Friday, August 11, 2006

Tales from the DMV

I just came from the DMV and am convinced that they have an affirmative action hiring program for the Unhelpful-Americans.

This is a minority that can't be employed in a service job in the private sector because their tone of voice/facial expressions/general attitude indicate that they would just as soon take a bath with a toaster as they would help you pay for the product or service that you came for.

They frequently wear mumu's...

Long story short, I got a car from California that belonged to my Grandma. I drove it up here on the hottest weekend of the year. All I want to do is register it in Oregon. Unfortunately I don't have the 2006 registration from California. I have a million other pieces of paper and some older registrations but not the '06.

The Unhelpful-American at the DMV told me to go to California and when I expressed some shock at this she offered the helpful remark of "if you want to use the car that is."

Since we enjoy consumer choice in our capitalist system I left and have decided to take my bussiness elsewhere...

I sure can't wait until government is in charge of all healthcare so that I can enjoy dealing with the Unhelpful-Americans with the already very enjoyable medical paperwork issues.


Robin said...

I ran into a similar situation when I bought my motorcycle on eBay from California. In this particular case to the VIN number was wrong by 1 digit. The friendly people at DMV suggested that I contact California DMV who promptly suggested that I bring the motorcycle to them for inspection after they admitted that the error apparently had gone unnoticed for several years. the VIN number returned to a 1987 Honda Civic... the first clue that something was wrong, was that it had two extra wheels.

After making a few phone calls... I finally convinced California DMV to accept a vehicle inspection by the Oregon state police which in turn satisfied Oregon DMV.

Daniel said...

Obviously the California DMV was able to hire someone outside of the Unfriendly-American Affirmative Action Program. (UAAAP)

Actually allowing a paying customer to complete a transaction is against the cultural traditions of the Unfriendly-Americans.

BEAR said...

more than 1 trip through the line = job security for the pers folks.

Scottiebill said...

Daniel: You can bet that if you were an illegal trying to do the same thing, the people at the DMV would give you anything you asked for, plus their first-born kids.

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