Saturday, August 05, 2006

Day Labor shut down: part dos

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Today's shut down of an illegal day labor camp was largely successful. Many times a potential employer would actually kick the illegal aliens out of his truck after they had already got in once we had informed him that he would be reported for his illegal actions. Unfortunately this didn't discourage everyone. The following are identifiable companies who chose to hire workers (who told me that they were illegal aliens) off the street: (click to enlarge)

LMS Concrete

Improvement Remodeling
Edward Andrew
Cell 503-515-3171
"Licened and bonded"

Sorry, but being bonded doesn't mean a thing if your workers are illegal aliens.

This lady subsribes to the "we are all illegal aliens" theory. Needless to say the "workers" heartily agreed with her.

This guy "didn't want to talk to me." The illegal aliens actually got a system of having one guy run to the front and one guy the back to cover the license plates but they were pretty slow and often moved to crowd the window in hopes of working illegaly.

So there is the Hall of Shame. These unethical employers are not worried about labor laws. They are perfectly willing to hire illegal aliens who admitted to me that they don't choose to go to labor ready because they make you pay taxes and don't pay enough.

Feel free to contact these employers and politely ask them why they don't feel the need to follow the law like everyone else. And hopefully BOLI (Bureau of Labor and Industries) will take an interest in the info that I sent them.

Next post: How come they always hide their faces when the camera comes out and some funny quotes. ("Because of these guys you have to get out")


BEAR said...

Funny NATURALIZATION papers seem to imply that I am legal. These guys MUST be better than me and my family. I also know that no self-respecting American would be caught dead working in the construction or remodeling industries....sheesh. Senator el Gordo Smith is supposed to be at the Warren Country Inn (503 397-1776) on Wed., Aug. 9, from 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.. Several folks from this area have already told his people and/or him that neither he nor the Rep. Party will receive any money until they take a more...ahem...proactive stance on illegal aliens. NO MORE RINOS!!

Anonymous said...

Warren Country Inn, 56575 Columbia Hwy - Warren, OR 97053, 503-397-1776

Highway 30, South of St. Helens

I guess the Stagecoach Stop in Dolf has closed or he would hold his meeting there.

Anonymous said...

El Gordo is really concerned about the lack of Farm Workers available to help with the Hermiston Watermelon crop.

He doesn't know all the Illegals are in the cities taking blue-collar jobs from US Citizens as it pays better even at half the price.

Daniel said...

That's why we have Deport Gordon Smith

Anonymous said...

I heard about your vigilante/racist activities through a neighbor lady. Rest assured I've notified the ACLU. I'm hoping you're shut down for this sad and sorry behaviour.

(You should know that a fair number of these people are in country legally; they do day-labor on weekends.)

Anonymous said...

I think it's fine that you want to take action on something that you have a strong belief in, however, the way you're going about it seems like it hasn't been so well thought out. As the previous comment states... not all of these day labor workers are illegal. O bviouslt this specific "problem" means a great deal to you, but it's important to get all of your facts straight beforehand. Also, on another note, my personal opinion would be that I would be more likely to act against american citizens that are abusing our welfare systems, and other forms of financial help, so that they can sit home and make more babies, and not have to work, and be paid more than an honest working person, rather than busy my time with "outing" people for hiring hard working citizenz/non citizens.

Scottiebill said...

That Anon 8:51am is getting the AmINOCLU (that is the "American In Name Only Civil Liberties Union")involved in helping the illegals (and trying to destroy any and all efforts to get them out of the country) is quite telling. Anon 8:51 is showing to the rest of us his true AmINO colors.

Granted that some of these people wanting to do day labor in order to supplement their income are here legally is possibly a given. But a great many of those same people are here illegally, and those who employ them should be under the scrutiny of the INS as well as the IRS and dealt with accordingly.

But that ain't gonna happen. Not as long as there are people like Gordon Smith and Anon 8:51 (and, of course, the AmINOCLU) mucking things up. They should be castigated for their aiding and abetting of illegal behavior. Smith will likely be running for reelection in 2008 and should be tossed out during the primaries if the voters of Oregon have any sense of priorities by then.

Anonymous said...


When you get a chance, email me at:



Joseph Turner

Anonymous said...

Can you say Racist. Do you think that your family was born in this country...I THINK NOT.

Day worker's have no problem doing the work that your lazy wanna-be skin head wont do. So think about what you call people. They maybe thinking the same thing about you.

We are all not pefect by any means. But if I needed someone to come do something for me and I know that they were hard working individuals. I would hire them over some one like you.

I have know alot of what you call ILLEGAL Aliens. That have more class and respect for this country then you do. They beleive that everyone in this country are free to do as they please, contribute to the community in which they live.

Well, As far as I am concerned. You are nothing but white trash.

Daniel said...

I talked to these day laborers. They told me that they were illegal aliens. They also told me that most of the people down at labor ready were illegal aliens after I had informed one potential employer of these people that at least Labor Ready has them fill out the proper forms.

The illegal aliens told me that they just lie on the forms.

So I guess in some people's minds someone who lies and steals has "class." Whatever you say.

Anonymous said...

Please check out the conversation following this headline "U.S. must do more to cut illegal immigration" under "Letters" in today's Statesman/Journal.

Cut and paste this in your address bar:

Anonymous said...

Dear Skinhead/Gangster:

Last year, a funny thing happened in a day labor stop somewhere in Oregon. You see, as a Latino, I wanted to see how honest some of these contractors where (call me a bored high school kid, with no idea what to do for the summer). Well, so far, I would say 3 out 4 have been people who have hired me and paid me cash. Well, I am not sure if you know the one that hired me last year, he decided not to pay me because he assumed I was an illegal (born and raised in Cali, yo!). He laughed at my face at the week I had spent clearing the crappy site he was contracted for and how I was not going to get paid. He wasn’t going to pay me for the job I did on his rednecky excuse for a garden that he made me work at his house.

You see, he didn’t know my white daddy works as a process server and my daddy’s boss told him how to get my wages back.

I just heard something about your redneck friend the other day -- he doesn’t have the rednecky garden no more. Those people at the labor department not only found how he didn’t pay me, but also a bunch of stuff he was doing wrong in the site. So the owner he was working for also f-ed him up.


Maybe you should give him a couch to sleep in. I know all KKK members are well networked.

Anonymous said...

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