Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The bad...

This is the same tired hippies who protest everything. They aren't creative at all. They continue to use the same ridiculous chants from the 60's.

Hey hey, ho ho, same old chants have go to go

This is a very interesting clip. I was accused of "being in people's faces" and being "confrontational" by the socialists. This is me going to walk down the alley by Centro Cultural. The socialists didn't think that I should be able to and repeatedly told me to "go to the other side of the street." As you can see they obstructed my path repeatedly as I tried to walk past them. They had to come of the sidewalk to chase me. I was not "confrontational" and I don't have an assigned side of the street. Sorry.

Walk down the street
(larger files like this will take longer to load)

We should definitely welcome people who chant "no facist USA" to our country. Right?

No facist USA

Despite the assertions of the police chief, I was able to walk over to take a picture without causing a total riot.

chanting, me taking picture (gasp, with no conflict)

The good...

It was great to have so many concerned citizens show up to make this happen. OFIR members, people who saw us and just came over to join, veterans, everyone. (no socialists) It is just coincidence that there is a "no left turn" sign by us...

Also note, the "stop bigotry now" chanting in the background. The woman was ranting up and down the sidewalk...

Our guys

Alright, the videos that you all have been waiting for, the police chief threatening me with arrest, are going to have to wait until tomorrow. It's a series and I am going to do a long post about it. Just too tired tonight.


Big Mike Lewis said...

It's funny. You look at the actual Mexican laborers and they look bored at the "protest". The ones really into it on their side are the white people.

Anonymous said...

So where is the Mike Mayhem stuff? You mentioned that "Mike Mayhem got all exited"

Bobkatt said...

Doing the jobs that Americans won't do.
From the Medford Mail Tribune
Police round up $12.5 million in marijuana (2:35 p.m.)
Police seized 2,500 marijuana plants with a street value estimated at up to $12.5 million on Monday and arrested two armed men they found at the gardens.
Rafael Santoya-Pineda and Noel Tadia-Arreguin are in Jackson County Jail on immigration holds today.
Officials had watched the growing operation, believed to be linked to a Mexican drug cartel...
Hell, I don't even know how to start a cartel.
Here's another job Americans won't do:
Mexico Theme Park offers mock illegal border crossing. Jeremy Schwartz
Cox News Service
Aug. 22, 2006 04:00 PM

IXMIQUILPAN, Mexico - On a misty, moonless night, the group scurried down the canyon wall, their feet slipping in the ankle-high mud. The sirens grew louder as their guide, clad in a ski mask and known only as Poncho, urged them to run faster. "Hurry up! The Border Patrol is coming! "The 20 or so people fleeing the Border Patrol aren't undocumented immigrants - they're tourists about 700 miles from the border. Most are well-heeled professionals more likely to travel to the United States in an airplane than on foot."
Who says that Mexicans can't be good capitalists?

Daniel said...

Mike Mayem wasn't there, I jokingly said that he got excited hearing that the police chief threatened to arrest me. (those videos will be up this afternoon)

Anonymous said...

Mike Mayem wasn't there, I jokingly said that he got excited hearing that the police chief threatened to arrest me. (those videos will be up this afternoon)

Oh, I get it. For a minute, I thought Mike Mayhem was the guy trying to prevent you from going down the alley. It kind of looks like him.

Mike Mayhem said...

man this is awesome, I have a level of celebrity! Hoorah!

Anonymous said...

I have heard of you Mike!