Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Where's Waldo: Day 2

Sigh. So Saxton won't be found. Saxton won't take positions. Saxton isn't talking to Lars.

I know. I think he's being gutless.

What can I say? I'm disgusted with his performance.


MAX Redline said...

I've been unable to pay a lot of attention to all that today, but the sudden scarcity dpesn't seem all that surprising.

BEAR said...

I hate being right on this rino, but it looks like point, set and sit this one out for my family.

Rick Hickey said...

KATU poll on Anchor Baby issue:
70% oppose automatic citizenship for Illegal Alien's born here.

RON, FELIX are you there?

EVERY poll, survey, questionnaire for the last 10 years, shows that a huge majority of Americans want our Border secure and a stop to Illegal Immigration and NO Rewards for sneaking into our Country, including another Guest worker program.

Think I am lying?
go to
you will see these all on one link compiled from TV, Papers, Radio etc. from across the Nation.

RON, Illegal Immigration and the impact on our Schools, Health Care, Education, Crime, Wages, etc. can seperate you from TED!

AND because it impacts EVERY issue, will make YOU our next Governor.

LARS, Thank you for remaning strong on this important issue.

This IS why Senate Bill for Amnesty didn't fly through. The people spoke and they realized they would be fired!

Daniel said...

Ron isn't even willing to put his finder to the wind and take a stance that way, he won't take any position. That's just gutless.

Bruce said...

I too would like to know the answer to that question from Lars. Can the governor refuse to issue "anchor baby birth certificates" AND is it legal, because we all know that the first time it is done...the ACLU will come down like a ton of bricks to fight against it. We will need a strong man in the office to offset the howling and wailing of the far left. I'm sure hoping we are backing the right guy.

KS said...

Technically, Saxton is right - but he should have at least defended his position and said that the 14th Amendment needs to be closely examined, because it has been misinterpreted for years and is screwing over the real citizens. It is a Federal issue - where do the States enter into it ?

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for you guys that jumped on this RINO bandwagon. Thank goodness I never jumped on. The guy is toast!

Anonymous said...

Anything the Gov could do relative to Anchor Babies would end up in the US Supreme Court and take many years to settle.

So long I suspect that Ron would be long since retired and out of practice.

So why start a fight you can't end?

He has promised to end the Illegals taking from our social services and stop them getting drivers licenses plus do other things that will slow the flow.

He has promised to end the Illegals taking from our social services and stop them from getting drivers licences.

Daniel said...

Ummm, for any of you who haven't been paying attention: any government employee can do anything anytime.

5 judges can make killing babies legal. A DHS employee can give away tax dollars to illegal aliens. County Commisioners can issue gay marriage licenses.

The governor could issue an executive order declaring that we all have to hop around on one foot. It would get beaten in court but we would have a dialogue about hopping around on one foot...

gullyborg said...

You are only a "born in America" citizen if you have a birth certificate to prove it, and birth certificates are issued by the STATE according to STATE LAW.

The legislature could pass a bill, and the governor could sign into law, a requirement that "citizenship authenticating" birth certificates only be issued for live births where at least one parent can prove citizenship.

This may or may not pass constitutional muster. I happen to think it would, and I am pretty sure that at least 4 of the Justices on the Supreme Court would agree.

But it takes 5.

Yes, it could take many years to get that far, if it gets that far at all. A district judge could "unilaterally" issue an injunction, 3 judges of the 9th Circuit CoA could affirm, and SCOTUS could deny cert without addressing the issue.

But, that would still take years.

During that time, we have 2 more years under President Bush to pack the courts with originalists. Bush may be a miserable failure on immigration, but he has been pretty damn good with judges. Even Harriet Miers, whom many on the right ridicule, would have been a stable "I agree with Scalia" vote, even if she is a "lightweight." And Justice Stevens is 85 years old...

So we might get enough judges in to actually make a new interpretation of the 14th Amendment viable.

The GOP platform absolutely makes sense, and it would have been easy for Ron Saxton to go with the flow. But no. He is revealing his true colors now that he has the nomination. He is a liberal. The Portland liberal elites have been trying for years to get "their kind of people" into the GOP, in order to turn the two party system into two parties of liberals. It doesn't matter if you vote for Ron or vote for Ted, either way, you are voting for the PDX liberal elite.

Expect Ron Saxton to get more and more liberal in the next 3 months.

We are, after all, in a majority democrat state that went for Gore and Kerry in recent years.

Ted Kulongoski will have to run FAR left in order to shore up his base. He needs the support of groups like SEIU, AFSCME, and the greens in order to get the big money donations.


Ben Westlund is less of a factor now that Saxton is in the race. Westlund was viewed by many on the left as an alternative to Sleepy Ted. The big unions were ready to endorse him, since their boy Jim Hill lost the primary. But the unions hate Saxton more than they dislike Kulongoski, and the threat of a Saxton win has forced their hand. Westlund will get 5% if he is lucky. But, that 5% will come from the "moderate middle," and Saxton is competing for that vote now.


Logically, since so many of the rank-and-file GOP have been so brow beaten into "must... vote... Saxton... or... else..." submission, Saxton's strategery will be to run as far left as he can while still remaining just slightly to the right of Ted. Since the GOP is a minority, Saxton needs democrat votes to win.

Yes, Virginia, Saxton needs democrat votes to win.

If Saxton takes the GOP for granted, which appears a safe thing to do when so many on the right are willing to sell their very souls in order to defeat a democrat, then in order to get elected HE MUST PANDER TO THE LEFT.

We have seen the end of the "conservative" Ron Saxton. From here until November, it will be one flip flop after another as he spirals further and further from the right-wing facade that won him the primary.

Expect him to start talking up things like the environment, mass transit, the right to choose, and opposition to the PATRIOT act next.

And some of us will just keep saying "I TOLD YOU SO!"

We had a chance to elect a conservative Republican in this election, due to a couple of "perfect storm" factors:

Ted Kulongoski is unpopular with his base,

Ben Westlund could pick up a chunk of the middle,

and Kevin Mannix or (ahem) Jason Atkinson could have easily solidified the conservative base.

Atkinson especially could have pulled it off, because he has a certain charm and charisma that Mannix lacks, and appeals to independents and moderates without pushing away the religious right.

But that's a whole 'nother story.

Instead, the conventional wisdom was "we need to rally behind Ron Saxton because he sounds conservative enough, and plus he has money and can win the PDX vote."

Well, now we are stuck with a man who will be competing with Westlund for the moderates instead of using Westlund to siphon votes away from Sleepy Ted.


Saxton may well still win, but he will be winning from left-center instead of from the right.

So, realistically, if the race is between Ted Kulongoski and Ron Saxton, it is a race between a lefty, and another lefty.

Good job, Oregon!

Mike said...

The problem is that the Portland Metro area, Salem, and Eugene essentially control the state, since that is where the most voters are. Everyone knows how liberal Portland and Eugene are, and Salem leans to the left if I remember correctly. So you have to do something to get Portland voters, otherwise you're lost. There is a reason why we have 1 Democrat and 1 RINO Senators and 4 Democract and 1 Republican Representatives.

Anonymous said...

Saxton AWOL? Sound like karma if you will for all those that demonized Jason Atkinson. Ron Saxton is just a baby killing, liberal, lawyer from Portland that duped the Oregon GOP. How sad that any conservative would think he is worth their vote.

Scottiebill said...

Bear, You may well be right about Saxto. If he doesn't get out of his doo-doo and answer Lars' question about "anchor Babies" he will be on the fast track to getting sent into political oblivion and Teddy the K will be reelected for another 4 years of state-funded nap time.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the confusion about the 14th Amendment to our Constitution. It seems clear to me reading the following statement: "all persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States." Jurisdiction being the operative word here... in order to be given birthright citizenship you must be under the jurisdiction thereof, however, anyone illegally in the country is not under our jurisdiction.

Someone here that is a legal resident would be under our jurisdiction, i.e. green card, work visa, student visa, etc., but someone who sneaked in under the cover of night, and was not invited (undocumented)would not and should not be under our jurisdiction, hence they should be deported along with their children. We should not be giving away our citizenship so cheaply. Just my two bits.