Wednesday, August 09, 2006

They want your job

AFL-CIO agrees to work with immigrant day laborers network
The nation's largest federation of unions agreed Wednesday to work with a network of immigrant day laborers to improve wages and working conditions for those who solicit work from street corners across America.

The groups will also work toward reform that includes amnesty for the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants living in the United States.

The agreement came as day laborers, a majority of whom are Hispanic and undocumented, take steps to become more organized.

Cornelius, Oregon

Join us in Cornelius this Saturday to put a stop to this nonsense! The AFL-CIO is worried about minimum wage but not worried about tax avoidance or lost construction jobs for Americans!


Anonymous said...

they're gonna help the people asking for work from the street? like, giving health care to the dude on the corner with the "will work for food" sign and the designer sunglasses?

the people of Eugene shall rejoice.

Daniel said...

As if there is a "minimum wage" for people who are not legally able to earn a wage.

Anonymous said...

So the Unions in Allentown Pen. support a new odrinance requiring ALL Employers to verify citizenship and fines for those that don't.
BUT AFL-CIO & SEIU support replacing American workers instead.

union worker said...

Quite fucking with our immigrant brothers you racist scum. You mess with them, you mess with us all.

Oregon Conservative said...

The unions have always been about socialism; little more. This is more proof positive. It was just a matter of time before they couldn't resist using the added millions for more mass control of the liberal vote. The immigrants will be added to the election phone trees to vote socialists into office.

How could they resist tapping into the potential millions of union lemmings who with a signal from their leaders they will seek to cripple industry, transportation systems or hospital care in the future.

It's an anti-capitalism, "bite the hand that feeds you," movement.

God help this nation.

By the way, is there any reason why some folks on this blog can't refrain from gutter language? Good government begins with self-government and good example. Who is going to care what we think if we sound like a bunch of crude jerks?

Tim said...

Oregon Conservative nailed it. Unions are about Socialism and are anti free market. They want to dictate wage and benefits that employers will pay...or else. Extortion is the name of their game.

Unions are happy to tell their member how to vote as well and funny, they always vote for the Communist/Socialist candidate...who always seem to be Democrats. Unions are not about choice, they're about control. No wonder they love Communists.

Anonymous said...

slavery of the south way back is so much the same as we have with the day workers. everything changes but remains the same.

Anonymous said...

Don't ya love it!

The Union leadership has bailed on the High-pay senior members.

Anonymous said...

Unions traditionally did not want a flood of illegal aliens because it undercut their wages. No question they are taking a cynical aproach, which many of their members don't agree with.

35%-40% union members vote republican, particularly in higher paying unions. You union bashers, and you know who you are, forget all the positive advances in labor management relations are due to unions. 8 hour day, safety standards, the list goes on. Business, acts through the corporate structure. A group of people acting as one legal enity. Labor is allowed the same privilege.

Working people are the key to stopping this invasion. It's their wage level that is at stake, maybe even their jobs.

Lets point out the union's mistakes and overreaching, not go into wholesale union bashing because while their leaders are wrong on illegal immgration, the member's instincts are right, and they want the law enforced. Democrats lose the working man...their in big trouble. I want to add to a base against illegal immigration, not just put out management talking points. After all, corporate America wants to open the borders and outsource people's jobs.

To union bashers: This question; are all union members just a bunch of socialists? Pity if you think that way becaus it really shows how much you are drinking the corporate kool-aid.

Bruce said...

union worker....take your "immigrant brothers" and introduce them to your wife, you America hateing piece of shit!!!

axe01 said...

'union worker' - which I very much doubt you really are - I am sick and tired of jerks like you who are so limited in intelligence as to keep throwing the 'racist' cliche at those of us who demand that the laws of the USA be observed and enforced because you are incapable of logical thought. Your mewlings will be disregarded. And your threats as well. You are pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Immigrants are america. I hate to see an america as representative of you white trash bigots. The best you all can conjure up is a fat slob greasy biker to do your speaking--how sad. You know the one that tooled Daniel's slut.

Anonymous said...

They took our jerbs!

MAX Redline said...

Working people are the key to stopping this invasion. It's their wage level that is at stake, maybe even their jobs.

Unions are essentially legalized extortion. The leaders take a percentage of each workers' paycheck to use any way they darn well please - from funding Democrat campaigns to cozying up to illegal aliens. It matters not whether the workers agree with these positions; their money is taken from them and used anyway.

The leadership works to force more people into unions primarily because that gives them more money to take and spend.

Bobkatt said...

The phrase "Out of Touch" comes to mind. As a union member by force not desire I would like to do something to combat this insanity. How can unions claim to support the working American and aid and abet this illegal activity that will accomplish nothing but drive down wages and increase demand on Social Services?
Another phrase also comes to mind, "Sold Out". or how about "traitors"? Please let me know of anything going on in the Eugene area.
To "Union worker"? You are the racist scum that has chosen to benefit from this illegal activity. You choose to sell out your integrity and your country but you are probably used to it. That's why you have to stoop to cursing and threats.

Anonymous said...

To Max Redline: Educate the rank and file members to what their leaders are doing. This maybe a long shot, but urge the membership to strip the leadership of automatic payroll deductions. Make the leadership explain what the dues are being spent on. I agree with you, that the leadership is betraying the membership.