Sunday, August 13, 2006

Cornelius Day Labor: Part cinco

Great Americans "doing the jobs that our politicians won't do"

Illegal aliens "defying the laws that we allow them to defy"

Notice that even when encouraged, for PR purposes, to carry an American flag the illegal alien has to hold the mexican flag at the same time. These are not people who show any loyalty to this country, they are simply here to take advantage of our generous and prosperous nation.

This guy has a backpack, inside is a slingshot that he was using to shoot across the street in our general direction.

And this is a state trooper talking to him about his slingshot...

When you are close to a group of hostile people you mentally perform a risk assessment of who the potential troublemakers are. The guy on the left in the black shirt is one such troublemaker. I would venture a guess that he has some sort of Napoleon complex since he appears to weigh about 80lbs so he tries to make up for it by acting tough.

Here is Napoleon signaling that I'm "number one." For some reason he changed his shirt part way through the day. If it was to avoid having a description given to the police I'm afraid that "the guy who weights 80lbs" would have singled him out pretty well regardless of what he was wearing.

Speaking of changing clothes, the guy in the raiders hat, who really doesn't like having his picture taken, is wearing the same clothes that he wore last saturday. He pretty much spent the whole day cussing at me in spanish, mostly reffering to the male sex organ.

And lastly you have the guy in the white t-shirt and terminator sunglasses who is under the impression that squealing your tires on the pavement is somehow detrimental to us... even though we don't pay for his tires.

That's a good picture with "terminator" and "same clothes" in the same shot. It also appears that they want the sign post to be "legalized."

Let me emphasize how much of a success we had. In the first weekend we were able to force them to take down their day labor signs. This weekend we were able to turn these "workers" into raving activists who waved mexican flags and "legalize me" signs at passing motorists. Not exactly the way for them to win hearts and minds. I hope that you can join us next time.

Make sure you check out Oregonians for Immigration Reform, the group who is making a difference in Oregon!


Anonymous said...

It is always manly and sexy to makes threats against a woman. Just normal business in mexico I guess?

Anonymous said...

Daniel I don't think you should be talking about the guy that weighs 80 lbs. when you look like you weigh about 50, does your wife not know how to cook?

Anonymous said...

Anon, as usual you are not man enough to sign your words of wisdom. I believe they have store in which you can buy all the things you might need to be a real man..(atacking.a mans wife) ..Now back to the issue. The issue is illegal labor taking away American jobs. It happens daily. It would take very little to get the ball rolling to become legal by filing papers. Why not try that? (Novel idea I know). Rather the preffered method for these folks is to scream racisim. Oh puhleeeeeeeeeesa. Americans want legal labor.....whatever race or color.

Amy Rabon

Anonymous said...

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