of bad actors who have nothing to lose.

Anonymous said...

Yes, anon I do understand...he will ruin his manicure.

Amy R

Rooster said...

Anon 6:02

As long as we are doing ad hominem attacks today it looks like you should take your own advice and go back to school.

That little post is a run on sentence that should have been punctuated with periods instead of commas.

Talk about dumb asses! If you live in a glass house you should not be throwing stones.

Keep kickin' ass Daniel...

Coming to you from beautiful downtown Tide, Oregon.


Anonymous said...

I guess if fokks want to endorse "sleepy Ron". I will never have any standareds but high ones and Saxton won't even show up for measure 38 or immigration much less set a high standard...

Amy R

Kristopher said...

Hmmm ... does anyone have a van?

Drive up, offer a day job, and drive the lot over to the INS office.

Anonymous said...

The verbal attacks (however lame they may be) are getting more numerous, Daniel. That means you're doing something right. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Where is the nearest INS office? Before I'd expect any candidate (not desperate for attention) to show up in downtown Cornelius, I'd be expecting / demanding the INS make an appearance.

And, when a typer goes after another's spelling or punctuation it's an indication they've nothing of substance to add. As fast as Daniel pumps this info out, I'm amazed I don't see more minor glitches. Thanks for your efforts, and this site.

Anonymous said...

Mary is not afraid of Mr. anon's bad actors. Like I said tell Saxton to get a pair!


Anonymous said...

It seems as though you have the plan all figured out. I for one vote OFIR should let you set the whole thing up next time...give you the grand poobah hat. You can even invite whichever candidate you think is NOT desperate for attention in a race that doesn't involve much attention for anyone. Top notch.

Bobkatt said...

Daniel and friends, if you are concerned with Federal spending please go to the AFA website and phone or fax our senators concerning a bill that would make spending more transparent by requiring the senate to maintain a website that would show where the money is spent. However, one senator has decided to block this bill anonymously and the fax would ask our senators if they are involved. Please help this bill become a reality. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Mary Starrett was clearly slumming last weekend. It is clear why, the anti-choice constituents can't must 1% of the vote let alone get her elected.

The joke is on OFIR, Daniel, KKK Barber, Fatty Mike and the rest of the Oregon Minutemen wannabes for supporting Saxton. Dick Hickey and Jimmy won't answer Rino Watch's continuous questions because they themselves are caught between a rock and a hard place. Lose a little or lose alot.

Anonymous said...


Anti choice? I am all for choices. There are many choices made before a pregnancy...


Mike Mayhem said...

...And the award for middle class ignoramuses with the most time on their hands goes to...

(drum roll please)

Daniel and his posse.

Some highlights:
1) "Third world country" good one guys; Mexico isn't even a "third world country." In fact, I doubt you myopic folks understand what a third world country is. I recommend using Google before speaking... It'll help you out, I swear.

2) It takes a big man to debate an immigrant worker in English. I think we use to play this same trick on foreign exchange students, however we did it for humor not to gain a leg up in a political debate.

3) The day laborers don't pay taxes argument. When was the last time you paid taxes on the 20 bucks you earned mowing your grandmas lawn.

4) Last, your argument remains weak after viewing these videos. It was laughable how all of these videos were void of any form of support for your cause. In fact all these videos did was show that your crew needs something to do on their spare time.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Mayhem. The whole video thing, it's almost like a pornography for these guys. All this energy and time and resources spent making, copying, uploading and watching video of ... what? Guys standing around hoping to earn a few bucks. Pathetic.

Daniel said...

Woohoo, Mike Mayhem gave me an award!

Award for ignoring the issue of people breaking the law goes to... Mike Mayhem!

I know, I know, I am probably biased because I was just lavished with an award by him moments ago but he really is deserving.

You really need a video clip to understand the difference between legal immigration and illegal immigration guys?

Mike Mayhem said...

Thank you for the award. You too have made me biased, however I can't award you the award for most clever acceptance speech.

In fact, that was really only about a two out of five. I do reward you 10 charity points for completely dodging all of my non-satirical statements.

Nice ambiguous question, since you're looking for a yes or no answer to trap me into some sort of Hannity style snare. I'll say No. However, it's up to you (the reformist) to provide me (the skeptic) with valid proof and evidence for your cause... I know it's hard, you've been struggling lately.

And yes, these videos are really just protest porn for those who couldn't make it to cornelius.

Daniel said...

Proof and evidence that people should't break the law? You've got me there...

I'm actually not a reformist. I don't think that we need to change our laws or pass new ones, just enforce them. Not legal to work means not legal to work.

As for the video's, I keep hearing people say "how do they know these people are illegal aliens? their skin color?" The video shows you how I know, they tell me so!

Anonymous said...

Actually Daniel, the top prize for ignoring the issue of people breaking the law is ... YOU!

The Bush administration is full of law-breakers, including him. Never before has an American president so brazenly ignored the letter and the spirit of the law as this guy: domestic law, international law, treaties ...

You name it, he's broken it, ignored it, or had some hack attorney memo his way around it, under it or through it. No shame whatsoever. The cost? Billions of taxpayer dollars in an illegal war in Iraq down the toilet, tens of thousands of dead Iraqi civilians, dead Americans, a Constitution in shreds, the list goes on, and you have nothing to say about it. Why?

All things being equal, if Clinton had pulled half the crap Bush has, they would have impeached him, convicted him and thrown his ass in prison, and you know it, and if you read anything other than Ann Coulter and listen to Blars Larson, you'd also know there are a hell of a lot of conservatives -- not fascists like yourself, but REAL conservatives, principled conservatives -- who hold the same position as I do, so you really can't sit there with the smirk I know is on your face right now dimissing me as just another silly Democrat, because I'm not one.

You ain't fooling anyone about being all hot and bothered about "the issue of people breaking the law." Bullshit. Why haven't you had anything to say about Lou Beres? Does molesting children not rise quite as high as the sin of working your ass off in a cherry orchard without the right papers in your back pocket? Where might I find your statements condemning the likes of Jeffrey Skilling? I assume that someone who is as passionate about "the issue of people breaking the law" might have had something to say about that debacle. But then, maybe you were just too busy cruising for Latinos in Cornelius with your little camcorder, your signs and your self-righteous smile.

Your selectivity reveals you for what you are.

Anonymous said...


Lou Beres should be shot in the head, Bush is a Saxton. In fact Bush is no friend to a Republican. So there anon, youhave it..those are the facts. There are more facts:
Illegal immigration is making it very hard to educate our children to the level they could be. The smartest child in a class like my daughters with 20 out of 30 students being hispanic and not fluent in english can only be as smart as the least educated. Who do you think gets the most help? Who do you think is being catered to? How about vouchers? Now there is an idea! If no one will do a damn thing about immigration then lets not make OUR AMERICAN CITIZEN CHILDREN PAY!

Anonymous said...

The working Man/Woman pays by having desperate and illegal job competition. From a 3rd world type nation where many make $1.00/hr while the Pres. makes more than Tony Blair. And they have hundreds of millions of Barrells of Oil (#2 importer to U.S.)@ $72 each!
We all pay with huge increases in health care costs with millions getting hurt/sick w/no insurance, so they can send more home, if it is offered at work.
The poor pay as lines get longer and the money runs out (see special sesion legislators 2006, $170 Mil. deficit DHS, 5 months into the next year). My Father-in-law found this out after getting cancer.
Of course the bad guys know the same routes/coyotes as the good intentioned people. So we pay, physically & financially, with a substantial increase in serous crimes.

We have always been a nation of immigrants. We all learned 5 years ago on Sept. 11th, some immigrants have bad intentions.
We have to know who is here and why. We have the right to know.
With millions of Illegal aliens, we don't & no Gov't program
is going to make them "come out of the shadows".
Attrition thru Enforcement will work.
Even a liberal should agree that we have the right to secure our soveirgnty. X amount (over a million) of Immigrants can come and stay in America. What is wrong with that? Anything else is an invasion. Too many have died over the years to secure this land. We can never forget that. EVER.

Thank you for helping with American jobs with your protest.

Anonymous said...

If you are a Republican/Conservative Evangelical child molester, that is OK. After all when a Republican/Evangelical Conservative molests a child it is called "mentoring". Just like Republican meth dealing gangbangers are called "entrepreneurs".

Just looky here: Republican Child Molesters The party is filled with them. Maybe they should be honest and add a new sentence to their platform.

your said...

phentermine nice :)

Anonymous said...

I do not live in Oregon I live in Washington state and just recently moved out of an apartment community which is commonly called little Mexico for a really good reason out of 130 units only 2 units were rented to non-hispanics those 2 units are now empty.

Just so everyone understands how bad the illegal immigration issues are please note the following:

It is common knowledge (even with our local police department) that the majority of the residents that live in this community are in this country illegally but they hide like roaches whenever the local police are in the area.

There are signs posted in the laundry room of where they can obtain cash paying jobs and how to obtain illegal ssn.

This state and county that I live in loves them soooo much that they provide a mobile dentist office to come and take care of their dental needs at no cost to them (but cost the taxpayers of Washington plenty) and since there have been tougher laws on receiving food stamps the county brings food to them on a weekly basis (along with clothing and furniture).

My son could not get a proper education because the majority of the students could not speak or read english so the teachers had to spend extra time on 80% of the class trying to get them to understand what they are trying to teach them.

Those are just a few of the issues that I dealt with living in little Mexico for almost a year. Trust me on one issue if you want to find racism at it's finest just be a white American in a hispanic community you will live in fear, ask my 7 year old son who was tormented by the kids there and who's parents did not speak english and would not do anything to disipline their children.

I could go on all day I just wish that Washington could have citizens like Daniel keep up the good work in Oregon!!

P.S. For anon who said that Clinton would have been impeached if he lied like Bush you might want to research a few things such as Clinton was impeached just not thrown in jail like he should have been.

mike said...

Cool vids.

Rick Hickey said...

Do you think immigrant
workers take jobs from U.S. citizens?
Yes, I do. 63%
No, I don't. 35%
I'm not sure. 2%
Total Votes: 50,571

This is on

The majority of Americans support & understand why we rally at Day Labor Sites.

Anonymous said...

Strange bedfellow’s indeed... The Democrat sounds so far removed from this problem 'it' feels comfortable ignoring it; the Clinton-hater was in the thick of it (in Washington’s little Mexico) and wants something done about it. How can the two be brought together? It's an obvious ploy to point out the horrendous mistakes of this lame-duck president, yet ignore his courting and ignoring of an alien invasion. If the Dem. is so concerned with human rights, what about the rights of our own? If the Clinton-hater wants the problem solved, pressure Your Boys, they're the ones in power right now - every branch.

And to the guy with all the time on 'his' hands... You gotta be in the Dem (Green) camp too; the elite who feel intellectually insulated to the point of ignorance. You may feel 'safe' from the detrimental effects of this continuing invasion (as long as you can afford to live elsewhere), but as caring as you portray, are you equally concerned as to how this downward competition adversely effects your extended family? Or, are they all Right-wing Republicans, thus entitled to go to Hell..?

This seems a relatively easy fix, if we all come together. I say let the Central Americans fix Central America, and let us fix "US".

Bobkatt said...

For some good news check out The Willamette Week article on how the Dems are worried that the state is turning Red. I especially liked the comment that Portland may end up looking like Israel, alone and surrounded by opposition.

Anonymous said...

Bobkatt - Good article, but consider the recent overwhelming Republican expenditures denigrating the Dems... Leading to this: "Over the past three decades, voters who register with neither of the major parties have increased far faster than Democrats or Republicans."

That's where the Democrats are; regular working stiffs listening to too much Hate Radio, deep down 'knowing better,' but not having a grasp of issues to defend their Democratic leanings. But I'll admit, the Repb's are 'winning' --- and who says throwing money at something has no effect?!

Mike Mayhem said...

Do you think immigrant
workers take jobs from U.S. citizens?
Yes, I do. 63%
No, I don't. 35%
I'm not sure. 2%
Total Votes: 50,571

This is on

The majority of Americans support & understand why we rally at Day Labor Sites.

SARCASM The Majority has never been wrong. See Segregation. An opinion poll doesn't prove any point, however census studies do. By the way, did you know (illegal) immigrants don't steal jobs?

One Link

Two Link


Mike Mayhem said...

One more thing;
Daniel: "I'm actually not a reformist."

I guess that's why he toots the horns of the Oregonians For Immigration Reform

How can you deport 12,000,000 illegals when you can't even figure out what you are?

Anonymous said...

Way to go Daniel! Look at all the upset liberals and RINOs you've attracted to your blog. Very entertaining indeed.

Mike Mayhem... what the hell do you do for a living? I don't know very many socialist, or communist that actually work for a living. We need more people like Daniel and his crew out there trying to put a stop to the illegal immigration. What are you doing about it Mike? Nothing, except aiding and abetting the criminal activity. Please crawl back under your rock with the rest of your commie buddies, and let the real men take care of the business of this great country of ours.

It's insane... good people try to do good things, and all the liberals come running out of the woodwork to complain abut our civil rights and constitution being trampled on. What a bunch of sissy little girls. Whaaaaa

CPO Dan Jezeski, USCG (Ret.)

Mike Mayhem said...


Bobkatt said...

August 18, 2006
Dragging and screaming the DMV is being force to do the right thing.
The Department of Motor Vehicles is tightening up on how people get their driver's licenses and identification cards.SALEM, Ore. (AP) - The Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles is tightening up on how people get their driver's licenses and identification cards.
The most ironic statement is at the end.
"DMV employees are trained to recognize fraudulent documents."
Yea, they are trained to recognize fraud but they better not pursue it or they will get fired.

Anonymous said...

See...Mike Mayhem does nothing for a living but guffaw.

Anonymous said...

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