Monday, August 14, 2006

Cornelius Day Labor: Part seis

I do the faxes at NumbersUSA. I write to Smith and Wyden. But it's hard to see measureable results doing that. That's why I protested at the Carousels of Information (since shut down) and that's why I continue to protest at the day labor site in Corenelius. (protests coming soon to a city near you!)

I can't emphasize how much of a success we have been. We forced them to take the "day labor" signs down. We have made some companies very uncomfortable because they got some phone calls after pictures of their trucks were posted here. We have kept illegal aliens from getting jobs. And we have kept this issue in the public spotlight with coverage in the news and from passing motorists on this heavily traveled street. How many passers by are taking the "let's give them amnesty" position after they see someone standing on the street corner with this:

So scroll down and check out the pictures, the narrative and the comments. Check out Oregonians for Immigration Reform and then tell yourself that you want to help us put these day labor sites out of bussiness!


Troutdale Councilor Canfield said...

Keep up the great work, Daniel!

Anthony Ho ICE said...

We appreciate the notice and photos.
This information is being passed on to my superiors.

Anonymous said...

I was so inspired by your stories that when I was moving over the weekend I needed some help so I went to the Day Labor site in Sherwood and picked up two good fellas that helped me move to my new restaurant location. They received $10 per hour for the three hours of work they performed. I am possibly thinking about hiring them permanently. Good help is hard to find and these two guys were marvelous.

Anonymous said...

If you want to see how hard Mexicans work just visit their homeland and I don't speak of resort communities.

Don't confuse their response to the incentive of a 400% increase in income (as they find here in the US) as their general desire to work hard.

Once the playing field becomes equal you will discover their true nature.

Don't forget who perfected the Siesta!

Anonymous said...

My hope is that anon is a woman, go ahead and hire these very sweet men...we will see how sweet they stay if they want something you have...

FireWolf said...

Hey Daniel, awesome work! I want to use some of your photos on my blog:

email me over there and we can talk about usage.

I wish I knew of some day labor camps here, I would certainly be doing EXACTLY what you've done.

Great Job!

Scottiebill said...

Anon 11:08: How can any Oregonian forget who created the Siesta.

It was Ted Kulongoski!!

You are also, and more importantly, forgetting that illegal immigration and THE HIRING OF ILLEGALS is a crime.

You are fortunate in that, with the present "don't give a s... attitude" toward the illegals in Oregon (except, of course, to get their Dumocrat votes) you are safe. For the time being.

After Saxton is elected, things are likely to change.

Anonymous said...


Big Mike said...


I wrote in to Lars and suggested he join you some time in your protest and have a show broadcast from the Day Labor pick up site.

Don't know if it will help, but if more people suggest it, maybe he will.

I think it would be interesting. He could talk to willing participants in the protest, illegals, employers, maybe even a sheriff. He could have you as his co-host to talk about what you are doing.

Anonymous said...

It would only take one loose cannon to cause a problem at some unorganized event when Lars was present and his career is toast.

His presence alone might trigger some whacko to act out.

Then we would lose what he does for us on a daily basis and I don't see that a risk worthy taking.

Knowing he is with us in spirit is good enough for me.

Anonymous said...

we love you man

Anonymous said...

Most of his on-location broadcasts have to be organized...duh!

Daniel said...

Anon 10:51, there is no day labor site in Sherwood.

Firewolf, feel free to use the photos.

Big Mike, unfortunately I don't believe that a talk show host would be able to host an event here due to the liability issues.

Thank you all for the positive feedback!

Anonymous said...

One recommendation: make sure the word "illegal" is very clear on the "Illegal immigration is a crime" signs. On one of the signs, at first glance it appears as though the sign says "Immigration is a crime." The hippies would LOVE to convince people that is what you are really trying to say.